21 Day Sugar Detox Review – 3 Week Sugar Free Existence

21 Day Sugar Detox

Before even writing this review, it’s evident that the book’s title is sure to set a battle in motion – between your head and your heart. Yes, you’re aware of sugar’s baneful effects on your health. It suppresses the immune system, heightens glucose and insulin responses, encourages hyperactivity, contributes to increased triglycerides and added weight, and just undermines the inside and outside of our bodies in so many deleterious ways.

But ignoring these facts (and silencing our brain), the heart yearns for these delicious, albeit wasteful calories. Junk food seems to call our names, particularly when days are challenging. I’ve been known to reach for a cupcake or two to comfort myself. After all, sugar increases those mood-elevating endorphins. But so does exercise. Be quiet brain!

To compound matters, too many of us, do not eat sugar in moderation. No, we’re gluttons for punishment. Searching for instant gratification, we’ll grab that muffin, slice of cake, ice cream sandwich … fill in your item of decadence, and feel wonderful in the process. But it’s after sugar ingestion, that we’ll reap what we sow … eventually.

Author of the 21 Day Sugar Detox, nutritionist Diane Sanfilippo, knows all too well the health-compromising effects of sugar. As such, she has written a primer on how to detach from our sweet suitor, sugar, in three weeks. While Diane understands it’s almost impossible to live a sugar-free existence (and that wouldn’t be healthy either), she has provided the dish on how to dramatically improve one’s diet and yet satisfy one’s sweet tooth. These two goals are not mutually exclusive.

21 Day Sugar Detox Review – No More Excuses!

This 21 Day Sugar Detox review will focus on Diane Sanfilippo's sugar-free diet plan

What did you say? “You’re a sugar addict!” Perhaps that is so but the fact that you’re even reading this article indicates that you’re at least ready to entertain the idea that Mallomars is not a food group.

Diane embraces a no-nonsense approach. After all, she battled her sugar demons, dismissing all her excuses.

She now asks her readers to dive-in head-first … well, up to a point. Remember, it is a three-week program so she does not expect you to give up sugar cold turkey. But the best time to begin the sugar-weaning process is now. There’s no need to look at a calendar and mark a couple of weeks off before a special occasion or event. No, you should begin today. Perhaps the toughest part of the 21 Day Sugar Detox program is Day 1 where you’re finally embracing a different mindset, and implementing constructive action.

So you have Diane’s blessing to go to the cabinet and finally throw out those tasty Frosted Flakes. You won’t be needing these flakes for breakfast or as part of a recipe. This is a new day filled with limitless sugar-alternative possibilities!

It’s irrelevant whether you’re under great stress. It matters little if you’re running low on energy. Dismiss the notion that you need to have it around you because you’re always entertaining. Wrap those excuses in a tightly-knit bag and discard that, too.

This is not to suggest that Diane Sanfilippo is unaware that there are folks who have higher carbohydrate needs, including pregnant and nursing mothers, athletes, or those who are constantly working out at the gym. Diane provides dietary modifications when necessary (different strokes for different folks, I suppose), but the bottom-line is that the days of sugar-feasting are over.

How do you Detox When There Are So Many Hidden Sources of Sugar?

One of the strengths of the 21 Day Sugar Detox is that Diane reviews hidden sources of sugar. It still counts if you consume it – whether you mean to or not.

So soon you’ll be an expert in reading labels. Sure it’s now going to take you so much more time to shop but your purchases will underscore your healthy food choice commitment. And don’t think you already know what each product contains, dismissing your obligation to serve as a label detective. Case in point: Consider tomato sauce. I was topping my starchy – alas sugary – spaghetti with one particular tomato sauce brand, unaware that I was indulging myself with 20 extra grams of sugar. Oh gosh, I’m almost feeling diabetic as I make this admission.

Other sneaky sources of sugar include, brace yourself, commercial yogurt, granola bars, canned fruit with its sugary syrup, and fat-free salad dressing? Diane reveals all in her book.

Wait, go back, ‘fat-free’ means more sugar? Yes, our resident expert, Diane Sanfilippo, explains what dangers are lurking in your supermarket.

Think of it, fat-free or reduced-fat foods may not taste so good without sweet corn fructose. Manufacturers want their products to remain in demand so they satisfy their demanding customers’ taste buds by adding the ingredient that satisfies their palates.

Manufacturers also know that the vast majority of their customers are not chemists. But here is a helpful hint: Any ingredient ending in -ose probably has the same chemical structure and properties of sugar

And here is another eye-opener for you. (Aren’t you glad that you’re reading this 21 Day Sugar Detox review?) When you read 0 grams of sugar in a given serving size, realize that manufacturers are allowed to round down to 0. So you’re most likely getting some sugar into your system without even knowing it. A little here, a little there, and it may all add up to sugar overload.

This is what makes 21 Day Sugar Detox indispensable. You’re becoming a much more savvy consumer and healthy eater. These dietary changes can favorably impact the quantity and quality of your life.

Yes, What About the Quality of Life – Doesn’t That Count, Too?

We’re not back to excuses, are we? You can still be on the 21 Day Sugar Detox diet and feel that you’re not depriving yourself. Diane’s recommended recipes are designed to provide optimal nutrition without compromising taste. In fact, there will be dishes that you crave, and happily these cravings will not arise because of any sugar content.

