Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0 Review – Finding Yourself by Brad Swift

Life does not come with a preordained map. There are unexpected twists and turns with advances and regression. But too many of us almost feel as though we’re victims of life’s vicissitudes. We feel that we’re following someone else’s dictates and directions with no control. However, renowned author, product creator, and coach, Brad Swift, knows his life’s calling: to get others to live their lives purposely. This Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0 review will center on his Institute’s video coaching program, designed to help his students better understand themselves. Through this guided journey of self-reflection, they can find their own unique paths in life, leading towards inner peace and sense of fulfillment.

Life on Purpose: The Premise

Read our Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0 review and find out whether Brad Swift provides the blueprint on reframing your life.

Doesn’t society perform an incredible job of conditioning us? There are certain agents of social conditioning that are handed down from generation to generation.

Consider, for example, our fundamental need to assimilate and fit in. At school, it’s a badge of honor to fit in with the ‘popular group.’ In the workplace, holding down a responsible job is viewed in a favorable light. Practicing certain religious beliefs and doctrines may win favor with most (well, at least with those who embrace the same religious tenets).

Any type of deviation from the mainstream ideals may be met with disapproval. This is why many folks won’t even pursue their dream careers, for instance, afraid of what others will think and say.

We’re conditioned to conform and live within a box that others have created. We tend to drift away from what we think is best, and go towards a light that someone else is shining, purportedly illuminating our path.

Our teachers know best; parents know best; our neighbors and community know best. We’re bombarded with messages from various institutions, especially through the platform of education, that it’s important to please others even at one’s own expense.

And by following others’ dictates, and in an attempt to meet their expectations, we lose sight of the direction we wish to go. Aimless and directionless, so many of us become unhappy with how our lives are progressing. Others wonder whose life they’re really living – usually an epiphany that comes too late.

In response, Brad Swift encourages his students not just to live their lives (perhaps an existence controlled by others) but to purposely create their own lives. This is not necessarily just measured in choice of career.

No, introspective work needs to be conducted in the sense that you must figure out who you really are and where you ultimately want to go. The process entails understanding the labels that others have given you. By looking within, figuring out your unique strengths, interests, and passions, your roadmap begins to take shape and definition.

Brad provides what he calls a “systematic, spiritually based process for assisting people to clarify and live true to their life purpose.” Once you implement his strategies and tips, you won’t want to stop self-examination. Sure, it may be difficult to initiate and retain a keen sense of introspection (in a loving, kind way), but each self-discovery will open up new possibilities to pursue, and responses to the world around you.

‘A-ha moments’ await when you learn more about yourself and when you begin to understand that the decisions you make have too often been self-sabotaging and certainly not autonomous.

Default Programming is Hard to Discard

In his Life on Purpose video coaching program, and as noted in his book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, Brad Swift believes we’re all victims of default programming. At a young age, during our most formative years, we’re handed down messages about ourselves.

Some children are reminded how bright they are – how they’re going to be such fine doctors and lawyers. Others are told they’re good with their hands where the field of mechanics awaits. Others are told that they have little, if any capabilities, where they will be fortunate to get any job when they grow up.

Even the most well-intentioned parents may push their kids in a certain vocational direction. Some parents may want their kids to pursue a high-paying career for financial security; these parents feel that a low-paying job threatens their children’s future.

A proposed employment option is only one example of our default programming or what Brad Swift calls our inherited purpose. I only use this example because one major tenet in this coaching course is that we should not follow careers or jobs that others think we’re suited for, nor should we define ourselves by our job titles.

Brad rejects the notion that we are our jobs. In reality, our jobs should be a mere expression of our ideas, thoughts, and creativity. It’s not in the doing, it’s in the being!

(Learn more about Brad Swift here.)

Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0 Review – More Particulars

The Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0 is chock full of new ways at looking at yourself and the world around you. Here are just some of my favorite aspects:

  • Life on Purpose is all about honoring oneself. And part of true self-esteem and self-regard is to be appreciative of all your assets and strengths.
  • Universal abundance is recognized. Your potential is limitless when you connect with your divine power and feel the effects of universal love.
  • Practice gratitude and you will start to see the goodness that exists.
  • Refrain from negative thoughts and actions, such as gossip and criticism.
  • Stop worrying about the past or future events. You have to live in the moment!
  • Incorporate contemplative practices and meditation in your daily life.
  • Consider your own inherited purposes and past actions to help you develop your real purpose in life.
  • Talk lovingly to yourself and know you have the resources to surmount obstacles and overcome challenges.

This is only a brief list of Brad’s video coaching philosophies and viewpoints. Again, he provides a systematic formula for addressing all the above and living a content, purposeful, and self-actualized life.

Life on Purpose Training – It’s a Journey

Of course, most of us look for instant gratification. We want to know the answers to our most perplexing questions … yesterday, and not even today. If you’re expecting to know your ultimate life’s purpose at a drop of hat, you’re going to be disappointed.

Indeed, this search is a journey. Granted, seemingly instantaneous epiphanies can occur. But it may take some time and hard soul-searching to know why you’re on this planet and figure out your life’s plan.

The Life on Purpose Video Coach 2.0 will provide all the insight you’ll need to better understand yourself, navigate life, and deduce your purpose and how to fulfill it.

