Acid Reflux Relief – Metaphysical Energy Healing?

When the stomach is operating inefficiently, food is unable to pass through. Instead of the food being removed by the liver, it is blocked by the stomach. The excess food has no choice but to travel up to the esophagus. This creates a burning sensation in the chest known as Acid Reflux. (Here is how to physically address heartburn and get rapid reflux relief).

Eating excess food and lying down or bending prevents food from transcending along its normal path. Obesity is another cause of Acid Reflux. Eating spicy and fried foods lead to indigestion. Lack of exercise exacerbates this issue as well. Since junk food and fast food has become the norm, a large percentage of the population seems to suffer from heartburn.

Unorthodox methods to get rapid reflux relief

Our bodies are composed of 5 elements – air, water, earth, fire, space. Whenever there is a depletion or excess of an element, the body is unbalanced and disease begins to occur. Our fingertips have the 5 elements. The thumb is fire, the pointer is air, the middle finger is space, the ring finger is earth and the pinky is water. When we combine our fingertips together, it is called a mudra. Mudras help balance our bodies.

The Apan Vayu Mudra strengthens the heart muscles and improves blood circulation throughout the entire body. In addition, this mudra increases oxygen to the heart. One must use this mudra for 15 minutes twice daily morning and evening to see the benefits. This mudra is used in an emergency to stop heart attacks. It is extremely powerful and easy.

Bend your index finger and put it at the base of the thumb. Touch the thumb, middle and ring finger together. Keep pinky extended and straight. Both hands should be in this mudra position for the entire 15 minutes. Please look at the photo for a visual.

When the air element is reduced, it immediately alleviates the pain in the heart. At the same time, fire, space and earth elements are increased. The fire element heats the body and moves the blood easily through the anatomy. This relieves acidity and gas as well as strengthens the digestive system. The space element increases oxygen which normalizes blood pressure. The earth element strengthens the heart. In addition, this mudra reduces nervousness and calms the nervous system.

Plants are also composed of the same 5 elements so we can heal the imbalances through food. Herbal tea made out of red hibiscus flowers improves and strengthens blood vessels. Garlic carries cholesterol away from arterial walls in the heart and sends it to the liver where the body naturally eliminates toxins. Also, garlic stabilizes blood pressure. Ginger cleanses the body of undigested foods. In addition, ginger heats the body thereby improving circulation. Moreover, avoid fried and fatty foods whenever possible. Replace these foods with fruits and vegetables.

Yoga is a mind, body, and spiritual experience. This means yoga benefits your body both emotionally by alleviating stress and physically. Surya Namaskar, also known as Sun Salutations, improve liver, spleen, intestine and virtually all organs in the body. The 12 postures or asanas are performed as a gratitude to the sun. The solar plexus near the navel center is connected to the sun. These movements enhance the solar plexus, stretch abdominal muscles, improve circulation and are great for weight loss. Sun Salutations strengthens the entire digestive system so all organs function at optimum levels. Furthermore, Sun Salutations give people focus, clarity and perfects their intuitive abilities.

The natural ways to heal your body will bring you inner peace and happiness. When we treat our bodies with love, our vessels send love right back to us. As you consistently repair the disease ridden cells in your body, you will see a glow to your face and your skin. Age is just a number. As you purify the cells in your body through yoga, food and mudras, the image in the mirror will project youth and vibrancy. Tell your organs and limbs you love them and mean it. You will see your body transform in front of your eyes.

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