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Arouse her passion for you with intriguing texts

I decided to write this Text That Girl review after witnessing my grandson furiously texting a girl he likes. After about five minutes of pounding on the keys – a feat onto itself (does anyone else have trouble typing on the phone?), I noticed that he had this faraway look in his eyes and his fingers were curiously still. I asked him if anything was the matter and he simply replied that he did not know what else to text his friend.

Perhaps I should introduce my grandson to Race dePriest, texter extraordinaire, who would provide my grandson with ‘the art of communication’ texting ideas. Since it’s unlikely they will personally meet, the next best thing is to introduce my grandson (and you) to a wealth of texting secrets contained in Text That Girl.

Inside the resource, Race discloses how he uses texts to form an almost unbreakable bond with a love interest. He believes that through text messaging, he can win any girl’s affection through the sheer power of his words. He shares what works for him in various settings, and he is never at a loss for what to do say, regardless of the feedback he receives from the other person at the end of the texts.

This review will examine some specifics of the program. And while establishing rapport with girls via text is the fundamental goal, remember many of Race dePriest’s strategies can be used outside the texting arena (e.g., via phone, emails, in person, etc.).

Here are the different sections of my Text That Girl review:

1. Developing rapport with clever repartee

2. Consider the tone of texts – Think silly, not serious

3. What if you don’t know what to say

4. Expand your variety of texts

5. What I like about the program

6. The system’s drawbacks

7. Final word on the book

Text That Girl Review – Clever Repartee Required

Race dePriest gets straight to the point and does not pull punches. He asserts that while every girl has a phone and texts, many don’t reply to yours because they’re lacking in any originality or thought – not the girls but your texts. 🙂

He gives a freebie text away:

“Well it is obvious you were abducted by aliens. I hope they were the hot Brad Pitt looking kind and not the ugly green ones…when they return you, text me back I have a question for you”

By the way, I changed some of the grammar of the quote but that just underscores that I am confined by the dictates of grammar. You can be completely natural when texting, and not too worried about any grammatical errors – unless your love interest ‘grades’ your texts.

But back to the quote. Do you see how you’re separating yourself from the pack of her other admirers. You’re using your imagination and painting quite a picture with your alien reference. Moreover, your piquing her interest with the fact you mention you have another question. She is likely to text you back, wondering what’s on you mind as it relates to her.

Now that message is completely out of the norm. Hopefully, this should elicit her smile. Throughout the manual, Race demonstrates that humor can help win a girl’s heart.

Now I’m sure Race would admit that the above text is far from his most powerful. But it’s only used as a sample comment that employs creativity, humor, and a little mystery.

You have to think of text messaging as a recipe where you showcase your comedic self, that mystery man side you possess, and that devil may care, wildly imaginative persona you can manifest.

Here’s what you’re not: a stuff shirt, a stalking pain in the derriere, a mindless drone, a tasteless miscreant, and all those other labels that your texts may inadvertently suggest.

Of course, you’re none of those things … but she has to know that fact!

And Race dePriest may be viewed as your wingman demonstrating to you what to say and when to say it. After reading Text That Girl, you’re going to be the epitome of cool in her eyes.

When the girl responds that you’re funny, or you have quite an imagination, or that she wants to know what you’re really thinking, you know that you’re on the right track.

Don’t Worry, Be Silly

This Text That Girl review will examine Race dePriest's text for relationship success guide
Serious discourse has its time and place. But when it comes to texting, silly trumps serious any day of the week – especially when the relationship is just beginning.

Too many guys make the mistake of texting too often, revealing their serious interest too soon. Again, you need to convey the impression that you’re interested but not to the point where it’s ‘do or die’ for you if she does not text back and/or reciprocate your passion.

In Text That Girl, Race goes over this vital information, including the ideal number of times to text back, and when (and when not) to immediately text back.

Moreover, think of the tone of your texts. Are they always so matter-of-fact, perhaps bordering on a little boring.

Stir the pot once in a while, and get down to being silly. “Hey, you must be a thief because you just stole my heart.”

Who doesn’t like a little cheesy comment here and there? Wit and banter can solidify your relationship.

So even if the girl of your dreams is a romantic, it’s still best not to quote Shakespeare. Better, to be little silly, mischievous, playful with a dash of sexy (use good taste!). Just tell her, for example, that you’re having trouble understanding the book, the Karma Sutra, and see what happens.

Of course as Race dePriest would acknowledge, sexting should start when rapport already exists. It should not be used immediately.

But in Text That Girl, Race provides copious example of how to establish this rapport quickly, and how to intensify the spark and ardor through the use of provocative texts.

Text That Girl System – I Don’t Even Know What to Say

Now back to my grandson who was tongue-tied or should I write, temporarily thought-deprived. This PDF is chock full of ideas on how to initiate conversation, extend it, and make it more interesting.

Your English teacher was right. It is important to provide details! Why are you writing back with one-word answers (and please stop responding with LOL, LOL, LOL, etc.) when you can write endlessly about a situation?

