Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet – It Starts at the Cellular Level

Dr. Bruce Lipton, renowned author of “Biology of Belief,” had an epiphany while he was teaching Medical School students in the Caribbean. He ascertained every cell had its own intelligence. Furthermore, he revealed every cell in our body had every organ in our anatomy. This is profound. Since we have trillions of cells in our body, every single one has its own brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver and so on and so forth.

We could picture our body as the Mother and Father and each cell the children. When disease encroaches upon the mother and father, every child is affected. Trillions of children are infected with the same disease. That is why the ailment may begin in the heart and shortly thereafter, the stomach, liver or lungs may start to deteriorate.

Healing begins at the cellular level

I mentioned in previous articles every organ has a belief associated with it. So, when we reprogram the thought associated with the parent organ, all the children begin to heal that organ as well.

I had a lump above my ankle. It started out as a pebble and progressively grew until it was the size of a rock. I never went for an X-Ray even though the doctor gave me the prescription. I thought it may be cancerous. When I learned the belief that creates cancerous cells in the body, I knew I had a malignant growth. The belief “I am not able to express myself” is associated with cancer. I had this engraved belief most of my life.

I watched my mom develop cancer and she definitely was unable to express herself her entire life. I saw the mother I adored transform into a person I didn’t recognize. Her mask came off and there was only anger, hostility, resentment and sadness left. The chemotherapy and radiation poisoned my mother and all that was left was a shriveled body who no longer enjoyed life.

I swore to myself I would never go through chemotherapy and radiation. So, I figured what was the point of knowing I had cancer. It would just eat away at my mind once it was medically proven. Instead, I learned to reprogram this belief.

I watched comedies. I kept busy smiling and laughing often. I learned energy healing and experienced the power of positive thoughts within myself. I went to incredible meditation programs, learned from extraordinary leaders and delved into my past.

My mother smiled 90% of the time so I chose a great role model for my mother. Smiling and laughing seemed to come naturally to me even in the face of adversity.

I knew if I obsessed about the cancer, it would have been the self defeating prophecy. I would have created disease quickly throughout all the children in my body. A mother needs to be there for her children to protect and guide them. I was determined to be there for my biological children and help save the trillions of children in my body that were suffering.

I watched my body in amazement as it transformed into a strong, healthy vessel. Any ailment that came up, I would find the belief and change it into a positive. Then, I wanted a quick solution to help others. That is when I realized all we have to do is love ourselves unconditionally, forgive ourselves completely and accept ourselves totally. So, the most effective mantra is “I love myself unconditionally and I forgive myself completely.” Those words will heal any disease when said repetitively and visualizing the cells healed.

Our Mother Earth or Gaia has been dealing with a cancerous tumor for thousands of years. The negativity of her children created heartache in our wonderful Gaia. She was slowly choking and suffocating under the debris society has piled on her. War, hostility, anger, fears, worries and so many more negative beliefs were physically destroying our Mother.

In 2012, a surge of love energy enveloped our planet. This was due to millions of people praying and meditating for peace on earth. This love energy has been helping humanity awaken. In addition, the millions have enabled Gaia to start healing her cancerous growth traveling throughout her body. In essence, Gaia’s children are saving their mother.

Right now, the population is at 40% awakened individuals. This means 40% of our society are filling their hearts with love, peace and compassion. We need to hit the 51% tipping point for our world to have a magnanimous change. We must all join together to support each other. First we must start with ourselves. We must know we are powerful and our thoughts can and will create our biggest dreams. Let’s release duality and welcome unity. Mother, Father and children will rise in perfect health and happiness.

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