The 21 Day Detox meal plans are very appetizing. Here is just a sample of what can be on your daily menu:

Pumpkin pancakes and apple streusel egg muffins is just what the nutritionist ordered for breakfast. You’ll feel full after eating your smoky tortilla-less soup followed by spaghetti squash bolonese for lunch. You’ll round out the day by indulging in Greek-style lamb meatballs with a side order of garlic and dill vegetables.

Again, this is just a sample menu and you’ll have many options to even satisfy the most finicky eaters. It’s all what you get used to.

So, yes, life is too short and you should enjoy what you eat as dining is a small pleasure. But the sugar detox meals will make you feel as though you are getting spoiled with fine dining and improving your health in the process.

And don’t worry about your vanilla bean coconut ice pops snack in between meals. They’re part of the 21 Day Sugar Detox approved recipes. Now that’s living!

More Particulars About the 21 Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) Program

Through favorable reviews and word-of-mouth, it appears that 21DSD keeps on expanding. The program is all-encompassing and comes with a host of resources, including books, audio recordings, and guides.

The Quick Start Guide is mandatory reading as it prepares you for 21DSD success. Think of it as the Cliff Notes to a literary masterpiece or a 101 class on all about sugar.

Inside the Quick Start Guide, you’ll get everything from top 10 dietary tips to what to eat when dining out. You’ll know many recommended foods, taboo foods, how to balance blood sugar and overcome daily glucose fluctuation.

After reviewing this material, you’ll know the reasons why you should embrace this type of diet, and how to really follow it and see results.

As Diane Sanfilippo realizes that one size does not fit all, she also provides Modification Guides. Those with autoimmune conditions, for example, have to adjust the meal plan to suit their needs. Other guides will cater to athletes, pregnant and nursing mothers, and Pescetarians/lacto-ovo pescetarians.

A word of warning: There is no modification for those who just follow a strict, plants-based diet or animal-foods-free vegan diet. If you’re in these categories, the 21 Day Sugar Detox program is not for you.

But for those interested in expanding their menu plans, searching for hearty-healthy sugar-alternative meals, 21DSD includes several cookbooks, such as: Against All Grains Detox Cookbook, Paleo Parents Detox Cookbook, and Sugar Detox Smoothies.

You’ll be able to experiment with a variety of dishes that will not only be suitable for you, but for your entire family, especially the kids.

But as you eat better, don’t forget the value of mental and physical exercise! As such, 21DSD includes the Detox Yoga Guide and the Workout Guide. As you keep your mind clear and your body active, those sugar cravings will dissipate even more quickly.

And if you get stuck along the way, uncertain what direction to take, you can consult a multitude of one-page guides. There are guides that help you recognize sugar equivalents, understand the role of fats and oils, learn more about starchy carbs, and recognize common food allergens. There are more than 15 one-page guides, which complements the 12+ e-book guides.

As an added bonus, you’ll be privy to 23 days of audio support which more than covers the three weeks. Each day, you’ll be hearing the coach tell you how to proceed, what you can expect, what difficulties or issues may arise, etc. Most listeners should find the audio recordings, typically 20 minutes in length, very comforting, encouraging and supportive.

Spotlight on the 21 Day Sugar Detox’s Premium Program

The description of the 21 Day Sugar Detox system above covers the Premium Program. As a review, it includes:

  • 12+ e-book guides
  • 15+ 1-page guides
  • 23 days worth of audio recordings
  • 240-page full-color printed book, 21-Day Sugar Detox Guide and includes 90 detox recipes
  • 240-page full-color printed book, 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook with over 100 new detox recipes

Guess what? You’ll also have access to a vibrant membership community where you can gain support from others and the 21 DSD team.

The price for the Premium Program is $97.

Those who do not want the 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook can opt for the Plus Package for $87.

Those who do not wish to get the 21-Day Sugar Detox Guide and Detox Cookbook can get the rest of the program (i.e., the e-book guides, 1-page guides, audio recordings, and community membership) for just $67.

All 21DSD programs come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

21 Day Sugar Detox Review – The Bottom Line

As you can see by the information I’ve provided, here are a lot of positives to this comprehensive, easy-to-follow system. You’re finally getting rid of that sugar demon, and substituting it with wholesome, nourishing, and gluten-free ingredients. Obviously, you’ll derive many health benefits from this change.

Concerned parents will particularly benefit as they will now have many more healthier food options to give to their kids. They’ll also be able to more easily identify those empty calories their children are consuming. Nutrition is all-important and starts at home.

Still, understand that this is not a lifestyle diet – one hat you need to or even can embrace forever. The goal is simply to wean yourself off sugar, and prove to yourself that you can do it. See your body’s reaction firsthand and celebrate when the sugar cravings finally go away.

Take a good look at yourself, too, as the three weeks elapse. You’re probably losing weight, and your skin and hair look vibrant. I’m all for a system that can foment an inside-out transformation.

Are you ready to begin a 3-week journey leading to a sweet escape from sugar? Are you ready to finally clean up and improve your diet, and feel energized, clear-headed, and just plain healthier? Just click the link below, review the resource, implement its suggestions, and begin a new life!

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