Hair Transformation – A Mind and Spirit Perspective

My mother always had long hair. She would go to the hair salon once per week and get various upsweeps. This gave her so much joy! At 70 years old, she was still traveling to the city daily for work. People often commented about her hair styles. Then, she was stricken with lymphoma, a form of cancer. She had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. She slowly lost her hair and she never liked wigs because she felt they were fake. Her radiant smile disappeared from the moment she lost her hair until she left the planet at the age of 71.

Like mother, like daughter, I love my hair. It was important for me to have my hair dyed every 6 weeks. This was a luxury I always gifted to myself. Upsweeps were not that exciting to me, but color was. I had brown hair most of my life and as an adult I explored different shades. I tried blond and always wanted red hair. However, that color didn’t want me.

I went to India for 8 months and many hair stylists didn’t know how to work with American hair. It turned orange one day. My friend said it was like a carrot top. I loved it. My blue eyes sparkled with this color. The next day my friend loved it too. Then, for some unknown reason the color faded and the blond appeared and it was pretty as well. The day before I left India, I went to the hair salon and asked for strawberry blond. Guess what? It came out orange! My India family loved it and so did I. However, when I landed back in the USA, nobody liked it.

I stayed with the orange hair for 4 weeks for fear of damaging my hair. Also, I found it captivating – even though my family didn’t share that sentiment. Someone even told my kids I look like a crazy person with orange hair.

When I finally went to the hair salon, the stylist who knew me very well was horrified. She told me she didn’t know if she could make it blond again so I decided to go back to brown, my original hair color.

Shift of mind and spirit affects your thoughts about your hair and vice versa

I didn’t like the brown. I felt it wasn’t me anymore. I like bright colors. I even spoke about turning my hair blue, purple, or sand art (rainbow color) in the future. The brown-haired girl in the mirror reminded me of my past. I wasn’t sure if I liked my past self because I adored myself now. However, the person I am now people love at the beginning, then get angry at her and then realize they love her. This person is extremely confident, happy and strong. The past person was happy on a superficial level because she lived with so many fears, worries, anger and depression. Yet, most people loved her!

There was a divide between the past and the present for the reasons I just mentioned. The day my hair went back to brown, emotional disturbances occurred and lasted for less than 24 hours with tears, anger and rage. Then, the past and present merged because the present person realized she loved her past soul too unconditionally and forgave her completely for every past mistake. The present soul even thanked her past soul for teaching her incredible lessons allowing her to rise to a state of pure happiness.

Society focuses their attention on external appearances. This is because we are brainwashed by subliminal messages from television, music, movies and other forms.

We all crave love and we witness love scenes and romance like the fairytales of our dreams. The girl and boy usually have perfect bodies and gorgeous hair. These shows and video songs fulfill our desires for true love. So, we believe subconsciously we have to look a certain way to meet the love of our lives and be happy.

This belief is nonsense. Real beauty comes from within and then radiates out. Hearts full of love, peace, compassion, unity and support for each other light up a dark room. This only happens when we love ourselves unconditionally and forgive ourselves completely.

Let’s go back to the hair now. Hair gave me an identity because that is what I believed. I sent those thoughts out to people and they responded according to my wish. I knew my family and people would judge me based on my hair so I brought that experience into my life. Initially, in India people judged me and then I sent out thoughts of love and visualized people loving my hair. So, most people loved it. One person even asked for the name of the salon so she could get her own hair done.

So, why did I change my hair to brown? I needed to see if I released the pattern about my self image that began in my early childhood years. The pattern emerged like a deadly viper. At first, I reacted to the situation in the typical fashion of the past. However, within less than 24 hours, I was able to change my thoughts and therefore created a different reaction to the same pattern. When this occurred, I expunged this limiting belief from my subconscious forever.

I love my brown hair NOW and my blue eyes do pop out. I felt I succumbed to society’s standards when I went back to my original color. The truth is I created my own experience to enable me to celebrate my uniqueness and love all of me, both past and present.

Yes! I love hair and follow a rebuild hair protocol to make it look its best, and that is OK. However, I choose not to impress society. Instead, I shine my light in the body I chose to born in on this planet and no longer judge myself. This was an amazing epiphany for me.

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