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Sven Hyltén-Cavallius has been an affiliate marketer for almost a decade. During this time, he has accumulated a wealth of information through a vast array of trial and error. In Sven’s Road to IM Success 2.0, he outlines a formula and actionable plan that has accelerated his business’s profit. He now welcomes us to walk along this path so that we may duplicate his success. This Sven’s Road to IM Success review 2.0 will highlight Sven’s methods so that you may determine whether you wish to follow the trail blazed by Sven.

Sven’s Road to IM Success Review – List Building and Solo Ads

Sven's Road to IM Success 2.0 review evaluates a program designed to help build your list with and profit from solo ads

This newbie-friendly course is designed to help affiliates build a list. A responsive list, after all, can easily expand any affiliate’s financial coffers. But building a list is not an easy endeavor. Of course, you can use ‘link bait,’ providing a deemed valuable resource in exchange for someone’s name and email contact. However, many folks are averse to providing their contact information, concerned that their inbox will receive a slew of other unwanted messages.

As such, Sven recommends creating your first product to lure future contacts. Now you may feel ill-equipped to create your first product, perhaps indecisive as to the topic or concerned that you don’t possess any expertise.

But one can master any given subject (look for one with a hungry crowd) in time, assuming the necessary research is conducted. You can take your findings, summarize them in an e-book, and be prepared to share your discovery with the general public. You can review Youtube Videos in a sub-niche, for instance, and provide an overview of the insight you amassed.

Alternatively, you can use PLR (private label rights) materials to serve as the foundation of your new product. It’s always best to rewrite PLR information, providing your own spin. You don’t want to take the lazy (the least profitable) route, and just offer a PLR resource even if you have the rights to do so.

You can even offer a report based on one affiliate marketing success. Alternatively, you can create a product where you outline so-called failures, and what you’ve learned from these experiences.

In truth, becoming a product creator is not as difficult or time-consuming as it may appear. This is why Sven adamantly advocates creating a product in Sven’s Road to IM Success 2.0. You’ll not only receive money through sales, but you’re en route to obligatory list-building.

But what happens if someone does not purchase your product? According to Sven, it’s important to also offer a down-sell, perhaps the same product at a cheaper price or even a different product that is offered at a bargain price. Similarly, it’s advisable to offer an up-sell, a complement to your product that is even a higher price. A clever sales funnel will help you maximize your income.

The Road to a Responsive List

Sven’s Road to IM Success strategies will only work with a responsive list. And sadly, a ‘freebie’s list’ may not produce the desired results. In other words, Sven Hyltén-Cavallius is not a proponent of building a list by offering a free resource. Freebie-seekers may not be so inclined to part with their money at a later juncture.

I recently spoke with a successful affiliate marketer who told me that when he first embarked in this field, he was able to build a list of 1,500 rather quickly. However, these folks were not inclined to purchase items. What good is a list if subscribers keep their wallets firmly in their pockets?

As such, Sven believes that even a low-priced product or report will benefit any given affiliate in the long run. Why? The burgeoning list is a buyer’s list. The folks on that list have proven that they will spend money. It’s very likely that such folks will eventually be inclined to buy other items of interest.

Of course, this assumes that they determine there exists value in the offer. Your product, too, must provide a lot of value. This will build your list and your reputation. People will be appreciative of a product whose deemed value is much greater than product price, and you will bolster their trust in you and their inclination to reward you for that trust.

Building Up Traffic – Solo Ads to the Rescue

We’re now well along Sven’s pathway. We’ve created a product in conjunction with a possible down-sell and up-sell. (Even a cross-sell or product that is not completely related to the original product may be presented for purchase). But we’re still at a crossroads. We need traffic, well at least traffic that converts.

Of course, there’s always free traffic but as Sven points out, any search engine traffic success may be temporary. One algorithmic change may take your offer from being very visible to invisible.

His method: Use solo ads.

Here, you’re capitalizing on someone else’s list, and that marketer’s relationship with his/her list. The other marketer highlights your offer to the list, and clicks, and hopefully signups and/or sales, will follow.

Now, you may have heard widespread dissatisfaction that ‘solo ads don’t work.’ But while results will vary, solo ads can indeed be an effective form of advertising. In Sven’s Road to IM Success 2.0, he walks you along the solo ad tightrope, explaining how to choose which solo ads convert best and where to place them.

Sven believes that solo ads are simply much better than any pay per click model because they’re typically cheaper (e.g., you can get 300 clicks for $100), and the folks on the other marketer’s list are inclined to buy items based on that marketer’s recommendation.

Of course, perform your due diligence when selecting a particular solo ad opportunity. Look for those marketers who have established great feedback. You want to go with a reputable marketer with a responsive list! Sven also mentions two sources where you can purchase worthwhile solo ad advertising.

Another Sven Hyltén-Cavallius hint: When you start getting conversions (you’re adding folks to your growing list and getting sales), reinvest the profit, if at possible. You’ll be able to get more clicks, and hence, more list signups and sales. This is what Sven calls the ‘snowball effect.’

Become a Solo Ad Capitalist

Now on Sven’s road to IM success 2.0, or should I say expressway, using his strategies, it’s very possible that your list is becoming much longer. Now after say several hundred folks are subscribed to your list, you can then play the profitable role of solo ad marketer.

You can offer your own solo ads for other marketers to use. Of course, you do not want to mistreat your list. Sven underscores the point that you will only highlight offers that are related to your customers’ interests, and only those that seem on the up-and-up. No amount of money gained is worth jeopardizing your standing with your list and reputation.

So you’re going from a solo ad customer to solo ad proprietor. Even better, you’re still gaining additional funds by offering your list other affiliate products, or even additional products you create in the future.

Final Word on Sven’s Road to IM Success 2.0

I endorse this resource based on Sven’s lengthy experience in the IM/affiliate world. Moreover, the strategies seem sound where one can systematically duplicate them. It really is imperative to produce your own products and construct a buyer’s list of contacts who will spend money when they see value.

Sven’s spin is the use of solo ads. It can initiate traffic for your offers, and then eventually serve as a source of revenue for you.

His videos are complete, and they summarize his tips and tricks very well. Please note that I actually have seen them as I was fortunate enough to gain review access in order to write Sven’s Road to IM Success 2.0 review.

In addition, he provides several pdf’s that summarize his course of action with emphasis on how to master each step along the way. For example, he has information about how to master link building.

Sven also provides bonus insight into how to sell. He reviews the common mistakes affiliates make, such as not taking action, the inability to establish trust, reluctance to interface with customers, etc. In addition, he shows you how to set up a sales funnel, how to structure a squeeze page (templates are provided), and much more.

My concern with the course is two-fold: First, you have to exercise caution when purchasing solo ads. You can easily lose money if you don’t go with the right vendor. Again, Sven shows you how to pick winners.

Secondly, I wish that Sven would have included a case study of a solo ad campaign. Still, the training is more than sufficient to create your own successful campaign.

Finally, Sven Hyltén-Cavallius is very accessible (via email and/or Skype) as you walk this path so you never feel alone. Those who need more 1 to 1 guidance and direction should take advantage of Sven’s affordable coaching program at $27 a month. (There is also a $1 trial available, covering the first 7 days.)

Sven’s Solo Ad VIP Coaching:

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Whether or not you opt for his coaching program, follow Sven’s footsteps on Sven’s Road to IM Success 2.0.

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