Alzheimer’s Disease – A Look Beyond the Disability

Alzheimer’s Disease is a neurological degeneration that often occurs with senior citizens. According to Louise Hay, the probable cause of Alzheimer’s is refusal to deal with the world as it is. In other words, people by this age no longer want to succumb to society’s demands. Instead, they choose to live in a happy place within their minds.

I have assisted several people who had Alzheimer’s Disease. In each one of them, I saw innocence similar to that of a toddler or preschooler. Their happiness radiated out to those blessed to be in their presence. They lived in a world of their own so nobody could relate to them. They would speak about parents who were deceased as if they were living right now. In their minds, their relatives were still on the earth plane.

While there is a biological cause of autism, are there any psycho-emotional factors?

Alzheimer patients constantly ask the same questions and talk about the life they are currently living in their minds. If we listen to them and respond to their questions with patience, they are so happy! Children ask questions over and over to learn and expand their knowledge. These senior citizens ask questions so their beliefs are validated to them because so many people tell them everything they are thinking is wrong.

I recently helped a person named Dolores. She made me laugh constantly because she had the innocence of a child, yet the wisdom of an adult. We would play cards and games daily. Every day she would ask me to teach her how to play. She forgot she had played these games her entire life. She won most of the time and would say “beginner’s luck” and laugh. She would tell me she has to call her mother so she didn’t worry. I would tell her I think your mom knows you are staying here tonight. She would talk about her husband coming home from work. She needed to be ready for “hanky panky” which she loved. I remember a quote she would say often. “I have a wonderful life. It’s what you make of it.” I thought this statement was brilliant and the world should listen to her advice.

She allowed me to massage her feet and hands. The massage opened up pathways in her brain that have been dormant for awhile. Shortly after the massage, she asked me if her mother and husband were dead. I said yes and told her they are with her every day, just not in physical form. I told her she could talk to them whenever she wanted. Sadness came over her face with this awareness.

Is it fair to bring these happy people back into the realities of our chaotic world? If you asked me this question a few years ago, I would say let them live in the world they choose. However, I know our world is starting to become a planet of love, peace and compassion. It would be great if these wonderful souls, who feel like a burden to society, were welcomed as integral citizens of our world. They have a lot to contribute through their wisdom, creativity and dreams.

When they feel appreciated and accepted for the magnificent souls that they are, they will no longer need to hide in their fantasy world. There are many ways to help these people improve their neuronal connections. Massage, meditation, yoga, music and art are some of the ways to promote strong cell and brain growth.

Love is the paramount force that will enable this population to heal quickly. Tolerance, patience and compassion far surpass the psycho stimulant medications used to keep these people in a fog. Let’s create a healthy environment for this population to rise instead of watching their body degenerate into a shell.

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