Live Long Well Virtual Summit Review – De-aging Gracefully?

When Julia Lundstrom, owner of Simple Smart Science, excitedly told me about her impending Live Long Well Virtual Summit, I knew that I had to write a review. The summit theme itself fascinates and intrigues me: Adding years to life and a joie de vivre spirit in those years.

I know how our conditioning works against us. Our culture perpetuates the myth that aging (and all its associated medical conditions) is inevitable. Feeling older with its concomitant vulnerability is almost a rite of passage, too. We’re also forewarned that our mental faculties will seriously diminish, and that even if brain-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia don’t take hold of us, our cognitive processes will be permanently impaired when we reach a certain age.

This is not the kind of prophecy that I want to materialize in my life, and this is not the kind of fragility and hopelessness that you want to embody as well. Truth: Aging does not have to translate into a loss of physical and mental health, and a downward spiral in the quality of life.

You need not envision your advancing years with a sense of alarm, calamity, and despair. You don’t necessarily have to become a burden to others, and completely dependent on loved ones for your care. The core message of this Live Long Well Summit is that by taking the necessary steps to reclaim your health now, you’ll be in an ideal position to thoroughly enjoy your later years that are meant to be golden.

In this Live Long Well Summit review, I will provide details of the expert panel, and their latest findings on how to optimize mind, body, and spirit — all working gloriously for your highest good.

Do you want the best life possible? Discover how to live it.

Read this Live Long Well review to learn to learn how to turn back the ticking time clock

Live Long Well Virtual Summit Review – Quality-Based Longevity Starts With the Brain

One of the best suggestions that I ever received was to “Wear life like a loose garment.” (The person who gave me this advice heard it first from a psychiatrist, who in turn might have borrowed it from a philosopher.) Regardless of its derivation, it makes sense not to live life in a tight, constrictive manner where everything weighs so heavy on you that you can barely breathe. All events, favorable and unfavorable, ultimately need to be processed in a free, easy, and accepting way, where any negative impact is minimized.

While it’s not possible to live like Pollyanna all the time, the above quote is a reminder to just not take everything so seriously, and furthermore, believe that worse case scenarios are inevitable. And this includes wearing down when getting older, coupled with the fear of getting older!

Stress and anxiety, especially chronic, will exert biological changes within our bodies, even on the cellular level.

Indeed, studies show that stress (even anticipated stress!) adversely affects DNA within cells, shortening telomeres, the end caps of DNA strands now thought to affect longevity. Shorter telomeres are associated with various conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s Disease.

So by reducing stress and overhauling an overall unhealthy lifestyle (more on this later), you can protect your cells, and specifically, telomeres.

The Live Long Well Summit completely covers this crucial area of brain health.

For example, Dr. Roy Martina, one of the esteemed guests at the summit, speaks at length about the brain and how to use it effectively to restore “emotional balance.” Meditation can be instrumental in the healing process, and can even work for chronically ill patients.

He will share his Transformational Change secrets to students who are looking for a healthier way to live their lives. He will also describe how to lengthen those telomeres to expand longevity.

Chris Hill, health professional and author of Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction, will offer additional insight about how to conquer inner demons and external forces that you seemingly have no control over. His inspirational message will help you overcome your addictions (and we all have them!) and limit emotional upheavals.

My ears will be particularly raised when Chris speaks about overcoming a sugar addiction which can be purportedly more lethal than cocaine.

The Live Long Well Summit will also feature Nicola Buckley, Personal coach and founder of Strongherformula. While Nicola’s self-empowerment coaching is aimed at women, the underlying principles are relevant to men, too. She will graciously provide tips on how to achieve unstoppable self-confidence, and discard self-limiting self-perceptions.

She encourages her students to give up the ‘Victim mentality,” and question destructive narratives. She speaks about refraining from knee-jerk reactions, and refusing to internalize hurtful messages and events that transpire.

Becoming more self-confident and pursuing more self-affirming activities will help us evolve and mature as we get older.