The 6-part video coaching series provides a welcome wake-up call. It will shed light on where you are, where that promising destination exists for you, and the obstacles (e.g., your Inherited Purpose) that get in the way, preventing you from reaching your own utopia.

I love the fact that Brad Swift includes a discussion of the ‘Cultural Perspective’ of Life Purpose. After all, even defining this type of purpose varies from person to person. But Brad reminds his listeners about connecting what people think and say about purpose vs. what they actually do. The two are often mutually exclusive.

Moreover, of interest, many will speak about life purpose in the context of accomplishing something … of doing something. But even this concept starts us off on a certain path with little room for deviation.

Again, instead of succumbing to the stranglehold that you have to do something, you have to first gain clarity on your soul, your being, and what will ultimately provide you with a sense of genuine fulfillment and enjoyment.

In this way, you have to differentiate between life calling vs. life purpose. With a calling, it suggests something of which you wish to give to the world. With purpose, it may be more of why you exist – what enlightening lessons and experiences you’ve encountered. Through self-reflection and self-examination, these are ‘teaching experiences’ that you can use to better your life. And as your life improves, you can more readily make that favorable impact on the world.

The video series helps you to clean the slate where you make sense of oppressive conditioning. It’s impossible to get rid of all societal and parental influences (of course, you would not want to eliminate them completely anyway). But by embracing conditioning, and understanding how much of it can enervate and immobilize you, you’ll soon be ready to say goodbye to those ‘shoulds’ that block you from reaching your authentic goals.

And please note that these authentic goals can change. In other words, your divinely inspired purpose may shift (part of the ‘Purpose Paradox’) but by tapping into your inner core values and desires, and discovering who you are as a spiritual being, you’ll likely gravitate to only one life purpose.

By the way, Brad also includes a ‘Priming Your Passion’ discussion which includes strategies for finding yourself and your divinely inspired purpose. (the end of Stage 1).

Stage 2, encompassing the last portions of the Life on Purpose Video Coach 2.0 series, includes all the tools you’ll need to develop a value-based life as opposed to a lifestyle-based life. You’ll be able to keep your ‘chosen values’ (i.e., only those ‘should values’ that truly make sense to you) and your ‘core values’ to find joy, inner peace, and sense of fulfillment. You’ll be living your life with integrity (how many of us now live a life of lies where we go against our core values?), and embrace grace and gratitude.

The Universe will ultimately reward you for your courage because you’re finally living according to your precepts. You’re no longer living a life of fear and guilt. You’re living by trust and faith, and open to the abundance of the Universe.

Life on Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0 Curriculum and Bonuses

You’ll not only gain access to Brad Swift’s 6-part video training series but you’ll also receive the following: accompanying workbooks to guide you along the Life on Purpose program and a Purposeful Planning report to ensure that you don’t deviate from divinely inspired goals.

In addition, you’ll receive coaching by a Love on Purpose coach, personally trained by Brad Swift, the originator of the Life On Purpose system. This mentor will provide a special, personal touch by serving as a sounding board, confidante, and advisor in four 30-minute sessions (either via Skype, phone, Google Hangout, etc.). You’ll also receive email support. This communication must take place within 4 months of purchasing the Life on Purpose system.

Finally, Life on Purpose clients receive two bonus videos, the Power of Engagement and Designing Your Encore Performance. Both videos will help you see yourself more clearly, your interactions with others, and how you relate to the world around you. Brad’s training goal: to provide eye-opening, insightful tools to promote self-discovery, and greater joy and contentment in life.

Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0 Price

There are several programs offered with different price plans. Above, I outlined what you’ll receive in the Premium Version of Virtual Video Coach 2.0.

Premium Version Cost: 1 Payment of $379; or 2 Payments of $192

Now, there is a Premium Plus Version for folks who are looking for extended 1 to 1 support with a Life on Purpose Coach. You’ll receive 8 thirty minute coaching sessions with this option, and the time will allow you to construct a masterpiece of a life on purpose.

Premium Plus Version Cost: 1 Payment of $895; or 2 Payments of $450

Alternatively, if you decide that you don’t need direct interaction with a highly-trained personal coach, you can opt for the Basic Option.

Basic Option Cost: 1 Payment of $219; or 2 Payments of $112

Life on Purpose – Final Determination

The Life on Purpose Institute is headed by Dr. Brad Swift, a Life on Purpose coach and visionary author. His Life on Purpose Video Coach 2.0 compilation will help you live the life you always felt you could live.

You’re going to abandon the constraints of your inherited goals, and start making choices that reflect your core values and goals. You’re not going to procrastinate and change in the future. You’re going to start formulating your life purpose now so it can shape your present-day existence.

By living authentically, it will be easier to find love, companionship, quiet moments of reflection, joy, health, and prosperity. You’re orientating yourself around your values. You’re listing activities that are ‘in the beam’ of your life purpose, and discarding those needless and counter-productive activities that are beyond the scope of such purpose.

You’re becoming more human, compassionate towards yourself and others, and recognizing and telling the truth – at least what you truly believe is the truth.

There are so many wonderful Life on Purpose reviews and testimonials. I, too, see how this type of coaching can help you better navigate your life.

Jonathan Swift (no relation to Brad Swift, as far as I know) once said: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Well, it’s time to start seeing yourself clearly (even if others can’t see it within you) and live a life on purpose.

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