Facing Common Fears – They’re All a State of Mind

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Our biggest culprit is fear. What is society afraid of? The answer that comes quickly to my mind is “fear of dying.” Dying could be in the form of a physical death, a loss of something such as a home or money or a sense of hopelessness.

Approach your fears in a new light

Let’s explore each of the three statements mentioned. Death in our physical form is scary and many times painful. Our soul is not our body. Our body is a vessel for our soul while on earth. When our body no longer exists, our soul still remains. Our soul has something called “The Book of Life.” Every experience that generated a spark good or bad is included in this “Book of Life.” So, if we die in fear, this belief stays in our soul. If we treat death as a part of living, there is no fear. We automatically know we will be reborn as an infant and begin our new journey. Or, if we have released limiting beliefs our soul will have free reign to explore the Universe and come back to earth only if we choose to help others ascend. At that juncture, our pure vessel will enable us to live as kings and queens.

Loss of a house or money is a tremendous fear for the majority of our population. Without our basic needs met, we are homeless wondering if and when our next meal is coming. This is terrifying. However, when you have complete faith in God, you know the Universe always provides. There will be no proof until it happens and then you will witness it for yourself.

A person who feels hopeless is in a state of panic. Logic sets the mind racing in a whirlwind of chaotic thoughts each worse than the previous thought. Our body freezes and literally is unable to move. The body prefers staying in isolation and spinning a web of illusion. When we go with the flow and listen to our positive selves, the answer will come to set us free.

Under all these fears is the Master of our fears. It is known as fear of the unknown. Even though we are petrified by the fear of death, we have concocted an image in our minds of what to expect. With the unknown, we have no clue. Our minds halt and are stumped. Death is easier to understand because our souls have experienced hundreds of dying scenarios. Our souls also experienced the unknown. However, we forgot and societal conditioning has prevented us from using the 95% of the brain that will give us the answer.

The unknown is magical. It is a world of love, peace and compassion. It is a world where you can transmute into any form you desire including the ocean, a butterfly or a cloud. It is a world where you can teleport from one area of the world or universe to another instantaneously. It is a world where you can bilocate and be at 2 places at the same time.

How is this accomplished? Love is the answer and our thoughts are extremely powerful. When our thoughts are pure both at the subconscious and conscious level, we manifest our dreams. It will begin in the astral planes and transform into physicality when we are ready. Hostility, war, greed, revenge and terror are no longer accepted once we awaken to this simple realization of our powers. Love, compassion and peace literally melt the corrupt. They do not know what to do when people recognize their true potential and no longer succumb to antiquated edicts set by 1% of our population. It is similar to the Wicked Witch in the “Wizard of Oz.” When the pail of water was thrown on her, she simply melted into oblivion. In this case, love is the water that will melt the wicked.

When a political candidate is unable to win an election by disparaging his opponent, the candidate is at a loss. When the IRS is no longer able to put unfair taxation on its citizens, they are in a quandary. When people join together in peace and say enough is enough, the corrupt have lost. The people will choose to take our planet back through love and support for each other. The fear of the unknown will be transferred to the corrupt politicians, banksters, pharmaceutical leaders, drug and human trafficking lords and illegal drug and prostitution rings.

The corrupt have never experienced this fear of the unknown. Once it manifests into reality, it will be too late for them to do anything. At that point, they will be arrested and placed in containment.

As you can see, fear is an illusion we all create from lifetime to lifetime. Fear of the unknown is our greatest fear. When we have pure love, our greatest fear turns into the greatest celebration! Happiness is close as you choose to create your ideal life devoid of fear! When we join together in love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony, the results are astounding and will appear right in front of your eyes. Make sure your eyes are open so you don’t miss it!

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