With Integrity, Foster Win-Win Partnerships – Principles to Live By

The word Integrity highlighted in blue with felt tip pen

Our word is sacred. When someone gives his/her word to me, it represents a promise. I never question or doubt the task will be accomplished. I just expect a person to keep his/her word.

Know the meaning of integrity and live a life with integrity

Procrastination enables people to postpone their word. They feel they are still following the integrity principals through their delaying tactics. However, this practice stops the action from ever coming into fruition. It is a trick from the ego to prevent people from carrying out an oath. This leaves people feeling guilty and ashamed yet justified in their behaviors.

Most of the population’s first reaction to a request is NO! So, when a YES answer comes out of their mouths, they go into panic mode. They obsess about the task they committed to and berate themselves for considering this option. Why did I agree to do that? What was I thinking? I am so stupid!

Then, they attempt to rationalize and figure out a way to circumvent the issue. I didn’t commit to a time frame is the first idea that comes to their mind. Sometimes the task is not daunting. However, the person would rather do other things. Bribery is an effective means to coerce people to do something. The added incentive will usually get the job finished quickly.

What is bribery teaching our children and society in general? Our word really isn’t important. The essential ingredient involves receiving rewards for our behaviors. It becomes a race within ourselves to manipulate others into giving us material items. We grow bored with the item and then want products that are bigger and better. Society has grown accustomed to having the newest model. It has become a competition amongst all. Keeping up with the Jones and Smiths causes bankruptcy, fears and an intense amount of stress. Loss of any material objects becomes a traumatic event and people feel like failures.

The truth is nobody owns anything on this planet. The abundance of the Universe allows us to have the comforts of life. Money is simply energy. People have given money value and if society didn’t believe its worth, money would be similar to the elements found in nature.

When one has trust, devotion, gratitude and love for the Universe, it rewards you with abundance in every form – prosperity, health, relationships and happiness. In ancient times, there were communities whose citizens shared their creations. They used their passions and talents to design products and barter with others in the community. People were so happy because they had all their necessities. They also had material objects. However, these objects were enjoyed and if it went away for some reason, they were still happy. They appreciated the little things in life and supported each other through love and words of encouragement. The citizens trusted each other because they knew people cared and looked out for their best interests. It became one huge family instead of small individual biological families. People of all ages worked together in unity. All were considered equal and all contributed to the community’s success. It was heaven on earth.

This image is not a fantasy. It really existed on our planet. We all forgot. Bartering adds quality to life. In my school, I bartered with a parent. She painted and decorated the interior of my house and in exchange her child had an excellent education. Money was not used. We fulfilled each other’s needs through our talents. This is the number 1 criteria all sales people learn. Sales people in almost every company are trained to fulfill a person’s needs. In this case, it elicited tremendous joy for both of us! Even though we were both cash poor, we were able to get our desires met. Imagine if people did this throughout the entire planet.

Pay it forward was a brilliant concept devised by a student in response to a homework assignment. The rationale was to do kind deeds for 3 people and these people do generous deeds for 3 more people. Millions of people were practicing kindness and generosity due to this boy’s ingenuity.

The Law of the Universe states one must be able to receive and give. Many people have hearts of gold and enjoy giving, yet find it challenging to receive. On the other hand, many greedy people enjoy receiving and rarely give to charities or those in need. There must be a balance and the scale cannot be tipped in either direction. Humanity has to learn to give and receive equally. Bartering is an excellent means to achieve this balance. We give what we love to do and accept the affinities of others Self sustaining communities are truly the answer to our prayers.

Trust is paramount when considering designing and implementing a self sustaining community. This means we must stick to our word knowing if we don’t the adhesion will rip a part of our tongue as a reminder. The only way for others to trust is when they know the words exiting someone’s mouth are true. In addition, secrets lead to doubts about the person’s character. The truth eventually comes out anyway. People can see right through lies and deceit. We are all humans and make mistakes. When we reveal our true identity, nobody could question its credibility. The truth speaks for itself and therefore offers a magnificent sense of empowerment.

Even if people judge, criticize or have doubts about the expression of truth, you know beyond a doubt the words you utter are real. The energy these thoughts emit will outshine any doubts.

Be true to yourselves. We often lie to ourselves and our body immediately knows. Excuses simply prolong the inevitable. Have the courage to listen to your own words and follow through with actions. Procrastination should be removed from our vocabulary. We must live in the present. Therefore, the words we speak must be done immediately. Let’s bring back the real meaning of integrity for we are all the role models of society.

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