Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy Review – Life Coaching by Sandy Forster

“I can’t change.” How many times have you uttered this statement or heard it said? But to become a fully-functioning human being, you have to be open to change. This is especially important if you’re not happy with the status quo. This Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy review is dedicated to our readers who embrace the idea that change can prove life-altering … and in a good way!

Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy – Who is Their Founder?

Read our Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy review and find out whether Sandy Forster can transform your life and career.

Introducing Sandy Forster, a millionaire mindset speaker, best-selling author, and heralded mentor. She is also the well-deserved recipient of multiple business awards.

Her life is an example of the Law of Attraction, that by embracing positive thoughts, positive events can transpire. This shift in mindset alone can springboard financial abundance but productive action almost ensures favorable results.

In a similar vein, the ‘Whoa is me attitude,’ chock full of negative thinking, leads to immobilization and likely unfavorable outcomes.

Sandy Forster, once on welfare, and in debt of $100,000, managed to erase it, simply by thinking and dreaming big, and expanding her prosperity consciousness. She realized the importance of a positive self-fulfilling prophecy. By changing her core beliefs, now convinced that prosperity would materialize, Sandy transformed her life after taking constructive action.

Intent on sharing her life lessons, leading by example, she launched the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy. Since hanging her shingle, her Institute has been an agent of change for thousands of people.

Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy Reviews – Focus on the ISCA Mission

The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy is an international life coaching institute. The institute’s mission is to create more rewarding, productive, and enriching lives by teaching essential, fundamental truths, including the Law of Attraction and Prosperity Consciousness.

Their primary focus is to help women worldwide get in touch with their higher consciousness, realize their great potential, and make necessary changes in their lives. Specifically, they hope to help women find themselves to such an extent that these women, in turn, become life coaches.

Some ISCA coaching graduates work in partnerships with the Institute; others may establish independent life coaching programs.

But all life coaching graduates have one element in common: they learn the building blocks to maximize their personal and professional development.

They not only receive a manifesto of living a happier, more creative and self-fulfilling life, but they also receive all the particulars on how to successfully run a life coaching business.

All in all, the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy is best suited for entrepreneurs who are psychologically-oriented and spiritually inclined. However, if you don’t have a bent to pursue business self-ownership, the Institute can serve to transform your life in many other ways.

Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy Review – The Institute’s Pillars

There are so many lessons waiting to be learned, provided by Sandy Forster and company. Here is just a sample of the ideas promulgated by the group:

  • Discard limiting beliefs – We have to expunge the negative messages that we’ve internalized, and replace them with a ‘can do’ spirit. This is not an instantaneous task but a process where we’re actually rewiring and reprogramming the brain.
  • Feel your own sense of power – Yes, what life coaching would be worth its grain of salt by ignoring the principles of self-empowerment? You’ll discover your myriad strengths and assets, and develop confidence where challenges won’t seem so impossible to surmount. You’ll be raising your energetic vibration so that you can handle problems with a sense of calm and equanimity instead of fear, panic, underscored by negative expectations.
  • Express gratitude – Regardless of how bleak a given situation looks, you’ll discover how to count your blessings and express gratitude. Even if a particular dream has not yet been realized, you’ll still feel good in the process, and simply consider it delayed gratification.
  • Create loving relationships – You’ll no longer be looking for companionship and/or looking for love in all the wrong places. You’ll understand how to create close bonds with other.
  • Eliminate bad habits – Of course, you’ll get rid of bad thinking, such as guilt, blame, and fear. But you’ll also discard negative habits, like procrastination.
  • Embrace a prosperity consciousness – Hope and positive expectations have no ceiling. You’ll reach for the proverbial stars, and expect that they’ll twinkle in your favor eventually. You will no longer be immobilized and finally take those necessary steps that will help you achieve your dreams.
  • Abandon an outer-directed approach – You’ll see that others don’t define who you are. You’ll get in touch with your spiritual self, and give up self-criticism and self-reproach. You’re no longer looking for others’ approval but seeking ways to show greater compassion and love to yourself … and others.
  • Visualize an amazing future – You’re open to the abundance of the Universe, regardless of your present state of affairs. There is no more ‘Poor me,’ but an auspicious declaration of ‘World, watch me now.’ You’ll envision that your dreams have already been fulfilled, and see with clarity what that looks like.
  • Give up a judgmental stance – You’re done with judging others and being critical of them. After all, most folks are simply acting according to their own limiting scripts even though they’re doing the best they can with what they know. Regardless of their behavior, you still believe in the human potential for greatness.
  • Listen carefully and deeply – You’re much more attuned to the world around you. You’re listening to others and being a support to them, whenever possible. After all, we’re all in the helping field.

