Comprehensive Icegram Review – Best CTA and Lead Generator for WordPress

After the honor of serving as the interviewee in an Icegram interview, I decided to write this Icegram review and take a closer look at their vast array of call to action, lead generation, and visitor engagement tools.

I’m so enamored with this lightweight piece of code that I want to share this discovery with all my fellow WordPress users. In fact, those who don’t even use WordPress can benefit from the plugin but it’s primarily designed for the WP Platform.

Feel the Icegram experience and realize cool cash profit

And more specifically, it’s created for those who need to increase their clicks and conversions – an almost universal demographic. We have but a few seconds to get our visitors’ attention and the Icegram plugin options will make your site more captivating and sticky.

As I’ve personally used Icegram and gain from its benefits firsthand, this comprehensive review is borne from experience and testing. This post will enlighten you on its laudable aspects; it will also point out an area or two for improvement. But all in all, this Icegram review is worth reading – particularly because I’m going to announce a giveaway to 5 lucky winners.

Icegram – Let’s Talk Shop

Those of you who are not tech-savvy or feel heart palpitations each time you have to learn the intricacies of a plugin should take a deep breath. It’s use is easy-peasy, even for this senior who did not grow up with a computer.

Moreover, you don’t need to take out your credit card. Icegram is free to use, and you’ll only be charged for any add-ons you decide to incorporate on your site.

Warning: After you use the free plugin, you’ll see the value of the add-ons and will want to expand on your Icegram options. However, each add-on is very reasonably priced. Still, don’t wait too long to purchase before the powers that be realize they’re undercharging for their product.

In full disclosure, there are many add-ons, some of which I’ve yet to try. However, I’ve used quite enough of them to know that this is a superior plugin, backed by tremendous support. They’re determined to become the #1 source for call-to-action functionality.

Reviewing the Free Icegram options

At the time of this Icegram review, the Icegram team’s generosity knows no bounds. They provide an assortment of themes, including bonus themes, and the following options:

Action Bar – This option will get your offer noticed. You can place a call to action on the top or bottom of the page with clickable links. (In fact, Icegram offers the ability to add clickable links throughout their product line. If you want to open a link in a new window, you’ll have to opt for their CTA Actions add-on.)

Icegram reviews should include examples of Action Bars

It’s always important to test if any given action bar is increasing retention and/or conversions. (Icegram has a split testing option but that’s also considered an add-on.)

Still, you’ll be able to see the results of the action bar you’re using because Icegram provides analytics as part of the free offer.

Pop-ups – This is why I originally obtained Icegram. At one point, my site did not have any pop-ups and I thought that if some of the most successful affiliate marketers were using them, I should try them, too.

Icegram reviews should include examples of Popups

The problem was that so many of the best pop-up offers came at a steep price tag. Many companies were charging monthly fees which I wanted to avoid.

Consequently, I looked into Icegram pop-ups and I was impressed with their professional appearance. Now, I could highlight a particular special offer or have people sign up to a newsletter.

Conclusion: Any plugin option that can increase lead generation and highlight promotions is well worth investigating.

Messenger – There’s power in your message. Tastefully done, you can get your visitor’s eyes on an important message. For example, you can use the messenger feature to highlight that you’re offering a product discount or special promotion.

Icegram reviews should include examples of Messengers

The message can convey any important information. In fact, this Icegram review will contain a message, underscoring the point that 5 lucky winners will receive a free ad-on.

You can place a message on a couple of strategic spots. The plugin shows where you can place them, and you’ll then be able to preview it and see if it’s pleasing to your eye.

Toast Notification – Here’s just another way to get your audience to pay attention to some verbiage you wish to highlight. Again, you can lead your visitor anywhere from a toast notification via a clickable link.

Icegram reviews should include examples of Toasts

You can add a headline, avatar, and a message as well. Once again, you can decide where to best present this toast. If you don’t like the placement, you just have to click on where you would like to feature it instead.

