Hair Again: How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow it the Natural Way Review

Hair Again – A Chemical-Free Way of Stopping Hair Loss is Just What the Doctor Ordered

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Our hair is known as our ‘crowning glory’ and no one wants to give up a crown. This How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow it the Natural Way‘ review is specifically offered to those who are finding it difficult to look at their reflection, counting the numbers of hair strands in the shower drain in a state of disbelief, or those who long back to yesteryear when their hair represented a bumper crop.

Buy John Kelby's Hair AgainThe fear and palpable anxiety about hair loss is pervasive, particularly as we live in a rather superficial world where outside appearance often trumps other qualities in terms of social acceptance and romance. Hair loss may also represent an ending of youth and vitality (although even some young folks lose their hair), and usher us into an undesirable mindset where we may consciously or subconsciously get overwhelmed with thoughts of old age and/or our own mortality.

It also does not help that we feel we have no control over hair loss. It’s time to debunk that myth, according to John Kelby, author of the digital product line, How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow it the Natural Way, or known as Hair Again. Yes Virginia, there may be nothing we can do about getting older, but there’s plenty we can do about looking older, starting with our hair.

Hair Again Program – A Scalp Favorite

The Hair Again program is provided via a downloadable e-book. It offers specific hair-friendly recommendations where results can be seen between 2 and 5 weeks. The relatively quick results are important for two reasons: First, it is reassuring to know that matters will not get worse before they get better. You should see quick benefits which will improve your psyche immeasurably. Secondly, you’ll find out firsthand about the program’s effectiveness. They 60-day money-back guarantee will still be in effect after you make your determination regarding whether the program has value.

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Any hair loss publication would be incomplete without focusing attention on the hair follicles. They need to awake from a state of dormancy. Of course, hair experts or trichologists are identifying immune cells responsible for destroying these vulnerable follicles, but until a complete cellular ID is made and a cure found, Kelby’s natural course of action will more than suffice.

Here, the Hair Again manual provides a simple, yet effective, way of invigorating the dermal papilla. Massage is in order. But you’ll have to read Kelby’s Hair Again to really know the correct way of massaging the scalp and what ingredients to use.

Hair Again – A Unique Approach

Alright so John Kelby has the base or hair follicle covered so attention must now be given to scalp preparation, so to speak. In other words, one has to create hair-friendly conditions for hair to come back and thrive.

But what is interesting about Hair Again is that it does not embrace a ‘one size fits all’ perspective. Kelby provides guidelines so that we can better identify our own unique causes of hair loss. Once we know our individual hair handicaps, we can better overcome them.

I appreciate how Kelby helps us pinpoint our own hair deficiencies to better eradicate them. This is one of the few publications on hair loss that calls for this type of self-examination. It makes sense that what works for one person may not work for another. (Do you notice the range of hair loss product reviews, some who swear by a given product and others who swears at the same product?) It seems that first we have to perform a little self-exploration to better address our hair loss issue, and Hair Again shows lays out the process extremely well.

Think Naturally to Get Your Hair Back

Regardless of the individualized plan in place, John Kelby’s mantra is to ‘think naturally.’ For example, you cannot put the proverbial kitchen sink in your hair. There is so much written about topical ingredients to apply to hair but some may actually have a counter-productive effect. Kelby lists safe and beneficial natural ingredients to experiment with – ones that your scalp should positively react to.

But Hair Again does not only discuss natural topical applications but natural food sources and supplements that will boost hair growth. You’ll learn which foods, easily accessible in supermarkets (or at least large supermarkets), will trigger hair to spring forth. Predictably, high-iron foods, such as liver and nuts are included, and get a healthy does of protein foods, too, but there are other foods mentioned that have hair-growth capability that I did not know. Hint: Silica is a much more important nutrient than it is given credit for.

Blood Flow to Make Hair Grow

Although there is controversy regarding blood flow and it’s role to hair loss/growth, there are many articles and some studies that show that blood vessels may hold the key to hair volume and thickness. No doubt John Kelb ascribes to this point of view because Hair Again offers strategies to enhance the flow of blood to the scalp.

Case in point, as I mentioned earlier, massage is an important part of this Hair Again program. While it wouldn’t be professional to mention all of Kelby’s blood flow tips, here is one. Use a boar bristle brush. But even the scalp-stimulating and conditioning brush needs to be used correctly.

You’ll learn other methods to go with the flow including one that is gravity-defying. Once you get the blood pumping to the scalp, the hair will be able to assimilate desperately-needed nutrients.

Adapt a Health Lifestyle

In Hair Again, Kelby underscores the importance of diet on the condition of the hair but also points out that a healthy mindset and lifestyle is conducive to healthy hair generation.

Exercise, for instance, cannot be overlooked and there seems to be a correlation between body fitness and hair fitness. A sedentary life-style, especially accompanied by overeating or a poor diet will contribute to an increase of hair loss, hair breakage, and unhealthy hair. On the other hand, getting your body in motion will foster ripe conditions for hair to thrive, underscoring the fact that exercise will enhance circulation … and a state of well-being.

In addition, exercise encourages us to sweat, aiding the body to flush out waste substances. While some in the medical establishment assert that clogged pores have nothing to do with hair loss, it can be argued that by eliminating scalp-residing toxins, at the very least that hair will grow faster.

The mental aspect of hair loss cannot be ignored as well. Exercise, for instance, will flood the body with serotonin which will build our immune system and natural defenses. Our nutrient assimilation will improve – nutrients that again the hair needs. Moreover, exercise will combat stress which is toxic to the hair.

