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CPA Profit Academy Review
Resource created by: Victor Wu
Price: $47

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The CPA Profit Academy, a course created by successful marketer, Victor Wu, proves that online education can be very beneficial. Here, although this CPA-oriented course is designed for newbies, even marketers who have intermediate and advanced skills may discover some golden nuggets. This CPA Profit Academy review will explore Victor Wu’s style and substance, and put a spotlight on a training course that may have the potential to ignite Internet earnings.

Of course, the course revolves around ever-popular CPA marketing or Cost Per Action marketing. In this realm, an affiliate can get paid if a prospective customer either clicks on a link, provides contact and email information, divulges a zip code, completes a form, purchases a product, or engages in any action that is deemed worthwhile by a given advertiser.

Many affiliates prefer CPA marketing because commission may be earned even without a sale to a customer. Submitting an email address or zip code, for example, does not require much work from a visitor and may translate into affiliate earning dollars. Another advantage: You don’t necessarily need to create an entire website to promote CPA offers. Small niche or even one-page sites can work if you call attention to an offer in the right way. You don’t even need a site as some Pay Per Click (PPC) networks allow you to direct link to a CPA offer

But although there’s potential for a CPA bonanza, this type of marketing is replete with challenges and potential minefields. In the CPA Profit Academy, Victor Wu gingerly guides us along the precipitous road to CPA prosperity.

CPA Profit Academy Review – Content

Review CPA Profit Academy and get access to video training on effective cost per action strategies

This is a step-by-step, systematic course that will enable you to set up your own CPA campaigns, even without prior knowledge or experience. Victor lays out all the details in a video compilation series. He goes into the nitty-gritty, and includes the following: Getting accepted to CPA networks, finding suitable CPA offers, setting up a site with squeeze pages, ultimately building a list, driving traffic, and monetizing offers. He even covers other affiliate-related concerns. After viewing the 5 modules / 20 videos, you’ll acquire the confidence and reassurance that you can copy his strategies and achieve his successful results. Mindset is half the battle.

Let’s examine each module which contains 4-5 videos per module:

Module 1 – And speaking of mindset, this is covered is module 1. Your approach can spell the difference between success and failure. You need to abandon any negative self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s so much more difficult to win the affiliate game if you anticipate losing before you even start.

Of course, you also have to be realistic and there will be growing pains. But failing, as they say, will get you that much closer towards success. Learn from your mistakes and celebrate even modest gains. This is a journey and not necessarily a race. Pace yourself and you’ll eventually get to your destination.

While you’re cultivating a better attitude, Victor Wu also cautions you to avoid ‘online hype.’ Give up that notion of ‘Get rich quick.’ Ignore that promise of making an incredible bundle of money while you sleep (although for a select few, that can happen). Turn away from Bright Shiny Objects, and avoid the temptation to buy the ‘next best thing.’ You’re on a mission. You have a perfectly viable business model outlined in the CPA Profit Academy. If you follow it with laser focus, and free yourself of distractions, you can be the next CPA Profit Academy graduate.

Module 2 – This module covers setting up the basic parameters of your new CPA affiliate business – your virtual empire. You’ll gain expertise in setting up a domain name with hosting, installing wordpress, and using powerful plugins. The basic aspects of CPA are covered here, including getting accepted into a CPA network. (The training becomes more intensive in modules 3-5.)

Module 3 – You finished the ‘101’ part of the program, and now Victor Wu will take you to the next level. For instance, you’ll be able to decipher winning and losing CPA offers. This instruction alone will save you so much time, money, and frustration. But finding the right offer is also predicated on finding the right responsible and ethical CPA network. You’ll eventually know which ones to sign up for. Next, you’ll learn to forge a relationship with a compatible CPA network manager.

Modules 4 – 5 – We’re not looking for one and done sales. We’re looking to build a sustainable, residual income and these modules will show you how to do it. Promotion and monetization are 2 crucial ingredients, and you’ll master them here.

I appreciate the fact that in this academy, you’ll be privy to free and paid traffic-generating methods. My favorite free methods include organic search engine marketing and video marketing. These techniques are available in this online training. A preferred paid method, pay per click, is also part of Victor Wu’s curriculum.

These modules fill in all the missing gaps, and offer eye-opening tricks when marketing different CPA offers. The overall CPA strategy may be the same, but remember, you should be tailoring your campaigns to meet the needs of a distinct audience. For example, your landing or squeeze page promoting Netflix will be different than when promoting State Farm Insurance. Like a deft professor, Victor Hu communicates these nuances well, and shows much creativity in applying out-of-the-box strategies.

CPA Profit Academy Review – Final Word

This probably will be more interesting than any college course, and may be more valuable from a financial standpoint. You’ll get an inside look on how to effectively choose Cost Per Action networks, offers, and run campaigns. You’ll have the tools and knowledge base to set up a cash-pulling WordPress website. In addition, you’ll receive a thorough review and orientation of the CPA niche, and acquire diverse traffic and monetization strategies that work.

And the course will be a lot cheaper than any college course. It’s priced at an affordable $47. This fee not only includes the 5 module, 20 set video compilation but 10 bonus videos that will broaden your knowledge of affiliate marketing and ultimately increase your affiliate revenue. Victor’s tools and graphics will simplify your life, too, especially when designing that all-important squeeze page.

The CPA Profit Academy is a much larger training school than this course would suggest. Victor provides more in-depth video lecture and discussion on his unique cost per action formula. It may be worth matriculating to the entire academy but you can decide this course of action once you get the initial product.

This CPA Profit Academy review concludes that Victor Wu’s training is a very worthwhile elective, especially if you’re interested in pursuing CPA marketing.

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