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Avenue Hair, a UK-based company, has made the connection between static electricity and hair abundance. This Avenue Hair review will explain the science behind hair beautification, and why electrifying hair building fibers may soon be your scalp’s best friend.

Avenue Hair Science – Quickly Fill in the Gaps

This Avenue Hair review highlights a unique system, comprised of keratin hair building fibers

Are you just coming out of the cold as you pull off your hat? Ever notice that some hairs begin to defy gravity and stick straight up? This is the magic of static electricity.

Have you ever rubbed your feet on carpet or folded up a blanket, only to get zapped. Ahh, static electricity has just been demonstrated.

Here, when friction arises or when two objects rub together, surface electrons move from one to another until some balance is restored. An electrical charge results, typically causing an unfavorable outcome.

But happily, the migration of electrons can actually be a positive, no pun intended. This is the case with Avenue Hair’s hair building fibers. The fibers are made of keratin (you know, the normal stuff your hair is made of) and bond together and magnetize because of static electricity. These keratin fibers connect with surrounding hair, making it appear more thick and noticeable. The synergy of electrically-charged particles creates this desirable illusion. As you notice your reflection along the avenue, you may be singing Avenue Hair’s praises.

The Avenue Hair Repair System – What Hair Loss?

It’s all about perception. The next best thing to having healthy, shiny locks is to look as though you do. Now this UK juggernaut promises to solve your hairy (i.e., hair loss) problem in about 30 seconds or less.

The main staple of the system are those instant hair-building particles comprised of keratin packaged as “Hair Repair Keratin Fibres” (or fibers as we Americans spell it). The keratin adds a discernible layer to the surrounding finer, thinner, or vellus hairs, covering up bald spots. Of course, be sure to choose the right color to create a more convincing camouflaging effect. (There are 10 color options available which should satisfy any hair hue.)

Now those who typically use other hair building fibers, such as Toppik, Couvre, and Cabooki, will state that the trickiest part of this type of ‘hair restoration’ is the hairline. As such, Avenue Hair has created its ‘Hairline Optimizer.” It is specifically designed to foster a more natural-looking hairline.

The Hairspray Applicator ensures complete coverage and is prudently used in conjunction with the Hairline Optimizer. It’s a necessary addition when applying to particularly sparse areas.

Worried about roots, hair extensions, or wide parts? Grab that hairspray applicator to create the best scalp coverage that you can possibly achieve.

And while these products may skillfully introduce the keratin fibers to a rather barren scalp in your bathroom mirror, the look has to be maintained outside. Indeed, you don’t want to have to run for cover should your cover-up disappear in the elements and challenging climate conditions. This is the impetus behind Avenue Hair’s Rejuvenating Hair Fixer.

Sure, you can whip out that cheap drugstore hair spray in an attempt to get ‘helmet hair.’ However, the Rejuvenating Hair Fixer is seemingly free of damaging chemicals, and the powers that be state that it exerts a positive influence on hair growth.

Although the company has many testimonials, I did not see any Avenue Hair Repair reviews underscoring the Hair Fixer’s ability to grow hair. However, it’s still an advantageous product because it is a healthier alternative to your average hair spray, and keeps everything in place – exactly where you want it.

Avenue Hair Review – Application Tips

The product looks promising and seems to have all the right stuff, including its ingredients, to ensure the appearance of a good crop of hair. However, a heavy hand, can negate any positive effects. Like a good cook who knows how to blend ingredients, you have to do the same here.

