Heart Smart – Think With Your Heart and Heal

Brain & heart characters

The heart is the brain of the body. What do I mean by this statement? The heart tells the truth while the mind creates illusions. A pure heart only knows about love, compassion, empathy, kindness and joy. The mind creates chaos within the body by obsessing about worries, fears, anger, resentment, jealousy and revenge.

An internal war transpires between the brain and the heart. In most scenarios, the brain wins. We have been conditioned to believe our brain is the most intelligent organ in our body. We have been brainwashed to search for evidence and facts. We have been taught through our school years to use logic.

Cognition starts with the heart

Logic enables us to use 5% of our brain power. The remaining 95% is kept dormant. That is where our powers lie. This 95% is opened by the pineal gland, an almond shaped gland in our brain located near the pituitary gland.

The heart is the organ that activates this gland. Once the pineal gland is activated it sends signals to the pituitary which is the master gland of our endocrine system. The connection between the pineal and pituitary gland opens our third eye located between the eyebrows. The third eye allows us to communicate with the God consciousness within us and the Universal energy outside of us. Our intuition becomes superb at this juncture and we have awareness and clarity to solve all issues and make excellent decisions. Logic is not involved because we intuitively know the answer.

When we do selfless service for others, we are expanding our heart. Selfless service means doing a kind gesture for another human without expecting anything in return. A smile, helping a person walk across the street and opening the door for a stranger will brighten up a person’s day.

Sharing our talents with others solely to help another without expectations of monetary compensation is selfless service at its highest form. Most of the time humanity is oblivious to acts of selfless service. However, the divine always knows. More important, your heart feels it. Your heart rewards you by sending signals to the neurotransmitters in the brain, releasing serotonin and other feel good chemicals.

All humans crave love because God, the Creator, is pure unconditional love and we are all a part of God. God loves us no matter what we do. Humans, on the other hand, base love on deals. For instance, if you buy me this, I will love you. If you act this way, I won’t speak to you. Love has become a form of punishment, coercion, bribery and control. Our hearts break and diminish into a shriveled diseased organ. Our brain remains in the lower, reptilian portion and is unable to reach the frontal lobe where problem solving and critical thinking skills are used. Moreover, the reptilian brain displays anger, rage, hostility, fear and worry. Therefore, it is impossible for the pineal gland to operate.

Meditation allows the heart to enlarge and finds the inner peace our body and soul has been seeking since birth. When we are able to relax, we develop awareness and clarity. Automatically, our innate intelligence knows what to do when external disturbances appear.

People think of meditation as sitting in a certain position with no thoughts. To me, this form of meditation is torture since I always have an exorbitant amount of thoughts circulating inside my head. When I meditate, I prefer to visualize my dreams. I also enjoy listening to soothing music while I meditate because the melody instantly puts me into a trance. There are other ways to meditate. One is able to get into the zone through exercising, dancing, yoga or running. In addition, art helps us be in a peaceful state. There are multifarious ways to obtain inner peace and calmness. Choose the method that brings you happiness. That is the quickest way to activate your pineal gland.

The heart has the intelligence to heal our entire body. Every cell radiates with bliss when the heart is happy. In order to truly heal every cell and organ in your body, it must begin with love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, this love transmits to all. As we help ourselves heal through love, we are helping others expand their heart as well.

Our earth, Gaia, has an enormous heart that has been squashed by the negativity on our planet. There are millions on this planet right now with pure hearts of love. These people have enabled Gaia to start recovering from the hellacious treatment of humanity. Gaia is now offering massive amounts of love energy to the beings on this planet. I implore you to open up your hearts and allow this love energy to surge throughout your body.

Tell your mind the truth. Your brain is no longer in charge. Use your powers of free will and bring love into your heart and watch your body begin to quickly recover just like Gaia is doing now. Unconditional Love will repair any heart even those that have broken into a million pieces. Release the past and unravel your true powers. Give yourself permission to unleash your God consciousness.

Revitalize your heart on a physical plane but also do so on a spiritual plane.

Vanaja Ananda believes that we must become more heart-brained to fully heal ourselves and the planet© By contributing Author, Vanaja Ananda – All Rights Reserved. Heart Smart – Think With Your Heart and Heal written for: ProminentOffers.com. Learn more from Vanaja here.