Well, not endlessly because you don’t want to drone on either but how about exercising a little creative thought and detail? And when you hit writer’s block yet you still want to maintain your connection, what’s wrong with more flirtatious virtual conversation? “I saw this girl in a revealing sleeveless and halter top today and she reminded me of you.” But really know the party you’re speaking to as a comment like that may be interpreted as an unwelcome critique instead of playful banter.

But when you’re writing about your family get-together, it’s alright to include mention of Aunt Lila’s passing gas in public. Perhaps that particular comment should be on a need to know basis but any Text that Girl review should include Race DePriest’s advocacy of elaborating on one word answers.

Moreover, when in doubt, ask her questions! She may lost interest in one-way text conversations where you’re the center of the universe. Make her the center of the universe … or your universe at least until the conversation has ended.

Show interest in her life, what is important to her, and what she is doing with the time that you’re not her focal point. But one Text That Girl platform is that you don’t make it so obvious that you’re head over heals in love with her or that you want her so badly – at least until you know she has warmed up to you.

But there is a way of stroking her ego without it backfiring on you.

The Kit and Caboodle of All Texts

With the Text That Girl program, you’ll know exactly what to say, depending on the circumstance. For example, Race provides the following types of text examples:

– Ego Strokers – Learn how to arouse her interest in you without it making her feel she’s too good for you;
– Anti-Flake messages – They will help prevent a girl from flaking out or cancelling dates with you;
– Time machine messages – Remind her of bygone passionate days – perfect if the romance is no longer steamy;
– Testing messages – You’ll pass any of her texting tests once you learn the inside secrets.

Race dePriest provides more than enough sample texts to amplify your connection with your girl and bring on the heat. They all rely on psychological triggers.

What I Like About the Program

Other Text That Girl reviews have been glowing because of the beyond imaginative and clever texts that Race provides. Regardless of your experience with women and conversational capabilities, you can now level the playing field by reading Race’s advice.

Race identifies the patterns and psychological triggers that his messages reflect. Once you understand why these messages work, you can be inventive and think of similar responses.

I love the fact that he thinks of so many different types of scenarios where certain messages work better than others. By identifying when given texts are appropriate, you’ll have a much better idea how to proceed.

Knowing what drives women to form connections, you’ll also know what not to do. Indeed, there are may texting taboos (‘Loling’ and ‘supping’ someone to death) that should be avoided. You’ll know texting lingo, language, and etiquette to make you desirable in her estimation.

If nothing else, the Text That Girl PDF will make you more confident in your dealings with the opposite sex. Race dePriest was a late bloomer and now he feels like a woman magnet.

Did I mention that he has written over 7,000 texts in 4 years? With that output, he knows what works and what does not.

In addition, Race’s positive mindset is so conducive to success where he expects favorable outcomes to materialize. Please listen to this telling interview:

Text That Girl Drawbacks

The system does not seem foolproof regardless of claims. Race’s messages will certainly increase your chances to land the girl of your dreams but there’s no certainty. Individual response will vary.

I don’t even like the premise that you’re going to hook up with multiple girls. In my old-fashioned view, even two girls are one too many. However, I understand the marketing principles behind Text That Girl. Race just wants to reassure readers that his program will have universal male appeal because these messages will appeal to the vast majority of women.

The book also seems appropriate for those, say, younger than 50. But then again, do older people do much texting or sexting?

Text That Girl Review – Is This a Winner?

Look at the Google and Yahoo Answer searches alone:

– How to get a girl to text you?
– How to get a girl to text you back faster?
– What to text a girl
– What to text after first date
– What to text your crush

There are thousands of similar searches and queries. This insightful book answers all these questions and more. It’s fun and easy reading, and I have no doubt that you’ll follow Race’s guidance and direction, and simply copy and paste his sample texts. The results should be favorable.

You’ll also know the psychological tricks to develop your own responses. You will be amazed how your texting proficiency increases after implementing Race’s strategies.

On another positive note, the Text That Girl book is very reasonably priced at $47. (There is no free download PDF of this resource regardless of what other reviewers are claiming.) Backed by a full 60 day money-back guarantee, you’ll have time to evaluate the manual and see if it’s right for you.

As a bonus, you’ll receive other educational materials that should improve your dating life immensely. For instance, you’ll receive a 2 hour video on ‘Creating Charisma.’ Roadmaps like ‘Double Your Digits,’ ‘Project Messaging Mayhem,’ and ‘Social Rockstar Reboot,’ will provide even more strategies on meeting women and fanning the flames of passion.

There are other bonus resources that make you more of a suave texter, such as The Cheat Sheet where Race provides his most resourceful texts. By following his training, Race asserts that you can more readily have sexual encounters, if that is what you wish. Towards that end, he provides other bonus guides, such as Knight Ride Her and Sexual Encounters.

Other materials address cheating … or at least preventing her cheating on you, such as Cheat Proof.

Give Text That Girl a whirl and get your hands on those magic text messages that will make her appear front and center in your life.

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