The following lists a couple of hints for those who want to infuse their hair with the power of hair building fibers:

1) Make sure you choose the right color. Perhaps it’s best to cut a small piece of test hair and place the fibers on it to see how it looks. Use your glasses, if applicable, or a magnifying lens to really make certain it’s a good match and/or to discern any color difference.
2) A little goes a long way – Use less fibers at first and work your way up to more. Dumping too much powder will give you a clumping effect. Gingerly sprinkle the bottle of fibers about 3 inches above your scalp. As you’re looking for even distribution, hold the bottle of fibers at about a 45 degree angle.
3) These hair building fibers mix and intertwine with existing hair but you’re going to have to use your fingers at times to blend.
4) Make sure your hair is dry. Do not apply to wet hair, if at all possible!
5) The hair spray is an essential staple. I know folks may not always use the Rejuvenating Hair Fixer but it helps to keep the fibers in place, ensuring an aesthetically-pleasing look. Spray gently, but firmly, a little at a time.
6) You should not use hair grooming products before application. It’s preferable to just use the Avenue Hair repair system to address your hair beautification needs.
7) If you’re not happy with the end result, the product can easily be removed with a gentle shampoo, and you can start the drying and applying process again. You can also comb or brush excess product out to make the camouflage undetectable.

Limitations of Avenue Hair

Like all products containing hair building fibers, effective camouflage depends on at least a little hair. In essence, these keratin fibers cling to existing hair, and join all strands together in perfect harmony. However, if you’re sporting the chrome dome look and have scarcely any hair, this product is not for you.

Avenue Hair is designed for folks with mild to moderate hair loss. Like its scalp-covering competitors, it really will not perform well if you’re completely bald.

But for those who have the support of ample strands and vellus hair, this item may do wonders in maximizing the observable quality and quantity of your hair.

But make no mistake: This product will not grow hair but only make it look as though it has grown. However, on a positive note, this product should not cause hair loss.

Avenue Hair Repair Benefits

Avenue Hair Repair is designed to accomplish the following tasks:

  • First and foremost, it is supposed to mimic hair and cover bald spots. It seems to perform admirably in this regard.
  • Adds color to gray roots. While this is not a dye, it is essentially blocking out the gray … hooray!
  • Similarly, it blocks out dark roots. The colored Avenue Hair keratin is what will be visible to others.
  • In this fashion, highlights can be extended. You may be able to forgo that trip to the hair salon for at least a little more time.
  • As your hair looks thicker, fuller, attractive, and appealing, your confidence and self-esteem should increase. You may be hearing compliments about your hair for the first time in a long time.

Avenue Hair Price

Try not to be penny wise and pound foolish. You can purchase the Avenue Hair system for a one-time price of 139.95 pounds. This compares favorably to competitors and is a lot cheaper than so-called hair loss remedies, such as Rogaine.

Avenue Hair Review – Overall Impression

The before and after pictures look almost too good to be true. However, look at the video above. Avenue Hair appears to work very well, providing hair with shine, vitality, and fullness. This seems to eclipse bald spots in no time flat.

As an added plus, the ingredients are natural and should not cause any hair loss. In fact, the product manufacturers claim that their Rejuvenating Hair Fixer promotes hair regrowth.

Another advantage seems to be its array of colors – more than most competitors. The color options include black, brown (dark), brown (medium), brown, blonde (light), blonde (dark), blonde, brown (light), auburn, grey. I was not sure of the difference between brown and brown (light) so I had to look at their official sales page to see the subtle difference. You’ll have to look at the swatch of colors presented to choose the right formula.

These type of hair building fibers have been called, ‘Makeup for the hair.’ But just like makeup, it can minimize flaws and greatly enhance appearance. It may take a little time to get used to and deftly apply it, but even a novice should see instant hair improvement.

As a reminder, Avenue Hair is a baldness concealer, not a baldness cure. Still, with consistent use, hair loss will no longer detract from your looks.

Ivana Trump once said, “Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.” It’s time to show the world that you are someone who is not to be trifled with as gaining a natural-looking full head of hair is readily available to you. Moreover, it will be much easier for your confidence to soar when you see your reflection with a seemingly full head of hair.

This affordable product can help thousands of men and women simultaneously improve scalp and psyche. Avail yourself to Hair Avenue and finally eliminate bad hair days.

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