There are different background themes you can use and how the image will first present itself via animation (e.g., bang, slide down, slide left, pop, or just appear).

Again, you can experiment with this type of attention-grabbing option and see what produces the best results.

Analytics – And speaking of results, you’ll be happy to know that you can obtain analytics information gratis as well.

The quick stats will include impressions (i.e., how many folks have seen the campaign) and conversions (i.e., the percent of folks who clicked the accompanying link). Subsequently, Icegram does the math and also provides the conversion percentage.

My best converting Icegram campaigns are reaching about a 40% conversion threshold. Admittedly, some produce single digit conversions. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the campaigns are failing because I also have other product links that may be getting clicks instead.

However, if you’re only using Icegram to acquire potential links on a given page, you can see if a particular campaign is working or not. And if so-deemed failure results, it’s time to change the campaign – a task that can be done in less than 5 minutes with this Icegram plugin.

Hey, That’s Not All

There are many add-on possibilities with IceGram. I already mentioned that you can get the Split Testing (A/B) and CTA Actions add-ons above – together or separately.

Icegram also offers the Super Bundle at the can’t-beat price of $99 (single site price) or $199 (multiple site price). Developers who need the plugin for their clients’ sites will pay a steep price of $499.

This Super Bundle includes the following plug-in add-ons:

  • Analytics
  • Behavior Triggers
  • CTA Actions
  • Geo Targeting
  • Stickies
  • Badges
  • Overlays
  • Ribbons
  • Sidebars
  • Inline
  • Tab
  • Split Testing

Each option is affordable although the cost can get high as you purchase multiple options separately. This is why the Super Bundle may be the best bet.

You also have to consider whether you want to use it for a single site, multiple sites, or to get a developer’s license. Prices rise accordingly based on the type of license you’ll obtain as you saw with the Icegram Super Bundle.

The add-ons that I like most include the stickies, ribbons, pop-ups, and especially sidebars. They’re really all just forms of messages that can be presented in different ways with a different look.

Action bars really pop, too, although they can almost dominate the page. One’s eye can’t help notice their appearance.

This is also why behavior triggers are almost a mandatory purchase, too. They can accomplish so much, such as hiding a message after a certain duration of time. It also enables you to have an ‘exit intent’ where people see a message if it looks as though they’re leaving the page. They’re are other behavior triggers, too, such as showcasing a pop-up when the visitor scrolls down to a particular part of the page.

My only pet peeve is that I wish a pop-up did not appear when a visitor simply moves the mouse to scroll down a page. Here, a visitor is not leaving the site but simply needing to scroll down to read the post. I’m sure this glitch can be resolved.

Stickies, ribbons, and sidebars have helped my bottom line by increasing interest and decreasing the bounce rate. Sidebars are very useful to me because I’ve used them to highlight a related offer. Here is just an Icegram sidebar example.

You can read more about Icegram add-ons – their benefits, features, and price – by consulting this page.

Icegram Review – Announcing an Amazing Giveaway to 5 Lucky Winners!

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Final Word on Icegram

Icegram offers all the full functionality and versatility that you would want and expect from a premium plugin. Better yet, it’s core base is free and the add-ons are extremely affordable.

The use of Icegram options will engage your audience, galvanize their attention, and encourage them to take meaningful action.

You just upload the plugin, start a new campaign, and within 5 minutes, your post or page becomes even more appealing to your prospective customers.

I’ve yet to read one negative Icegram review or found any charge leveling it a scam. In fact, the Icegram reviews that I’ve seen are very favorable and extol its virtues. In addition, its high degree of usefulness is also backed by tremendous technical and customer support.

Icegram is one cool plugin (perhaps the use of ‘Ice’ in the name suggests this), and its unit of worthiness should be measured in profitable dollars, not in grams.

Please let me know about your Icegram experience as I’m anticipating it will be a very favorable one.

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