The Bonding Code Review – Build and Firewall Your Relationships, Bob Grant

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The Bonding Code

This review is based on the theories, suppositions, and findings of Bob Grant, L.P.C. As a licensed professional counselor, he noticed that woman after woman were detailing sad stories about how their significant others just could not commit. Sure, the stories were unique, offering their own twists and turns, but commonalities could be drawn. Men were refusing to fully bond, especially for a lifetime, believing that there were better alternatives. Of interest, many of these women were establishing the anchors of trust and meaningful conversation with their partners. However, this was often not enough to make these men want to stay.

The Bonding Code will provide the framework and glue to keep your relationships strong and vibrant … if not permanent. It’s meant to solidify bonds without women resorting to threats, histrionics, or begging for a second chance. The guide provides reassurance that women should not personally blame themselves for any real or imagined transgressions that may or may not have been committed.

No, women must understand their loved one’s needs, and tailor a plan to satisfy these needs. They must radiate magnetic energy and be viewed as a ‘can’t-live-without soul mate.

This is easier said than done. But with the Bonding Code, women may just have the blueprint to keep Cupid’s arrow stuck in their guys’ hearts for eternity.

This Bonding Code review will focus on Bob Grant's suggestions on how to achieve bonded couplehood

The Bonding Code Review – Understanding the Framework

Bob Grant’s purpose in writing the Bonding Code is to create the bonds of everlasting intimacy between a woman and a man. While it’s written for women, there are tips that even men can use on their partner to ensure a happily-ever-after connection but that’s another story.

And it’s so important to take the time to see the world from your suitor’s eyes. A key ingredient in any relationship is to understand your significant others’ perspectives, interests, joys, and fears. Of course, finding out what makes him tick can lead you away from landmines, and closer to your destination: a deep, intertwined bond replete with mutual respect, admiration, and unbridled love.

One example is the gift of presence and true empathy and compassion. When your loved one has a problem for instance, you’re there, completely focused on the issue. You don’t necessarily have to offer a solution. It may be best to not even ask a multitude of questions pertaining to the problem. You’re just a supportive sounding board where he understands that you’re his most loyal ally.

This is more than just staying in the ‘friend zone.’ You’re conveying yourself as an interested, concerned partner who will be there for him during his darkest days. Love is not just expressed in words, but more importantly, through actions.

Towards that end, you demonstrate encouragement and respect for him, and what’s important to him. If he values privacy and sets boundaries, you have to adhere to them without pressure. You may not even understand any of his perceived idiosyncrasies, but you don’t scoff at them. Any destructive criticism is like dynamite and can blow up any bond that has already been carefully crafted.

You don’t have to walk on egg shells, and you can remain true to your own ideas and ideals. But any form of chastisement or ridicule will make him think twice that you’re not the person for him.

Sure, you don’t have to be perfect but you also own up to your mistakes and sincerely apologize when necessary. Any emotional immaturity on your part will sever any potential bond.

Now Bob Grant discusses a myriad of points that will strengthen the dynamic between women and men. He also elaborates on those issues that undermine relationships.

Bonding with the Alpha Male

Of course, women are looking for equal, 50-50 relationships. But it’s alright if your guy thinks he is in charge. We know who really owns 51% of the stock.

In the Bonding Code, Bob Grant shares many secrets on how you can easily thaw out his commitment phobia.

Some ideas center on well, rocking his world. You’re not just someone who he is settling for. You’re the first and only alternative. And it’s much more than your pretty face or gorgeous body. (But it does not matter if you feel you’re physically unattractive.)

Indeed, it’s the whole package – your sense of humor, charm, intelligence, poise, sophistication, and all your other tremendous attributes. You’re also going to show him just how much fun he will be missing without you.

Moreover, you’re not going to be the needy, clinging soul you’ve been in past relationships. Let him chase you. Let him earn your love. No doubt, you have other options, too. It’s alright for the alpha male to know that you’re no wallflower as long as he believes you’re ultimately in his corner.

You’ll also give him his space as so many men seem to need it. However, you’re not waiting by the phone and putting your life on hold. You’re going to make the most of your time and space, too.