But exercise in concert with a positive mindset (why not visualize hair growing from your head?), can contribute to hair growth potential, or at least to stopping hair loss. Epigenetics is the study of how the mind can reprogram genes. Of interest, is it possible to exercise control of genetic traits or at least how they’re expressed by changing out thoughts? Without getting too deep, let’s just say that Kelby believes in the mind-body-hair connection.

But Who is John Kelby?

After performing research, I did not uncover much about John Kelby, the man. All I know for a fact is that he created this resource, “Hair Again! Regrow Your Hair Naturally” which provides a holistic framework in which to address hair loss. Moreover, I see many online testimonials from customers proclaiming that the Hair Again system works.

It appears that John Kelby may be a pseudonym which is perfectly fine as many authors prefer to not use their given name. But even more importantly, I do not see any complaints posed about John Kelby and few towards the publication. There is no scam associated with the product, and again, there is not one accusation online, citing the money-back guarantee was not honored.

Although individual response will vary with John’s Hair Again program, the fact that the resource offers an affordable, easy-to-follow program, provides hope to thousands of hair-starved men and women, for that matter.

Hair Again: How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow it the Natural Way Pros

Addresses individual hair loss causes and promotes a program which addresses the needs of any given individual

It’s all-encompassing and talks about diet, supplementation, exercise, and a host of important topics that pertain to hair quality

The entire program is natural and holistic, and is health and hair-promoting

Kelby’s methods are easily replicable and natural ingredients accessible

There are many ‘golden nuggets’ provided in the publication that you probably have not read in other sources.

The program does not take long to implement (you need only to allocate several minutes a day) and results are quick to develop (Kelby claims that hair should flourish in 20-30 days).

Hair Again presents a natural alternative to expensive medicine, such as Rogaine and Propecia, and is not invasive or expensive, like hair transplants.

The book is affordable at $37.95 and the refund policy is more than reasonable at 60 days.

The Downside of Hair Again

The protocol may not work for all. There is no guarantee that your results will be stellar.

Even if results materialize, you may have to wait longer than 3-5 weeks. Hair grows in cycles so it may take several months to notice any significant hair gain, or at least, decrease in hair loss.

You have to make a daily commitment to the program although it only requires minutes a day. Still, this is an added job on your ‘to do’ list.

The protocol has not been tested in a clinical study. (Admittedly, it does have some scientific basis.)

Hair Again Verdict

John Kelby deserves praise for tackling a subject that is so important to millions of men and women. It’s clear that he exhibited much effort in creating a useful resource, one that provides much needed info and advice on combatting hair loss. It’s well-written and a quick read.

Hair Again has received its fair share of proponents. Men and women alike have benefited from Kelby’s program and have provided testimonials.

As hair makes a tremendous difference in appearance, it seems only natural that you want to make your hair look its best. Why not follow a successful, natural regimen to accomplish this task? Hair Again may very well be aptly named.

Is there any Hair Loss Publications or Videos That Are Worth Investigating?

There are scores of hair loss publications but two stand out as deserved of attention:

Hair Loss Black Book – Here is another resource that is promulgating the natural approach. However, compared to Kelby’s Hair Again, author Nigel Thomas goes much more in depth into the scientific causes of hair loss, and how to tackle it more on a cellular, molecular, and hormonal level. Thomas assets that 90% of hair loss can be attributed to Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, accelerated by the enzyme, 5-Alpha Reductase (5AR). It stands to reason then by reducing this enzyme and/or DHT, hair loss should cease and desist.

Hair Loss Black Book trumpets the theory that hair loss sufferers have to get to the root of the problem, pun intended. Addressing the symptoms, according to author Thomas, will not deal with the underlying problem.

Towards that end, the Hair Loss Black Book can be alternatively titled, How to Get Rid of DHT, although that title would be too much hyperbole because there Is no way to remove DHT entirely nor would we want to. However, there are many clever ways to reduce it and its harmful hair effects.

Nigel Thomas really has done his research. He writes about which exercises and fitness routines can prevent DHT (some exercises can accelerate it!), which video games increase DHT (one rationale to finally quitting this addiction), which foods are DHT-generating and those that are considered non DHT-forming, and so much more. This hair loss book provides real value, even at $47.

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Maximum Hair Minimum Loss

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a hair loss resource that enjoys more support in the medical community than Maximum Hair Minimum Loss by Spencer, or Spex as he is affectionately known by his followers. As a hair loss sufferer, Spex devoted exhaustive research time and incessant trial and error to finding out those methods and ingredients that are a waste of money and those that produce hair dividends. In his primer, he provides a real education on hair, hair loss restoration, and proven treatments that work.

Similar to Nigel Thomas’s declaration, Spex points out that DHT is the primary culprit of hair loss. As such, his remedies may be considered anti-DHT and well, pro-hair. He is a walking testimonial because his before and after pictures are quite dramatic. In addition, celebrities are embracing his protocol, and many doctors seem to be giving their seal of approval with the information presented in Maximum Hair Minimum Loss. (Some physicians are feasured on Spex’s sales page.) Hair loss forum members are also singing the product’s praises.

Spex’s info is presented in more than a 35 detailed module, 8 easy-to-follow sections (video format). He goes over the kit and caboodle of hair loss – from hair restoration alternatives, natural agents that enhance hair quality, the psychology of hair loss … well, every tip and trick available in the hair loss niche.

If you can only afford one resource on hair loss, Spex’s Maximum Hair Minimum Loss may be your best bet.

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