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The Video Gap Review
Resource created by: Kurt Melvin
Launch date: October 21, 2014
Price: $16.95

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Kurt Melvin, creator of The Video Gap, believes that video is an extremely expressive medium. However, a gap often exists between the video creator’s intended message and audience perceptions. Aside from seeking entertainment and diversion away from problems, viewers often tune into videos to solve problems. Here, the script and images should combine to create an enlightening, moving, and motivating experience. The video should also inspire action on the viewer’s part – preferably clicking to a coveted offer or review. Kurt Melvin is a video marketing expert and this Video Gap review will explore his new product’s secret weapons to make you a much better video producer.

The Video Gap not only reveals copywriting psychology but provides access to a wide variety of animated figures that trigger the full gamut of emotions. This serves to reduce or even eliminate the gap between your intent and your visitors’ reactions. You really need to be on the same page as your visitors, so to speak.

In addition, Kurt’s powerful recipe, influential copywriting principles combined with appealing and persuasive visual content, will help bridge another gap: video creation itself. So many folks don’t have all the requisite tools to even make a video. Kurt now provides the missing ingredients you need to finish the job.

The Video Gap Review: Course Content

Review the Video Gap and get access to recipes, templates, and characters that will help you create videos and connect with your audience

The Video Gap’s offering includes 9 primary recipes to be used in concert with 21 trigger ingredient templates (i.e., where your viewers’ emotional state will be aroused).

The recipes are diverse and target the types of videos you wish to create. Are you looking to make an infomercial type of video? Kurt provides you with the recipe. Do you need to create a how-to or honest review video? Again, such recipes may be uncovered in The Video Gap. Other recipes are provided because each type of video may require its own formula.

Predictably, the recipes also encompass the AIDA principle which will truly help your videos to become effectively affective. AIDA is an acronym that stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. All in all, you want to galvanize attention from your audience, heighten their interest and desire, and get them to act. Now you can employ AIDA marketing with Kurt’s cookbook recipes.

Now no recipe would be complete without individual ingredients. As mentioned above, the Video Gap includes a host of trigger ingredient templates that will get your audience to FEEL something other than boredom. These templates include words and phrases that will inspire emotion. It will help you to make the individual slides of your video more impassioned and emotional.

In his career, Kurt Melvin has often pondered the question of what makes prospective customers buy and what these folks hope to achieve by purchasing an offer. The Video Gap reveals his discoveries through the recipes and ingredients. You’ll soon be privy to powerful words and meaningful images that evoke trigger emotions, such as surprise, happiness, relief, etc.

Yes, images are included, too! Kurt generously offers Animation Sensation characters. In fact, the Video Gap showcases 85 animations, featuring the protagonists, Lenny and Barb. They’re clapping, dancing, running, and expressing themselves in many different ways. They’re triggering emotions along the way, such as frustration, joy, and anger. These characters are moving in the video and moving your audience emotionally. (Those who prefer not to use animation, can rely on Kurt’s still images, also part of the Video Gap product.)

The Video Gap: Other Resources

Kurt Melvin further obliterates the chasm between video creator and viewer by offering the following:

Freudian Tips Report – Here, Kurt brainstorms video creation ideas. He also shares copywriting secrets and principles which will help you pull your viewers’ heartstrings.

PowerPoint Examples – Look over Kurt’s shoulder and see some actual PowerPoint files he uses to sway his audience.

Multiply Your Moolah – Even if your website enjoys traffic, you may not be converting offers. Here, Kurt will show you how to capitalize on the traffic that your site is getting.

2,400 Power Phrases – This resource will really sharpen your script. You’ll never run out of words and phrases when trying to promote your offer. Words sell!

All Trigger Emotions Suggestions – You’ll have access to all the trigger emotions in one convenient place. (These are the same emotions used in the 21 ingredients template.)

The Video Gap: Final Word

If you’re experiencing any difficulty creating videos, or creating effective videos that convert, The Video Gap should be a welcome addition to your affiliate marketing resource library. Kurt Melvin is offering his best kept secrets on a silver platter. You can easily learn how to win friends and influence people … or should I say get more customers … with this resource.

As an added bonus, the insight you’ll gain on copywriting may not only be used with video but in any type of marketing vehicle. Simply, you’ll better connect with your audience.

You should find the animated and still characters helpful, too, and there’s no doubt you’ll get to use these images in a number of projects. The idea is to enthrall and mesmerize your audience, and get them to move to action. These characters can serve as role players in that objective.

In summary, the Video Gap presents a system that will a) help you make videos (faster); b) enable you to create videos that pique your viewers’ attention, interest and desires, and c) motivate them towards constructive action.

The Video Gap fuses video production with sales psychology – a potent combination.

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