Business Ethics and Lofty Corporate Values – Do They Exist Only in Theory?

Businessman with his fingers crossed behind his back - concept for good luck or dishonesty

My daughter recently graduated from college and prepared for her impending job interviews. Although it looked promising that she would secure a position, she was provided the head-scratching feedback that she was “too nice.” Furthermore, her father, brother, boyfriend and friend convinced her she would have to toughen up. Moreover, she told me some people at her college thought she was fake because she often smiled and was extremely kind. Men have been jilted by their girlfriends because they were considered “too nice.” Does this mean it gives women a thrill to be with someone who is mean? All of God’s teachings are about being kind, nurturing and compassionate. In God’s eyes there is no such thing as being “too nice.”

Broken promises and hypocrisy reign supreme in present-day Corporate America and elsewhere

My daughter agrees with her family members and believes in order to get a job she must change. I asked her boyfriend how he expects her to behave in the workforce. He explained the corporation is only concerned about the bottom line. She needs to prove she can outsmart the competition in any way it takes. In other words, lies, deceit and being ruthless are found to be good attributes of an employee.

Unfortunately, I had to agree with his assessment. I have seen these unethical practices when I was in the corporate world . Also, I witnessed the harsh reality of the corporate world through people who were very close to me.

In one case, the person provided evidence of cheating and manipulation within the company. The person was fired for insubordination even though he won an award for being the best manager in the company a month before. The message was clear. If you express the truth, you will be defeated and condemned. As a result, the big corporations are invincible because employees are threatened and are fearful of losing their jobs if they speak their mind. Moreover, the corporate mentality has trickled down to the small companies. The small companies need to compete with the large conglomerations. So, they have to perform devious actions to stay afloat.

The students graduating from college have innovative ideas and want to share their creativity with the companies that employ them. They find out very quickly what they learned in the classroom does not apply to the realities of life.

My son is employed in a well known financial institution. When hired, he was told he would get a bonus after a year. The year came and they told him he has to wait 6 months because he made a couple of mistakes. However, they were willing to pay for him to take the certification course to rise to the next level in their corporation. In addition, he devised a system they loved and are using. My son believes he has to be perfect to receive the bonus. I believe they wave a carrot in front of your face and when you get close to eating it, they pull the carrot further back.

When people commit to something, they need to keep their word. Oral contracts are authentic just like a written contract. The company was obligated to give him the bonus in June. However, their underhanded behaviors taught my son loyalty and trust does not exist in the corporate world. Our youth are learning this lesson often. Moreover, these unscrupulous acts are often rewarded and these cut throat people rise in the company and obtain an excellent salary.

When people hit a certain age, many times they are forced into early retirement. The companies would prefer the young, hungry graduate who will work incredibly long hours for a lot less money than a middle aged person who is an expert in the field. Once again, there is no loyalty.

How can we change the working environment? First, people must be in jobs they love. Second, hierarchy needs to be removed. Since everybody is an integral member of society, the same is true for the staff of corporations and companies. There is a job description for every employee from the CEO to the custodian. Every job is instrumental. For instance, there would be no facility to conduct business without an engineer, construction worker and architect to design and build it. Nobody would know about the product if there wasn’t a marketing manager and advertising department. The company would fall apart if there was a CEO and no employees. The greatest corporations and companies are founded on the belief that every person plays an essential role in its success. Third, the earnings need to be divided equally amongst all staff members once all bills are paid. This means the CEO receives the same amount of money as the custodian. Without the janitor, there would be disease spreading among the employees. Also, unwelcome creatures in the form of rodents and insects will invade the premises. As a result, employees will leave and it will be the demise of the business. Fourth, loyalty must be restored. People should feel the business is their “home away from home.” Each member should be treated with respect, love, gratitude and dignity.

When employees are appreciated for the work they do and compensated appropriately and equally, they will be excited to perform their duties exceptionally well. In fact, when people utilize their talents and affinities, their job doesn’t feel like work. All day long they are happy and productive. The company soars and everybody involved in the business soars as well. It is a win win situation!

Our youth are the ones who make great changes on our planet. They will be able to release fears and worries quickly. They believe in equality and justice for all. They too have been tainted by society. However, it is the youth who have the courage to right the wrong. They are the ones who say enough is enough. This system is not working and changes must be implemented immediately. Most are willing to speak up for what they believe especially when they realize their goals are attainable and will benefit the world.

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