Rebuild Hair Program Review – A Heady Hair Loss Protocol?

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I decided to write this Rebuild Hair Program review because in the world of beauty, hair makes the proverbial difference in appearance. The lack of hair yields quite an impact, too, as you’ve observed for yourself. Now while we may be more accepting of others’ hair loss (jokes notwithstanding), we become very critical of ourselves when our hair seems to be in molting season. Aside from the self-critical thoughts, we may also become alarmed and visibly upset when our crowning glory appears less than royal-like. What protocol can we use to rebuild our hair? Jared Gates, author of The Rebuild Hair Program, claims to have the answer.

The Rebuild Hair Program Review – An Inside Look at the Protocol


The Rebuild Hair Program Book Cover

Let’s first review what the Rebuild Hair Program is not. This is not just a book that suggests a medically-approved topical remedy. In fact, Jared Gates is not a proponent of the one topical remedy that is approved to fight hair loss, minoxidil.

In fact, he tried Rogaine for 4 months and it did not contribute towards any hair growth. This is not that surprising. The reviews of minoxidil are rather disappointing, in general, and if it produces hair, the quality and depth of the strands are typically unimpressive. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule.

However, minoxidil requires a life-time commitment because if usage stops so does any hair growth. Hair begins to fall out – the same hair that would have departed from your head had you not used this substance at all. In addition, many minoxidil users report adverse side effects, such as water retention (swollen face), rapid heart rate, dizziness, itching, etc.

Jared Gates also discourages the use of less than natural, internal medication, such as propecia. Again, while propecia has its share of advocates in the hair loss community, it, too, mandates lifelong use and may exert a number of unwanted effects, similar to minoxidil’s. Many men also stop taking propecia due to its possible undesirable sexual dysfunction effects.

The Rebuild Hair Program is also not a resource that advises its readers to get a special hair transplant procedure. Now while modern-day hair transplants look more natural than the transplants of yesteryear, there are risks associated with them and often come with a hefty price tag. Jared goes into a little too much graphic detail about hair transplants for my taste but suffice to say that he does not believe they are a good option for the almost bald or balding.

So what is Jared Gates secret when it comes to arresting hair loss? The quick answer: he has discovered the power of vegetables. Yes, his hair rebuilding cry is to ‘return to the corn,’ referring to the early Indian tribes’ reliance on veggies.

The PDF then provides the benefits of a healthy diet, seeming to favor a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Still, it allows you to have lean meats and fresh fish, like salmon or halibut.

Those following this diet prescription typically ingest more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals than the average person. It also encourages a healthy body weight and reduces the risk of obesity and weight-fluctuating health concerns. No argument there.

But the Rebuild Hair Product e-book does not suitably make its case that these foot staples are DHT-blockers. There are no scientific studies related to these food items and their impact on hair health.

Here is an excerpt from the guide:

“The thing about working with hair loss is that you need to stop it from the inside. You cannot just think that some medications, creams or transplant procedures are going to be useful enough for when you are trying to resolve your hair loss issue. You actually have to focus on stopping the development of DHT from right inside. It’s the only real way how you can actually stop hair loss and possibly get new hair again.’

Did you notice the word ‘possibly’ or should it be ‘impossibly?’

Trying to connect the dots, the book avers that veggie burgers, tofu, broccoli, spinach, brown rice, and a host of other empowering foods will not only guard against illness but will stimulate your follicles to life.

The trick is to find foods that are rich in iron, calcium, Vitamin D, folate or folic acid, and fortified with other life-sustaining vitamins and minerals.

But while an improved diet may very well favorably impact the condition of your hair, it appears unlikely that it can awaken dormant follicles.

So by all means, experiment with a holistic dietary and even supplement protocol but you don’t need to spend money on figuring out what power vegetables to consume, or healthy foods to eat that have some protein and essential fatty acids.

Even going organic does not ensure that there will be less falling hair. While there are many online sources trumping the hair-promoting benefits of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, there are just as many sources that claim such a diet can compromise your scalp’s bumper crop.

This hair rebuilt prescription is not fanatical in its approach. It calls for some red meat, for example – a ‘Category 1 food’ that provides essential iron. Still, it primarily advocates meat-alternative protein and iron sources.

As this review only provides my own layman’s perspective, I’m all for trying to follow a Mediterranean diet, and eat more vegetables to promote overall health (and perhaps exert a favorable impact on the mane). So you have my blessing to plan a meal around veggie burgers, spinach, okra and bok choy. In fact, this is the actual start of Jared Gates’ 28-day hair growth protocol.

But after the month is over, don’t bristle if you don’t see even Vellus hair springing up. Perhaps a multi-colored veggie diet can serve as more of a hair preventative option that a hair stimulating one.

Try it and see for yourself. But you can just research a healthy vegetable diet instead of forking over $39 for this e-book like I did.

Hair Loss Protocol (aka. the rebuild hair program) – A Physiological Breakthrough?

In order to figure out an effective hair loss remedy, Jared Gates knew that he had to address the primary reason for hair loss: Dihydrotestosterone, a male sex hormone. While it is important for libido, in excess, it will contribute towards alopecia, hair loss, or MPB (male pattern baldness). Why is DHT a baneful influence on those innocent follicles?

It seems as though the dermal papilla is primarily responsible for hair growth, obtaining its essential nutrients from the skin’s neighboring capillaries. The DHT apparently affects the dermal papilla interfering with nutrient absorption. (Unfortunately, the dermal papiplla has androgen receptors and thus can be negatively impacted by DHT.) The end result: the hair follicle progressive shrinks, a process called miniaturization. Ultimately, the follicle is no longer perceptible.