The virtual summit reinforces the notion of transformation as prominent author and coach, Dax Moy, sits among the round table of guest speakers. His life exemplifies the point that the past need not influence the present or the future. Negative past experiences can serve as teachable moments so that we can create better ones going forward.

Dax will offer a systematic approach towards leading a more self-actualized life. For example, it’s necessary to know exactly what you want and create specific goals to achieve your vision. He also offers support on how to eliminate dream-busting stress, and how to protect yourself against neurological impairment so that progress is inevitable.

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Age Slower With Mindfulness and Meditation

We’re incessantly in a rush, trying to complete all daily tasks in a frenetic manner. Who has time to smell the roses or ‘Just be,’ as my friend advises. The ‘To do’ list is overwhelming and the only time that I’m not checking off the responsibilities highlighted on the list is when I feel too immobilized by the enormity of the jobs that I have to finish.

There’s also that despicable workaholism and sense of perfection. (I told you that we all have addictions!)

The Live Long Well virtual Summit’s host, Julia Lundstrom, is very sensitive to this fact and has assembled other speakers to deal with (lack of) quality of life issues. When you’re always on ‘Go mode,’ you’re in essence on the ‘Hamster wheel,’ going around and around, but not really getting to your desired destination. (Peace of mind is that desired destination for me.)

This is why I’m particularly interested in what Board-certified clinical psychologist, Dr. Richard Sears, has to teach. His focus will be on a practice called mindfulness. This is the quality or state of concentrating solely on present events, without any judgment or preconceived notions of what you should do now … or later.

Here, you’re not worried about yesterday’s issues, or the ones that may unnerve you at a later juncture. You only have NOW, and by focusing on the here and now, you’re getting rid of anxiety about what has already taken place, or what you anticipate will soon take place.

Mindfulness enables you to let go of fears and worries, and lifts depression. Dr. Shears will train you to focus on your breathing, and take more notice of your surrounding environment. Your power of focus increases through mindfulness, too, and this alone should help you to make better decisions, especially when you feel overwrought.

Along with mindfulness, the summit will feature copious information about meditation (and there are countless meditation methods), a practice that is helping millions of people around the world. Esteemed editor, author, and Well.Org founder, Dr. Pedram Shojai will demonstrate how to use meditation to regenerate the brain and increase its size. (This is ideal to combat any age-related brain shrinkage!)

This is not pseduo-science but real, factual science, based on clinical research. Dr. Shojai will talk at length about the connection between meditation and brain chemistry, and include discussion on how simple breathing techniques coupled with gentle movement can change the physical structure of the brain.

This insight alone should help to assuage any age-related anxiety and depression you may feel. You also make take solace from the information that guest speaker, Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, shares at the Live Long Well Virtual Summit.

Simply, Dr. Samhouri believes in the notion that our genes are not destiny nor completely deterministic. They wield their influence, but we have a capability to alleviate possible genetic threats. Here, you’ll be apprised of epigenetics and how lifestyle changes can literally change your genes. Diet, behavior, exercise, sleep, and the like can prove to be our salvation (or the proverbial ‘nail in the coffin.’)

Guest panelist, Dr. Anthony Beck expounds on genetics principles. He asserts that we each have our own unique genetic fingerprint, so to speak, and healing is best attained by balancing, and modifying, when necessary, our own individual biochemistry.

Dr. Beck will help you to identify your own body’s inner workings, and show you the way towards complete well-being. Listen attentively to his presentation and become your own healer!

The Virtual Summit’s Emphasis on Lifestyle Changes

Do you think that you can’t grow younger? If you’re still resistant to the idea, listen closely to celebrity trainer, best-selling author, and motivational speaker, Danette May. She will offer guidance and direction on how to use nutrition to your best advantage, although she recognizes that everyone’s dietary needs may be different. She will arm you with information about the brain-diet connection, and how the brain uses food as energy.

Consuming the right foods can elevate your mood, enhance your energy reserves, and lengthen your life span. Ms. May will explain how to eat well, and further nourish your soul with exercise and movement.