This is only a partial list of the principles of full-functioning. But notice that they’re also tools you will use in your own coaching program.

Your Coaching Business – Getting Past Roadblocks

So you have an inkling that you want to change careers, or launch a life coaching business of your own. In order to be the best mentor, you first have to learn and master the lessons outlined above. A student can then ascend to coach.

Once your get over your personal roadblocks and demons (although we’re always a work in progress), you’ll then have to navigate the life coaching business. You have to know the ins and outs of structuring it, setting it up, how to manage and market it, etc.

This is one of the strengths of the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy. You’ll receive all the training necessary to open and operate a massively successful coaching program.

Sandy Forster graciously offers a free video training series, providing the fundamental principles and aspects of a life coaching business. In the video series, you’ll learn:

* Why life coaching is a scorching, hot field now

* The qualities of an effective coach, and whether you possess these attributes

* The 3 most important skills to master if you’re going to achieve unlimited success in this niche

* How to have a never-ending supply of clients

* Secrets to generate quick cash flow

* The 4 steps to becoming a 6 figure coach with unlimited income potential

Now you should not just enter the field because of the potential income, although no one, including myself, can guarantee such income. Enter it because it represents one of your life purposes, and the principles of personal development appeal to you.

Sign Up for the Free Video Series Here – Click This Link

A Snapshot of the Certification Program

This is a ten-month certification program where you’ll receive 2-3 video modules per month. Each video consists of principles that you’ll be able to apply in your own life and in your impending coaching business.

As a coach, you’ll discover how to ask insightful questions, effectively listen and use client feedback, encourage people to take responsibility and ownership of their problems, and be accountable for their actions.

The videos, 60-90 minutes in length, are packed with what Sandy calls, ‘inspiration, education and empowering information.” Her students’ reviews suggest this is an apt description.

Sandy’s pupils are also provided with 24/7 access to the Coaches Only Area. There, they can navigate to archived lessons, Inspired Notes, coaching resources, and an abundance of bonuses which they can even sell and keep all the proceeds.

In addition, there are live monthly Question and Answer sessions where you can ask questions to Sandy Forster or one of her trainers. As an added bonus, you’ll have your own dedicated trainer. In this way, you’re sure master these lessons and be in a position to establish your own flourishing coaching course.

The above benefit list is not exhaustive. In fact, I’ve never seen a life coaching certification program offer so much.

Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy – How Much Will it Cost?

Considering the abundance of information and support you’ll receive, and the fact that you can even launch your own new business, the Institute is quite reasonably priced. It’s actually much cheaper here than a semester in a typical college.

The price for ISCA is a one-time payment of $3030 in American dollars or $3797 in Australian currency.

There is another option: 14 monthly payments of $305 in American dollars or $ 397 in Australian dollars.

Of course, the first option is cheaper in the long-run.

Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy Review – Final Determination

Sandy Forster practices what she preaches. Indeed, she has ‘walked the walk.’ She has dramatically transformed her life, and has favorably impacted so many others’ lives, too.

The Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy (Institute) has earned countless favorable reviews. Since opening in 2008, positive testimonials abound.

Unlike so many other life coaching programs, the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy actually possesses impressive credentials. It has been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) that represents the standard of excellence in the coaching profession.

The Institute is also affiliated with leading International Coaching Associations, such as the International Association of Coaching (IAC), and the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). You’ll be able to practice coaching anywhere and for any client around the globe.

You’ll be able to advance on a personal and professional level where you live to work and happily work to live.

You’re blazing a path where positive changes may seem incremental at first, but after the 10 months elapse (i.e., after you graduate from the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy), you’ll see just how far you’ve come and marvel at just how much you’ve grown.

You can get your start on a new life, and perhaps a new career, by matriculating to Sandy Forster’s Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy.

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