Single Girls’ Handbook Review – Bonding With Your One and Only

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Patti Stanger, matchmaker extraordinaire and author of Single Girls’ Handbook, does not mince words when she dispenses relationship advice. She will let you know what’s on her mind, teaching you how to touch your intended suitor’s heart. She has lived and loved, and is on a mission: to share her wisdom and advice on how to meet ‘Mr. Right.’ Ladies, may I have your attention. This Single Girls’ Handbook review will examine Ms. Stanger’s tips and strategies. You’ll soon discover whether it’s worth purchasing the handbook or continue watching episodes of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’

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The Single Girls' Handbook review evaluates a program designed to help you find and keep the man of your dreams

Now, of course, not all single ladies are looking for relationships or seeking to retire into the sunset with a significant other. But if you’re reading this Single Girls’ Handbook review, it’s likely that you’re hoping to make a lifelong connection – one that may materialize into marriage or other type of committed partnership. You may long to establish a bond with a partner on all levels: physical, emotional, and even spiritual. But you may worry that such a bond may be elusive, and that you’ll remain single the rest of your life.

You may feel that you’re unable to connect with others because of some deficit you feel engulfs you. Perhaps you feel that there just aren’t any worthwhile men to meet.

Patti Stanger’s response would be, ‘Nonsense.’ You’re worthy of love and possess admirable qualities that you’re not giving yourself credit. There are also great guys available who may feel as desperate as you to get into a monogamous relationship.

You just need the right mindset and skill set to attract the man of your dreams. The Single Girls’ Handbook provides that blueprint.

Will He Like Me? The Ball is in Your Court

Now, it’s impossible for everyone to be enamored with you. The old saying is applicable: You can’t please everyone.

Guys may only be attracted to a type of physical appearance, may only be looking for someone of a certain age, prefer someone of distinct race or ethnicity, and a host of other out-of-your-control factors.

But in the Single Girls’ Handbook, Patti Stanger reminds her readers that so much is within one’s control when nurturing a budding relationship.

For instance, positivity should remain at the forefront of your daily existence. First, you should radiate a positive and healthy sense of self. You’re confident (not arrogant) in your strengths and not debilitated by any perceived weaknesses. You feel worthy of self-love and love from others. And you’re willing to share love, in your thoughts, speech, and actions, with others. You have to possess the right ‘dating mindset’ if a happy end result is to materialize.

Your positivity flows during conversation, for example, with your soon-to-be partner. You focus attention on him, listen actively, and provide your undivided attention. Your enthusiasm is captivating, and your banter with him flows back and forth. And by the way, do not speak about your personal history with him! Leave that in the past.

Other suggestions in the Single Girls’ Handbook are adding to your already impressive reservoir of allure, charm, and grace. You’re revealing your best self, embodying the old-fashioned notions of ‘acting like a lady.’ Now this does not mean to suggest refraining from providing your opinions or asserting yourself at times. Patti Stanger simply wants you to give up, well more ‘masculine habits,’ like cursing. You’re eloquent, refined, and worldly, if possible. I’m thinking Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. You can use any icon you wish.

But this does not mean to suggest becoming someone else. After all, you want him to fall in love with you – the real you. You’re simply trying to manifest your best self – well at least until the courtship period is over and you have a ring on your finger. 🙂

But although you’re manifesting a refined demeanor, you’re also approachable and down-to-earth. Your sense of humor is captivating. He may further be smitten by your generosity of spirit. Indeed, Ms. Stanger encourages you to consider his feelings. Be spontaneous and show your appreciation for him when possible. This is part of her 4:1 Rule. When he has taken you out four times, it’s his turn to be the beneficiary. Perhaps you’ll make him dinner, perform a favor, or engage in any action that shows sincere appreciation and interest.

Single Girls’ Handbook Review – Is Dating a Game?

Some folks refer to dating as a sport or type of game. Patti Stanger wants single girls to avoid too much gamesmanship.

Raise your hand if you’ve deliberately not returned a call from a guy you liked, or delayed calling him back to appear disinterested or busy? Too many single girls do not promptly return messages, sending the wrong signals.