The summit also features DJ Siclari, an entrepreneur, coach, and speaker, who is well-versed on the reasons we age and how to counteract factors contributing to our aging. He avers that its our ‘second brain,” our hormone-controlling gut, that will enable us to stay fit and healthy.

Get ready for a gut-makeover which can exert far-reaching changes in the quantity and quality of your life.

Towards that end includes ample sleep. Beatrix Schmidt, founder of the Deep Sleep Practice and author of a book by that same name, shares her expertise about achieving optimal health-promoting sleep. (I discounted the importance of sleep and took it for granted until I experienced a painful bout of insomnia last year. I now realize its importance and value!)

Beatrix does not provide a cookie-cutter approach because everyone has different sleep needs, and what works for one person to induce and maintain sleep may not work for someone else. You need to keep a sleep diary, and monitor how your diet and exercise, for instance, is affecting your sleep patterns.

Once you determine any connections, you can tailor a program that’s right for you. Furthermore, you’ll learn more about yourself and your needs.

And speaking of needs, the Live Long Well Virtual Summit recognizes that you have interpersonal needs. Building constructive relationships are crucial to quality of life, if not longevity itself. By attending the free summit, you’ll be able to learn from relationship expert and founder of discoverMe, Anna Garcia.

She encourages people to know themselves first and identify what is important to them before pursuing any relationships. This makes sense: Self-concept, self-awareness, and self-confidence can pave the way towards finding more compatible significant others and friends.

In addition, Anna, who considers herself an old soul, will show you how to release debilitating emotions, freeing you to love yourself unconditionally and in a better position to understand how you wish to be loved.

You will also be privy to how to improve your existing relationships in a free-spirited, energetic, and fun-loving way.

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keeping Sharp Through the Years

How many times have we heard this common refrain: “My mind is going,” “I can’t remember anything,” “My memory is gone,” and the like. While too many older people are prone towards making this declaration, I’ve even heard this sentiment expressed by those who are relatively young.

If you believe that you’re biggest aging-related hurdle is your memory, it’s a must to hear these presenters as many will touch upon building our memory, focus, and concentration.

Many of the strategies will be novel and out-of-the-box. Case in point: Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of Holosync, asserts that certain sounds can change the brain’s biochemistry, and can enhance mental clarity, mood, and concentration.

Sounds can put you into a deep meditative state, release anxiety and stress, energize you, relieve emotional trauma, and have other effects, depending on the sound source. Use sounds to balance important neurotransmitters.

Live Long Well Virtual Summit Bonus – Stay Younger and Healthier Looking

Older woman looking into the mirror must learn how to reverse aging

One common fear of getting older is looking the part! The summit addresses this concern by inviting celebrity make-up artist and hair stylist, Nat van Zee, as a guest speaker. The VANZEE Curated founder believes in ‘holistic beauty,” and will warn students about toxic chemicals that we rely on that actually poison and age us.

Product preservatives, in particular, can cause lots of untoward affects, so it’s crucial to be educated about product ingredients. Ironically, so many beauty products tout their anti-aging affects when their suspect ingredients can actually age the skin and build up in the body.

Learn how to look beautiful as you age … in a way that does not compromise your health!

Live Long Well Virtual Summit Review – Should You Attend?

I’m not sure how many opportunities are available where you can learn from top anti-aging experts who are the ‘movers and shakers’ in the field … for FREE! The strategies presented will be unique — far from common knowledge.

You will be at the cusp of scientific breakthroughs, presented with actionable information that you can implement NOW in your own life.

The Live Long Well Virtual Summit will provide you with 15 hours of ‘must-know’ material if your quest for a better, longer life is to be realized.

Immortality is impossible right now, but why not delay mortality until as long as possible, and simultaneously, add quality to your life.

For those who are time-pressed, you need not attend each presentation. Choose the ones that are most important to you, and show up to those.

Here is the Speaker Schedule (October 18, 2017 – October 21, 2017)

Hopefully, this comprehensive Live Long Well Virtual Summit review has opened your ideas to life-affirming possibilities. You can take charge of your life and make it better by learning from the summit panel, and then follow their guidance.

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