Bob Grant provides a smorgasbord of details on how to become a puppet master – pulling your guy’s strings in all the right ways and avoid tangling up these strings. You’ll discover how to get him more vulnerable, talkative, and loving as you sprinkle the right words and engender the right emotions in his heart.

As important, you’ll know exactly how to proceed when disagreements and fights arise. After reviewing this section of the Bonding Code, you’ll be able to get him to apologize to you, even for upsetting you.

The odds will be stacked in your favor as you become a bonding expert.

Master the Bonding Phases

According to Bob Grant, there are 5 identifiable stages in a relationship, described as follows:

Interest – You don’t even need your intuition to tell you that you’re piquing his interest. You notice his smile, body language, and proximity in your space. He is telling others about you, and you realize he wants to get to know you better. You’re on his radar and he is interested in calling and/or texting you.

Emotional arousal – There is a deep, emotional response your engendering within him. While this is a continuation of the Interest bonding phase, stage 2 becomes even more intense. You’re becoming a very important figure in his life. He may even have preliminary visions of marriage … well, certainly dating.

Disillusionment – There is no such thing as perfection. He may begin to see that you’re not the perfect being he conjured you up to me, or one without flaws or failings. He may then go in another direction (i.e. veering away from you) as the pedestal breaks. His texts and phone calls begin to wane, and you can sense that his interest and emotional arousal are much less than they were early in the relationship. In the Bonding Code, Bob Grant shows how you can survive, unscathed, from this challenging disillusionment stage.

Testing – Bonding phase 4, testing, is not going to be easy as well. He may test your resolve in the relationship by almost manufacturing issues and disagreements. He may test your patience by purposely being late. But Bob Grant will show you how to pass these tests with flying colors.

Bonding – After the rough patches presented during phases 3 and 4, there’s clear sailing ahead. You are now deemed his one and only. He looks lovingly in your eyes, embraces you with passion and interest, and he may even be scouting for engagement rings at this point.

The Bonding Code’s Ostensible Benefits

This book is designed especially for women who are attached to non-committal men. It provides the following benefits:

– Helps women overcome the obstacles presented by men who refuse to commit
– Encourages women to feel empowered and more self-confident
– Reveals how women can gain interest and emotional arousal from their significant others
– Instructs how to end disagreements and fights in your favor
– Shows how you can make your man with a wandering eye a ‘one-woman man’
– Presents the secrets to eradicating commitment phobia, and replacing any fear with love and desire
– Shifts the balance of power in the relationship where you gain the upper hand

The Negatives of the Bonding Code

Bonding Code reviews are overwhelmingly positive. However, the following constructive criticism can be given:

– It may not work at all. There are men with such deep-seated emotional issues that almost render these strategies useless. (However, do you really want to get involved in a long-term relationship with a man that has a tremendous amount of emotional baggage?)
– You have to be patient with results. This is not an overnight relationship cure. It takes time for the implemented strategies to take effect. Remember, they’re cumulative and their power comes from repeated use.

Bonding Code Review – The Bottom Line

This is a perfect complement to your self-help, relationship library. This should end his anti-commitment stance, and help you launch a life of intimacy and deep connection with your loved one.

The Bonding Code provides all the tools you need to get rid of relationship roadblocks. It sets you on the path towards understanding your significant other’s mind, and manipulate it for your greater good … without him having a clue that you’re engaged in manipulation.

But here, you’re still yourself. You still earnestly love and respect him. You sincerely want to share your life with him. But now, he is likely to have those same feelings about you.

As an added plus, the Bonding Code comes with bonuses: The Commitment Switch and Why Men Leave are perfect accompanying resources that will help to further close any gap between you and your man.

You can even join a membership group, The Women Men Adore Club. You’ll be privy to Bob Grant’s wisdom and advice on a continuous basis.

But even if you just opt for the book itself (with bonuses), the cost is only $49, and is backed with a full money-back guarantee of 60 days.

Upon review and examination, you’ll soon be on your way to captivating his heart, making him do what you want, and constructing a bonding code that is unbreakable.

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