Sand Art Hair Trend – Hair Beauty Phenomenon That Goes With the Grain

Remember the opening of Days of Our Lives, one of the longest running TV shows in the world: “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” Now daily life is filled with sand – not the grainy substance that you find on a beach; no, a replica of the multi-colored sand bottles that have visual appeal. And the sand-like hues now decorate more heads than ever, in a beauty trend called Sand Art Hair.

The explosion of rainbow (think of the tails of My Little Ponies, too) is not suitable for the prim and proper. Those with conservative tastes will be much happier and comfortable staying with a monochrome look.

However, for the woman … or man … who has a flamboyant bent, unafraid to step out of his/her comfort zone, this type of hair art may suit you nicely.

Artsy Hair – It’s Everywhere

Here is a woman whose hair exemplifies rainbow art

Now you’ve seen more folks than ever rocking this look. After all, they’re all over Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks.

I even asked my grandson if some of the young ladies are gravitating towards sand art hair. His response: “My school should change their colors from black and yellow to rainbow. I see lots of girls who color their hair like this although no two look exactly alike.’

Phew! So it is possible to maintain a sense of individuality and still jump on this beauty bandwagon. But predictably, you know who is leading the way.

Of course, many celebrities, like Rita Ora and Katy Perry have been pushing the hair envelope for years. But now other famous counterparts are opting towards a colorful crop, including female celebs, like Kesha, and male celebs, such as Zayn Malik. Even young celebs, like Kylie Jenner, continue to experiment with bright and bold colors.

I’m taking odds that Kylie will adorn sand art hair this summer. Perhaps her father, Caitlyn Jenner, may also decide that sand art is a way to further express herself.

Perceptions Change

Yesterday’s freak is today’s fashionista. I can’t help but wonder how sand art hair would have been perceived just a decade or two ago. Words like freaky, odd, strange, and well, ugly, come to mind. But there is little bias against rainbow hair these days thanks to today’s ‘Rainbow Generation.’

I remember experimenting with multi-colored hair years ago but the experiment did not last long. I felt very uneasy with the stares and glares that it generated. While some people relish attention, both good and bad, I unfortunately lean towards people pleasing approval.

My peacock hair did not muster universal acclaim so I went back to my natural roots. Today, other people’s perceptions would have little affect on my actions, especially if I wanted sand art hair or sandy hair, for that matter.

But those who love the spotlight, crave attention, and don’t wilt under public pressure, should seriously consider this trendy look. This is especially true because sand art hair is now more likely to be described as nouveau and avant-garde, fearless and fabulous. You can unleash your ‘inner freak’ and still be deemed a winner.

Hair Dye Across the Color Spectrum: Don’t Try This At Home

While most women prefer to dye their hair at home, a true sand hair artist – your hair beautician/colorist – may be the best person to transform your locks. With experience and an eye for the aesthetically-pleasing, your colorist can customize the right color blend for you. Of course, he/she should be an expert on skillful application.

One sand hair brand, in particular, is uber popular at salons, Pravana. No fuss, no muss, it helps to deliver the look you’re after. The colors are distinct and super-saturated, and won’t stain. The formula, Vivids Locked-In, also ensures that each color remains uniform, and does not blend together.

Remember when you were a child, drawing one color next to another one next to another one. The picture looked much better when the colors did not mesh together. When each color kept its unique and distinct hue, the overall result was better. This is the intention and design of the Vivids Locked-in look.

The process itself can get really complex – challenging for the would-be, at-home self-hair dye specialist. This is not your mother’s root to tip ombre dye job where the ends showcase one solid color and the roots are a different color. In sand art hair application, the colorist works in 3 inch sections to painstakingly create a colorful, layered sand effect that produces the ‘wow factor.’

Some stylists prefer the zig-zag method, taking zig-zag sections of the hair to infuse color throughout. The base can be a dark and intense hue while the ends may be a muted color. Even using the same dye brand, each colorist stamps his/her unique aesthetic.

But as the sand art hair trend is at an all-time high, more brands are entering the marketplace, such as Wella’s Colour Touch. You and your colorist will have choices to make, and options can be customized to your hair type and personality.

Of course, most women wish that stylist Rebecca Taylor would work on their hair as she is an expert at achieving this unicorn look. However, there are many talented stylists/colorists, and hopefully, your leaving your hair in good hands.

An added measure of reassurance: You can achieve sand art hair through the use of semi-permanent dyes. Nothing is forever, and you should feel free to experiment knowing that you can go back to your hair’s original state.

Sand Art Hair Review: A Hit or a Miss?

As I’m now older, my first reaction towards sand art hair was disapproving and negative. I did not realize that I was a multi-tonal snob. But after looking at many pictures on Instagram and Pinterst, this look is growing on me – at least figuratively.

But the only opinion that counts is yours. You should give yourself the green light to try it if you find it appealing.

And if you opt for tresses that will get you a second-look, please know that upkeep is necessary. Natural roots will soon show which can ruin the rainbow effect.

Of course, whenever you choose to dye, regardless of color or colors, remember to take optimal care of your hair. The better the condition of your locks, the better sand art hair will look.

This hair loss resource will rebuild your hair and make you look majestic as you strut your style like a peacock. There’s nothing more beautiful than when your crowning glory is in tip-top shape, sprouting eye-opening vibrant color(s). I’m gradually leaning towards the opinion that sand art hair has a certain flare and savoir faire but what about you?