Alright, so the Rebuild Hair Program covers, at least in theory, how to decrease or eliminate the excess DHT, and more specifically, how to get rid of the excess enzyme responsible for DHT production: 5-alha reductase. This is especially important to do as we age. Why? 5 alpha reductase increases as we get older, wreaking its havoc on our hair. To compound matters, 5 alpha reductase and the DHT drives the growth of prostrate cells, possibly leading to an enlarged prostate or even prostate cancer. (Now I’m not a physician, and I’m only reporting what I’ve read online and relaying Jared Gates’ contention.) Who knows, there may very well be a baldness-prostate health connection.

The Protocol to Inhibit 5 Alpha Reductase / DHT

If you embrace the notion that nutrition is paramount to health and beauty, then the Rebuild Hair Program may appeal to you. Here, Jared Gates puts his readers on a dietary regimen. You’ll learn not just what foods to refrain from, but what foods to consume. This may favorably impact your physical health and physical beauty.

But will it really regrow hair?

The author reveals what he considers essential foods that can actually inhibit 5 alpha reductase or at least help the liver to better detoxify the enzyme. For example, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli can all serve as detoxifying agents, and should be included in the diet. Certain fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants that can improve health but can it truly be hair-raising? Are these foods, like pigmented berries, hair-boosting?

The operative question is: Are vegetables DHT-busting? I have not seen any studies that prove certain foods can block DHT. This point has been bandied about on the Internet, and here is a sample list of viewpoints which I think you’ll find instructive.

Again, I believe there are food components that will serve your hair well. Indeed, lean meats and cheese, nuts, such as almonds, egg whites, and a variety of other staples can really make you more hair fabulous. But at this time, and I didn’t always feel this way, I believe that a healthy diet does not always translate to hair regrowth.

Eat right, take some important vitamins (e.g, Vitamins C and E) and minerals (e.g., zinc and iron), and you may see the start of a healthier crop of hair. You can even experiment with purportedly hair-raising herbs which also claim to reduce 5 alpha reductase / DHT ill-effects.

But my money is on the fact that your overall health will improve much more than your hair health.

The Pros of the Rebuild Hair Program – A Promising Hair Loss Protocol
  • Author Jared Gates worked on this book with the support of a physician, Dr. Blount, who obviously supports Gates’ premise. (I could not find any further info on Dr. Blount.)
  • This methodology has supposedly helped many people and Dr. Blount offers his patients’ testimonials as well.
  • The Hair Rebuild Program is all-natural, and provides a safer alternative to topical and/or oral drugs. (This point would be wonderful if the program really worked.)
  • The protocol does not require too much work on your part. You’re just eating much more sensibly.
  • According to Jared Gates, you’re not only addressing a hair loss issue but a health-issue. What may be good for your hair may be perfect for your prostate and rest of the body.
  • The book itself is very affordable at $39. As an added incentive, you’ll also receive hair-raising bonuses. (We will also provide our own Rebuild Hair Program bonuses.)
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee..
Rebuild Hair Program PDF Negatives – The Root of the Problem
  • There is too much marketing hype here. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and believe that no one is really threatened by the information presented here.
  • The background story seems rather incredulous. Jared Gates seeks help for an enlarged prostate, learns about the ill-effects of DHT, and then concentrates his energy on his hair loss problem rather than his enlarged prostate.
  • This is not a slam dunk as it pertains to protocol efficacy. It may work wonders for a select few, but the vast majority will continue looking in the mirror for any signs of hair sprout. There is even debate as to whether any given food has purported benefits. Soy, for instance, may be lauded by some who contend that it can help hair and prostate; others may debate this assertion.
  • According to the author, you can see visible results within 4 weeks. However, in that time frame, results will probably be minor, or should I say, non-existent . You’ll have to wait several months at least to realize any benefits. There is no quick fix here.
  • There are no convincing studies showing that increasing vegetable or fatty acid intake translates into thicker, fuller hair that stays in an active growing phase
  • There is a lot of irrelevant fluff to this e-book. I’m not interested in knowing which celebrities, like Charley Sheen or Lebron James, are battling hair loss problems,
  • I actually purchased the product (unlike 99% of the other Rebuild Hair Program reviewers) and found it lacking in any substantive information. I’m not the type to return items so I kept it.
  • While I don’t believe this is a scam, I really did not learn much within its 116 pages


Rebuild Hair Program Review – Final Determination of the Protocol
This book is easy to read and simple to follow. I really like the idea of using ‘power foods’ to improve my overall health and it makes me feel as though I’m taking care of my hair and skin.

But enhancing the quality of diet does not mean that I’m necessarily thwarting 5 alpha reductase and DHT to eliminate the major cause of hair loss. Again, such foods can really promote one’s health – the ultimate building block of great hair. But in and of itself, a nutrient-dense diet does not mean the end of hair loss.

I will say that the program is holistic and natural, and should not impact negatively on your hair’s condition. It’s should be free of side effects, but anytime you change your diet, it’s important to discuss this matter with a medical professional, particularly if one is simultaneously taking medication.

This book has been called a scam, snake oil and worthless. I don’t think it deserves this harsh criticism but it no longer deserves my recommendation. Yes, it’s important to tackle the issue at its fundamental source, by getting rid of that heart and hair-wrenching enzyme, 5 alpha reductase? But Jared Gates’ Hair Rebuild Program system unfortunately does not offer a viable way to rebuild the hair, and I’m not splitting hairs with that declaration.

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