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I’m just writing this Brain Stimulator Method review after I just rubbed my grandson’s head in an attempt to stimulate his brain. I’m always trying to elevate my grandson’s mode of thinking as he is on the autism spectrum. Now while The Brain Stimulator Method, a book by professor J Wilson and neuroscientist, Dr. Richard Humphrey is not about cranial manipulation, I thought it may provide some ideas to charge brain neurons – for my grandson and for myself.

The Brain Stimulator Method – It’s Origins

See the brain-boosting book by Dr. Wilson and Dr. Humphrey

Few families are immune from conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia or other cognitive degenerative disorders. When neuroscientist, Dr. Richard Humphrey, noticed his wife’s advancing cognitive impairment, he connected with 104 year-old professor, J. Wilson, who still possessed a sound mind.

Dr. Wilson shared his compilation of brain exercises with Dr. Humphrey, activities that he developed over the course of 5 decades. The two men then decided to make these brain training games to the general public. There are over 30 featured brain-enhancing games and should take more than 5 minutes to complete each one.

As an observer and reviewer, I don’t see any harm in spending more time with each mind game as this is a form of mental exercise. You don’t want to overdo any type of exercise, but you need ample time to work out your grey matter.

The Brain Stimulator Method Review – Content and Considerations

This book is providing the building blocks of intellect, understanding, and cognitive power. The 30+ exercises are not indiscriminately provided. They’ve been tested by thousands of people, and each one has a scientific basis.

They purportedly helped Dr. Humphrey’s wife, too, who is no longer experiencing brain fog, forgetfulness, and confusion. She has made a full recovery and the authors of the Brain Stimulator Method are convinced that others who know and implement these brain games and brain-teasers can experience similar results.

Their assertion flies in contraction to established medical dogma. For example, according to the NIH, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, “Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an age-related, non-reversible brain disorder.”

But is everything so hopeless? Are there any interventions that work, if not to reverse cognitive decline than to at least prevent it? I performed my own research and found this WebMD article of interest.

Although many more clinical studies have to be performed, there is some mounting evidence that brain activities can enhance processing speed, memory, and reasoning. Brain neurons are more readily communicating with one another, and the brain’s wiring and connections are becoming stronger.

The only downside in stimulating mental acuity is what happens when someone has already reached the point where Alzheimer’s has set in. Now the WebMD article mentions that mentally-active folks even showed a more precipitous decline than their non mentally-active counterparts.

So unlike the authors’ declaration that their Brain Stimulator Method will reverse Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other types of brain disorders, I believe it’s more likely that it will delay symptoms or serve as more of a proactive agent.

But who really knows until more research is performed. Still, ensuring the health and vitality of your brain makes sense. Remember learning about neuroplasticity? Indeed, our brain has the capacity to adapt and change, and be able to collect new information, and process and recall it even in our old age.

In order to complete routine tasks, we typically rely on the millions of neural pathways that have developed over time. Now, we can still employ these well-trodden paths in our senior years, but for full brain revitalization, we need to consistently give our brain a workout. The goal: to create new neural pathways and highways across the complete brain landscape.

The activities outlined in The Brain Stimulator Method are designed to improve hand-eye coordination, spatial-temporal reasoning, creativity, and memory. The tasks will be unfamiliar and new (which is ideal), require mental effort (what’s the point if there is no challenge), and are fun (encouraging the participant to become actively engaged and motivated to use them).

What are the Pros of the Brain Stimulator Method?

It offers a premise where brain strengthening and repair is possible.

The information contained in the Brain Stimulator Method can help cognitive ability and memory recall in all age groups. You’ll be able to find ample exercises for any given demographic.

This is simple to implement. Each activity and brain teaser can be done in 5 minutes. You should find the activities enjoyable where you’ll want to allocate more time performing them.

The Brain Stimulator Method does not just have applicability to addressing or reversing Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other cognitive disorders. It has relevance to serving as a proactive protective strategy, safeguarding the brain’s cognitive abilities. This book may very well help you become smarter.

There is an absence of health-related side effects. Of course, the Brain Stimulator Method only serves as an adjunct to any prescription medicine that one may be advised to take for a given cognitive disorder. Still, unlike drugs, there are no health risks. (Regardless, you should be under a doctor’s care if you have early onset dementia or similar condition.)

Brain Stimulator Method reviews have been overwhelming positive. The authors contend that thousands have already tried and benefitted from the activities.

The cost of the resource is only $37 backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

There is an added bonus, Brain Stimulating Sumblinals. Neuron-rebuilding awaits without your mind even being aware of it.

Brain Stimulator Method Review – Any Negatives to Report?

I don’t like the marketing hype associated with the product. But I’m separating the wheat from the chaff as the program itself is promising; the chaff is the over-the-top assertion in the sales material: The High IQ Elite, Top Government Officials, Doctors, Lawyers and more are DESPERATE to keep this closely guarded, controversial secret to themselves as it has the power to level the playing field. Still, this type of marketing is common when marketing books of this nature. However, it’s unnecessary because the information is really valuable.

There is not enough research to substantiate whether this program can help to reverse Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Reasonable expectations should be in place. But there’s no doubt that these exercises will give the brain a complete work out, inspiring the development of new neural pathways.

Should You Add the Brain Stimulator Method to Your Library?

In this Brain Stimulator Method review, I note that the program developed by Dr. Wilson, and brought to the public by Dr. Humphrey, shows promise in igniting the brain’s intellectual capacity. I appreciate the fact that it offers a natural option to deal with problematic and serious cognitive disorders.

And while it’s not a cure-all, magic bullet, it should dramatically help those who need and desire brain stimulation. (I think we’re all in that category.)

There is still much research to be performed in the science of the brain and activities’ impact on it. No absolutes can be made on mental exercises capacity to alter the course of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but it appears likely that such exercises can improve brain health.

The program should have mass appeal because it really can help to strengthen our thinking processes. This is perfect for the struggling student, the forgetful person in mid-life, or the senior who is battling a range of age-related cognitive disorders.

According to this Brain Stimulator Review. it’s certainly worth a try for less than $40 and a 60-day money-back guarantee. One final thought-provoking, mind-stimulating quote as it pertains to the brain: “The mind is like a parachute – it works only when it is open.”

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