Other young and older ladies may not honor commitments. Some are serial date-breakers and this will eventually lead to a breakup. Keep plans intact. Cancelling dates can be very counter-productive. Even if you have a legitimate reason, guys can be sensitive, too, and take the cancellation personally – especially if this becomes a pattern.

In addition, you’re not to play with his emotions – regardless of how enticing it may seem. You’re not going to be purposely seen with your ex as he wraps his arms around you, for instance, just to make the one you really want jealous. Remember, you want your intended suitor to feel special and valued. Your actions will either encourage or discourage those feelings from developing.

Perhaps the one crucial game strategy that is acceptable, according to the Single Girls’ Handbook, is to assume a definitive role: to be hunted. Patti Stanger asserts that men need to be in charge and in control. They’re hunters! It’s encoded in their DNA per our knowledgeable matchmaker. Consequently, let him ask you out or at least let him think he asked you out, for example.

It’s Only a Matter of Time

By following the suggestions in the Single Girls’ Handbook, it’s inevitable that you’ll fall in love, and that your love won’t be unrequited.

But while you’re searching and entrenched in the dating scene, remember there is no shame in being single. In fact, there are aspects to it that are appealing. You’re independent and autonomous but just want to experience the joy of love and kinship with a significant other. You’re not desperate! And of course, never come across as desperate and needy. Otherwise, your intended suitor will head straight for the proverbial hills.

The undercurrent of the handbook is that you must transmit the right signals and refrain from giving the wrong ones. I’ve already outlined some of those very signals you need to send out and avoid to ensure mutual attraction.

And Patti Stanger also has a brilliant plan to cultivate that eventual monogamous relationship. You continue to plant seeds of a promising future with him. His subconscious is filling up with future visions of you by his side. Inevitably, the conscious mind will make this a reality.

Who is Patti Stanger?

Patti Stanger is a successful businesswoman, author, and television personality, famous (some would say infamous) from her appearances on the hit Bravo show, ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’ On the show episode, she uses her matchmaking skills on behalf of two millionaires.

She narrows a dating pool for each, selecting suitable candidates for her millionaire clients. She provides guidance and direction for these clients as well. Her style is very frank, candid, and well, in your face. But it seems to work more often than not. Most of her clients will go along with Ms. Stanger’s dating recommendations.

Ms. Stanger, who happens to be a third generation matchmaker, is single as well although she will soon marry. She is presently in a committed relationship with David Krausee where she, no doubt, is using the same tips, tricks, and strategies that she outlines in the Single Girls’ Handbook.

Favorable reviews of Single Girls’ Handbook

The Patti Stanger bandwagon shows no signs of slowing down. She continues to draw fans who admire and respect her candid, no-nonsense approach. I see, for instance, that there are many glowing Single Girls’ Handbook reviews – not just from affiliates but from those who are benefiting from Patti’s advice.

These folks are walking the walk. They’re trying out the techniques and experiencing desirable results.

Final Word

When you’re dating, many folks are all to happy to provide their input and advice. Grandparents, parents, close friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and even neighbors may share their perspective on relationships. And you may all too readily listen to such advice. Well, why not listen to a seasoned matchmaker who has been in those dating trenches? She has the experience, knowledge, and wherewithal to help you finally attract the man you’re longing to embrace.

In Single Girls’ Handbook, you’ll learn why you’ve been going solo for so long. You’ll realize the folly in your ways, and replace silly dating maneuvers with meaningful, productive action. You’ll gain confidence in yourself and in your abilities to navigate the sometimes complicated world of dating.

You’ll learn that by manifesting your best self, you’ll appeal to many potential partners. You’ll be open to establishing relationships, and one is bound to stick.

You will have to exercise a degree of introspection and see which of Patti Stanger’s tenets strikes a responsive chord within you. Indeed, you may believe that some of her advice is just wrong for you. But you should find that the Single Girls’ Handbook, in general, is the right resource to take you from single status to couple status.

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