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In Tube Emergency Cash, product creator, Kristie Chiles, shows you the path towards video marketing success … literally. You can actually follow the breadcrumbs. There are not many affiliate marketers who are willing to disclose their actual profitable niche, their advertiser, and their step-by-step plan – all for the low price of $7. However, Kristie Chiles is not only an exceptional marketer but an exceptional person who believes that she is in the ‘helping field.’ She derives great joy and satisfaction in enlightening others, revealing to them how they, too, can find affiliate streams of revenue if they’re willing to do the work.

As Tube Emergency Cash is affordable and is truly a successful case study, it seemed very worthwhile to perform a Tube Emergency Cash review. Affiliates can easily duplicate Kristie’s strategies and finally ignite the profit wheels in motion.

Tube Emergency Cash – Product Insight

Learn Kristie Childe's sub niche and Youtube marketing strategies to make money

In Tube Emergency Cash, Kristie explains the foundation of her success: find a starving crowd. In other words, you need to pinpoint a group of people sharing a common problem (sorry, but the bigger the problem, the better), and one solution. While this premise may seem obvious to veteran marketers, it’s not evident to new and struggling affiliates.

Indeed, Kristie’s initial efforts in the affiliate marketing field were total misses. She was working diligently but the pay off just was not there. It wasn’t until she adopted the ‘one problem, one solution’ mindset where her fortunes started to change.

In her latest series of Youtube monetization products, Tube Emergency Cash, Kristie shares one of her secret successful niches: dog training. But she even provides a sub-niche, asserting that there is less competition when highlighting the sub-niche and a greater chance to rank well for long tail keyword phrases. Her stellar results prove her theory.

But even a potentially profitable sub-niche without an appealing affiliate program is useless. Once again, Kristie comes to the rescue and provides the name and domain of the exact advertiser. In the pdf product, Kristie explains her rationale for choosing to serve as this advertiser’s affiliate, and her reasons are compelling.

Alright, we have our sub-niche, our advertiser, and now we need a method to draw attention to that advertiser’s offering. As Kristie is a proponent of video marketing, she simply creates Youtube videos to galvanize that attention and convert viewers’ clicks to sales. See the video below to see the expert’s work:

Now this video is not the sub-niche or advertiser featured in Tube Emergency Cash. However, it’s just a demonstration of how a quick video can build traffic. Now here, Kristie uses humor, provides a tip, but ultimately the purpose of the video is to get the click.

Now, for those who are camera-shy, you need not appear in a video to make sales. A simple recorded demo/screencast or video powerpoint works well, too. The idea again is to connect with your starving crowd, speak briefly about the problem, and offer a viable solution that is a click away. Sales may then accumulate.

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Tube Emergency Cash Question – How Do I Optimize the Video and Get Traffic?

Tube Emergency Cash offers a business in a box solution, providing all the particulars to succeed using this strategy. Yes, Kristie could have just given her sub-niche, advertiser, and a couple of video pointers. But she provides real insight in how to achieve top video ranking and traffic.

You’ll learn, for example, how to pick a Youtube title that will get clicks and sources that practically give you great copywriting ideas. You’ll discover the importance of the Youtube description box, annotation /call to action buttons, and effective ranking strategies that are free.

Clever, often underutilized traffic-generating methods are broached (hint: share and RSS), and once you implement Kristie’s tips, you may very well see your video on page 1 of Youtube and possibly Google. (Of course, so much depends on the level of competition, but as a reminder, Kristie’s sub-niche is not oversaturated, particularly when you can choose your own dog breed.)

Tube Emergency Cash Extras

Kristie Chiles mantra to new and struggling affiliates is to ‘Take massive action.’ In Tube Emergency, you’ll learn that usually one created video is not enough to jumpstart profit. Solution: Kristie will show you how to turn one video into multiple videos.

You’ll also receive a mind map that depicts the exact steps to replicate Kristie’s success. Please note that this mind map should and can be used for any niche or sub-niche, not just the one that Kristie uses in Tube Emergency Cash.

Kristie will also reveal a solution to a common problem among affiliate marketers: leaving money on the table. She shares how you can market related products to your referred customers. (It’s always best to build a list so that can keep the lines of communication open with potential customers, and thus, sales channels.)

Tube Emergency Cash Review – Final Verdict

Kristie Chiles switched career directions later in life. Formerly, a substitute school teacher, she is now a super affiliate marketer who knows the ins and outs of navigating the sometimes treacherous terrain of affiliate marketing.

Tube Emergency Cash will save you countless hours and mistakes. Kristie has shortened the learning curve because she only reveals strategies that work – not just in theory but practical experience. She is serving a profitable sub-niche on a platter with all the trimmings, and you can now feast on affiliate marketing profit if you follow her easy-to-duplicate plan of action.

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