The Fat Burning Kitchen Review – A Toast to Healthier Foods and Burning Fat

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As you read this Fat Burning Kitchen review, put down that piece of whole wheat. And while you’re at it, throw away that jar of sugar and bottle of vegetable oil. Any monetary loss will be offset by a dramatic improvement in your health and a reduction of fat around your waistline.

Alright, I admit that I knew about the innate evils of sugar. In fact, I recently promised myself that I would stop adding it to my morning cup of coffee. I even grudgingly confess that I knew that vegetable oil was not necessarily a healthy staple although I did not know all the reasons I came to that conclusion. But I almost choked when I discovered that whole wheat, an ingredient I eat on a daily basis, was aging.

Yes, authors of the Fat Burning Kitchen, Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling, do not pull any punches. He lists a bevy of foods and mentions why they’re harmful to health. His assertions are based on scientific facts, and not on questionable speculation. Still, it’s worth chewing the cud on the information presented in this guide – the source of this Fat Burning Kitchen Review.

The Fat Burning Kitchen – The Premise

Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling have written a primer, The Fat Burning Kitchen, which reveals what to eat and what not to eat

About two decades ago, I read a book called Eat Right or Die Young. (Talk about a captivating title!) The book’s authors underscored the point that food could serve as a source of energy, empowerment, immunity, and longevity, or a veritable death sentence. Dietary choices could really have life and death implications.

In the Fat Burning Kitchen, the reader, too, quickly learns how the delicate balance of life can be impacted by the foods we consume. The authors warn the reader which foods are better left on the grocery shelf and which ones can eliminate toxins, boost natural defenses, burn fat, and make us feel and look healthy.

An added plus: They don’t just list the taboo or healthy foods but give the rationale why they’re either a go or a no. Let’s go back to one of my favorite, well now formerly favorite foods, whole wheat.

It appears that it contains compounds called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) which is aptly named. Whole wheat, masquerading as a healthy food, is actually aging our biological clocks. Specifically, whole wheat quickly spikes blood sugar levels thanks to its carbohydrate called Amylopectin-A. It is also difficult to digest and contributes towards inflammation, and perhaps even leaky gut syndrome. As a further offense, it blocks the absorption of essential minerals and can even lead to mineral deficiency. Suddenly, any whole wheat fiber content does not seem so important.

And so now I know and so do you. This is the type of indispensable information that all nutrition-minded and health-conscious folks need. Either we can turn a blind eye as to what foods we ingest, or become better and healthier eaters through an expansive knowledge base.

The Shrinking Menu – What Can We Eat?

I just spoke with my friend and mentioned that I was writing this review. Her response: “I’m so tired of hearing you can’t eat this, you can’t eat that. Pretty soon they’ll be nothing safe to eat.”

I understand her frustration with the warning labels that are increasingly added to a growing list of foods. And while healthy dietary options are becoming less plentiful, there is still more than enough go-to-grub that will provide sustenance and nourishment.

Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling offer a slew of health-promoting food and meal choices in their Fat Burning Kitchen that will transform you into a new you. Their list of fat burning foods, for example, will lead to a leaner, more svelte physique.

Here is only a small sample of what is on the menu: high qualify beef, free-range chicken, wild caught fish, whole (free range) eggs, organic dark leafy green vegetables, avocados, organic berries, and so much more.

These authors are predictably pro-organic and if you can consume food free of pesticides and toxins, so much the better. But even if you don’t have access to organic food, or find it difficult to afford it, you’ll still greatly benefit by knowing what to put on your plate.

Who are Authors of Fat Burning Kitchen – Are They Qualified to Offer Advice?

I thought I recognized Mike Geary’s name. He is the author of the widely-read, ‘Six Pack Abs.’ But aside from penning that best-seller, he also authored The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging and a host of articles appearing in Muscle & Fitness Magazine and Oxygen Magazine. Aside from a wordsmith, he is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. His vast experience and background more than qualifies him to dispense fat burning advice.

His co-author, Catherine Ebeling is also a certified nutritionist. Her extensive study in the field enables her to provide much-needed insight. They’re a very formidable team and their book is jam-packed with eye-opening nutrition guidance.

The Pros and Cons of Fat Burning Kitchen

Other Fat Burning Kitchen reviews have been rather stellar. I’ve even checked health and nutrition forums, and the book receives a lot more thumbs up than thumbs down. I’ve seen the word, ‘revelation,’ more than once pertaining to the presented information.

Among the other pros include:

It uncovers foods to avoid – even foods that we have been brainwashed to believe are healthy.

It details those foods that are life-enhancing – those that will increase energy reserves, fortify our immune system, burn fat, and improve the quality and quantity of life.

Fat Burning Kitchen does not offer a fad diet. It presents direction on how to achieve a permanent transformation.

You don’t have to go ‘cold turkey’ and eliminate every taboo food at once. You can do this gradually, and you will see a healthier complexion staring back at you, and a thinner waistline.

Fat Burning Kitchen not only has the potential to help you lose weight, but can serve as a foundation for overall improved health. You may even be less susceptible to serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even cancer.

The book is now on sale for 75% off! It’s regular price is $40 but due to a special promotion, it’s now only $10.

A bonus section has been added that will soon be sold separately. It’s called 23-Day Advanced Nutritional Fat Burning Blueprint that will help you dramatically reduce body fat in several short weeks. If you purchase Fat Burning Kitchen through our link, you’ll also be entitled to additional bonuses.

You can read and review the information risk-free. There is an 8-week 100% money-back guarantee.

While this resource is very impressive there are a couple of cons, including the following:

This book is not for the ignorance is bliss crowd. It can be unsettling to find out that foods you think are healthy are actually harmful.

The information presented is based on scientific-backed research which is actually a pro. However, I’m listing it as a con because some folks may not like any degree of complexity in what they read. Still, the info is vital and should not be too difficult to understand.

Should You Add Fat Burning Kitchen to Your Collection of Health Books?

In this Fat Burning Kitchen review, I note that the information conveyed may very well hold the key to a healthier, longer life. The appropriate foods can serve as an arsenal against illness and perhaps preclude reliance on drugs and other types of medication.

Self-healing is possible through sound nutrition. Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling assume the role of knowledgeable nutritionists, helping the reader make constructive dietary choices.

It’s certainly worth a try for $10 and a 60-day money-back guarantee. As Ann Wigmore, holistic health practitioner and nutritionist, once wrote, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” It always come down to choice.

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