What Men Secretly Want Review – James Bauer Reveals Secrets

So you think that I would know what men secretly want simply because I was married for decades? But although they say that women are mysterious, the collective mind of men is a downright enigma. And if I’m going to dispense any relationship advice to my sisters, I better learn what men secretly want. What better way to enhance my education on the male species than by reading the book, What Men Secretly Want, by James Bauer. Here, I provide this What Men Secretly Want review to critique the book and its intriguing point of view.

What Men Secretly Want – Hint, Think Aretha Franklin

What Men Secretly Want

Can you picture Aretha Franklin, circa 1967, singing her classic song, “Respect?” Close your eyes and listen:

“What you want, baby, I got it
What’s you need? You know I got it
All I’m askin’ is for a little respect …”

But perhaps Aretha first heard these words from her significant other. Yes, peeling the convoluted layers of a man’s mind, you’ll uncover the kernel of his passion, love, and existence: the insatiable need to be respected.

This is the premise of this page-turner: In order to win a man’s heart, you’ll have to show him respect. James Bauer asserts that for men, respect equals love

Yes, I understand that respect is a two-way street. But we’re now on the path of improving our rapport and relationship with men so let’s just first consider giving them what they want. And if it’s respect, well that’s not difficult to show. Notice, I did not say, respect is not difficult to feel. So much depends on the nature of one’s relationship and if there are storms that have not truly been weathered.

But even relationships that are not close can transform by implementing ‘respect principles.’ Here are just a few ideas on showing respect to your loved one:

  • Attentively listen to what he says
  • Ask for help whenever possible’
  • Compliment his insight
  • Abandon any habit to incessantly question and nitpick
  • Express appreciation for him
  • Show admiration for his achievements
  • Physically stroke him (not strike him) and his ego

In truth, don’t we want to be respected by our mate, too, in the same type of ways, described above? Alright, ladies, we may not construe respect as a display of love. However, our male counterparts secretly want respect because it makes them feel loved and feel love towards others. Set, point, match.

What Men Secretly Want – Content

So we now understand that respect is a male aphrodisiac. Your seductive, alluring qualities, from his perspective, will increase tenfold by showing deep admiration for him.

In the first few chapters of What Men Secretly Want, author James Bauer goes into detail about this respect principle. He reveals, for instance, a secret conversational technique that is sure to hook your desired catch.

But this book also highlights what not to do. Sadly, many women send the wrong signals, utter relationship-compromising statements, and pursue counter-productive actions with the end result of turning off our guy. James Bauer reminds us of these taboo, prohibitive ways, and how to curb their use.

The middle section of What Men Secretly Want (there are 9 modules, in total) focuses attention on how to build the relationship and weld its close foundation. You’ll even learn how to keep men committed to you – both in the short and long-term – and even how to make guys open up to you without being forced! So many relationship problems occur due to a lack of communication and emotional openness and spontaneity. James Bauer addresses these relationship killers and provides recommendations on how to prevent them from occurring.)

Allure and attraction are the themes for the latter part of What Men Secretly Want. Author James Bauer will first provide eye-opening advice in helping you find the right man. What good is all these suggestions if you’re always getting teamed with the wrong partner? But once you select Mr. Right, Bauer will let you know the tips and tricks to enhance your attractiveness quotient (and we’re not just talking physical attraction.) Once again, he provides the ‘do’s and dont’s’ to make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

Give men what they want, and you’ll get what you want.

What Men Secretly Want

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What Men Secretly Want – Pros

James Bauer is a dating and relationship expert and the methods he outlines should really bridge the communication gap between men and women. The information provided should foster better understanding of what makes men tick, and the communication and social devices that they’ll respond to.

The book is perfect for women who have been unsuccessful in establishing long-lasting bonds with men. It’s also extremely useful for women who are just entering the dating scene.

Aside from providing insightful advice on how to establish respect, encourage open dialogue, enhance your allure, etc., Bauer also reveals what not to do. For example, he goes over treacherous words and phrases that will alienate men.

The methods are easy to understand and implement. The results (i.e., establishing a closer bond with a man) should not take long after method application.

The book has applicability to any social dynamic. For example, some of the principles can be utilized to increase your popularity.

What Men Secretly Want is reasonably priced at $47, backed by a money-back guarantee of 60 days.

What Men Secretly Want – Any Negatives?

For those looking for detailed, complex, or more analytical relationship management or dating examination, this is not the book for you. This book is far from fluff but it doesn’t provide comprehensive relationship exploration, such as Save the Marriage.

This book is not a cure-all if you’re experiencing relationship problems. (However, the principles of the book may be incorporated to start the pendulum to swing in a more favorable direction.)

What Men Secretly Want – Final Determination

James Bauer has written a thought-provoking book that is sure to inspire conversation – not just among readers but between couples. Women who are looking for a fresh dating or relationship approach may very well be enthralled with the material. It’s quick to digest, simple to understand, and methods can be instantaneously implemented.

Ladies, it’s not just about our level of physical attractiveness. We have to appeal to men’s psyche and construct that deep emotional connection with the opposite sex. James Bauer outlines strategies and methods we can use to better admire, respect, communicate, and connect with men, and in return we will get the man and relationship of our dreams.

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