The Pharmaceutical Industry – It’s Insidious Influence and Master Plan

Pharmaceutical leaders have devised a way to keep people in a fog and at the same time generate massive amounts of money that goes directly into their pockets. People believe they are being cured by the stimulants the corporations claim will heal diseases. However, these medications are tainted and cause more harm than good. These pharmaceutical thieves know what they are doing to humanity and take great pleasure watching mankind suffer from their deceitful actions.

Look away no longer. Find out more about the pharmaceutical industry and what they really hope to gain

There are natural chemicals in our body and when our anatomy is in alignment, our endocrine system works perfectly. Hormones are naturally activated so chemicals called neurotransmitters are released throughout the body. There is a lock and key system for every neuron or cell in the brain. To explain it simply, a chemical is released from a cell and we call this the key. In order to communicate with another cell or many cells, this key opens the lock of adjoining cells. The key will only open the correct lock similar to a door key. If you have the wrong key, you will not be able to enter the house. However, if you have the right key, you enter easily and are welcome in the house. The same is true for a neurotransmitter.

We will use the neurotransmitter oxytocin as an example. When this chemical’s key fits into its adjacent neuron’s lock, we feel love, safety and security. Our bodies have its own intelligence. It automatically knows when invader chemicals are coming so it naturally locks out the neurotransmitter from entering cells where it can cause damage. Even though oxytocin benefits a major organ in the body, it can also cause harm in other major organs of the body. Our body is aware of this fact.

Pharmaceuticals have disguised themselves as this natural chemical and so it opens the lock. At the same time, the chemical is laced with other neurotransmitters so it is allowed into cells that normally would have been locked. This seepage into other organs in our anatomy begins to create disease. So, even though the medicine temporarily heals the original disease, other ailments begin to occur known as side effects.

Eventually, the medicine ceases to work on the original disease so harsher chemicals are added to a person’s drug regime. Many people in our population live on a diet of a minimum of 4-5 legal pills per day. Many of our children are taking psycho stimulant medications. Ritalin and derivatives thereof are considered a Schedule 2 drug similar to cocaine offering extremely addictive behaviors. Then, we wonder why our children as teenagers become addicted to marijuana, cocaine, heroine and other lethal drugs. Their bodies are craving that quick fix that it has grown accustomed to.

There are so many commercials advertising a medicine to cure this ailment or that illness. Now, they are forced to reveal the side effects associated with the drug. I am amazed when I listen to the commercials. Some say this drug causes excessive bleeding, heart problems, diarrhea, dizziness, high blood pressure, depression and I could go on and on. Usually the last statement in the commercial suggests consulting with your doctor to see if the drug is right for you. The subliminal message is already placed without us realizing. If your doctor says it is OK, then you are invincible and won’t get any of these side effects. Medical schools have taught their students chemicals in the form of medications will heal disease so of course their first reaction is to give their patients prescriptions. Most of these esteemed doctors don’t know there are ways to heal our bodies naturally with no side effects.

Medicines in ancient times truly healed the patient because the medicines contained the pure elements from nature. Every part of a plant from the root, leaves, flower and more can balance blockages in our cells. Milk, ghee, urine and other animal products can balance our bodies. Minerals from our environment, including very small doses of elements that we consider poisonous will balance our bodies. I am speaking about all natural elements. Nowadays, nature is covered with toxins in the form of pesticides, Chem. Trails and GMO’s , genetically modified organisms.

Who are these pharmaceutical culprits? Where did these brilliant but in my opinion insane people learn how to create disease in our bodies and then have the audacity to lie and tell the people they also have a drug to cure the same disease they created? I will tell you. The Nazis learned from their ancestry about scientific experimentation with drugs. They used torturous methods including mind altering drugs to keep their victims in enslavement. They developed drugs and used innocent people for experimentation. Where did these Nazis go once World War II was over? They were hired by the FBI, CIA and other government offices in the USA and globally.

They continue their experimentation and their goal is to decrease the population. Once again we are in the survival of the fittest. They are creating cancer, Autism, Aids and other diseases and pretending they are curing them. Fluoride is in almost every toothpaste in our stores. They know excess fluoride use can create harmful diseases. They allowed Monsanto to put GMO’s in our food which are toxins eating away at the cells in our bodies. They mandate immunizations starting at an early age. In fact, a child is not allowed to attend school unless immunizations are up to date. Some families circumvented this issue with a religious excuse saying immunizations were against their religious beliefs. This has worked. However, I recently read California is mandating all children to be vaccinated and children will not be allowed into any school or University without proof of immunizations. Moreover, people who are not immunized will not be able to retain employment in the state of California. If this happens in one state, you could bet the government will mandate it shortly thereafter in every other state as well.

Our global governments want to reduce the population and begin its new enslavement procedures. They have tried to start World War III and all their efforts have been thwarted by our Galactic brothers and sisters. The only reason this occurred is because millions have been praying for peace over a long period of time. Also, our corrupt 1% built underground bunkers for their own safety during their alleged War. Once it was clear for them to rise after the world destroyed each other, these bunkers were planned to be used as containment facilities for survivors who gave them any problems. The bunkers have been destroyed as well. The corrupt know their time is up.

How do we stop this now? Wake up and recognize the meds you and your family are taking are extremely detrimental to your bodies. You need to be titrated off these meds if you choose. It must be done with the assistance of your medical doctor. Titration means to keep lowering the dosage until you are completely off of the drug. If you stop cold turkey, your body will go into total withdrawal meaning the cells won’t be communicating at all. This can create major psychological and physiological disturbances.

You have the power to heal yourself the natural way. This means healing through healthy foods, exercise, yoga, meditation, natural herbs, positive thoughts and holistic techniques. The corrupt have been ruling our planet for aeons. Pharmaceuticals has been one of the greatest methods the corrupt have employed to control their citizens. I implore you to show the corrupt their game is over and they lost! It is time to expose these criminals who pretend to follow “The Ten Commandments.” We as the people of our world want equality and freedom for all regardless of geography, color, religion, gender or any other category that has caused division on our planet.

This will happen as soon as these pharmaceutical corporations turn into healing centers. The time has arrived to put an end to these unethical practices and become a planet of integrity and real ethical behaviors. There are many brilliant scientists who have developed cures for many terminal illnesses including cancer. The corrupt would not allow this to be disclosed to the public and shut down the research immediately using their twisted methods. You will see very soon that every disease has a cure.

Send out thoughts of love to the corrupt and envision them in the containment boxes they created for society. The Law of the Universe states what you put out, comes back. They decided to create the underground bunkers so the Universe will fulfill their wish by putting them inside. Love, unity and peace is the only way to accomplish this.

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