Carb Nite Solution Review – A Carb Light Diet Answer?

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Warning: Carbohydrate lovers look away. Your heart may race too much by reading this Carb Nite Solution review. And you may feel extreme heart pangs by reading John Kiefer’s resource, Carb Nite Solution. Sadly, you may not be emotionally and mentally ready to reduce your daily intake of carbs, but there’s always a price to pay for losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass.

Physicist John Kiefer would be the first one to admit that he is no stranger to the battle of the bulge. But his personal struggle inspired insight, and now readers worldwide continue to benefit from John’s diet protocol. His assertion that carbohydrates play a critical role in weight loss is nothing new. However, it’s the strategies and methods he developed that’s worth analyzing, if not implementing.

Carb Nite Solution – Another Deprivation Diet?

This Carb Nite Solution review highlights John Kiefer's program to finally get the pounds rolling off

Reading between the lines, you know that the premise of Carb Nite (short for the e-book, Carb Nite Solution) is to reduce your carbohydrate consumption. But how far do the restrictions go? Let’s outline the diet’s basic parameters:

First 10 days – The goal is to lose weight … and fast. By reducing the sheer number of carbohydrates each day, insulin levels are less likely to spike, and less fat is then going to be stored.

Furthermore, instead of gaining energy from carb consumption, fat is now propelling your energy reserves. Hopefully, your carb cravings will become less, too, so that you’ll be less likely to violate the recommended carbohydrate intake of no more than 30 grams a day.

Alright, calm down! Your taste buds can still be satiated with that relatively low amount. Sure, you’re no longer going to be a sugar and starch glutton, but some oatmeal and cherries can be very satisfying. (Hint: look for fruits with a low glycemic index.)

With a clever dependence on certain foods and recipes – John even offers a Carb Cleanse Bonus & Carb Nite Cookbook – you will not feel deprived. Anyone up for oatmeal protein pancakes or rhubarb cake?

Carb Nite / Party Night – Even with diminished carbohydrate cravings (although some may kill for a slice of cake after 10 days), John Kiefer is now giving you carte blanche with your dietary choices on this special night. (It’s still better to carb binge at night than during the morning or afternoon because your body is less susceptible to insulin spikes.)

John wants you to have some time to free your mind as it may feel oppressed by mealtime restrictions and limitations. He wants your body to restore carb reserves and jumpstart its metabolism.

Have a couple of slices of pizza that you’ve been abstaining from. Have a side order of linguini that has been calling to you for over a week. Reward yourself for your strict adherence and dedication to the program.

And do not experience any guilt! John Kiefer provides scientific evidence that your Carb Nite will not reverse all the positive changes that have already transpired. Your low-carb days have fostered a positive change in your enzyme production, ensuring that your waistline will not suddenly expand.

Another great recommendation is to schedule this nightly carb debauchery on a night where you lift weights. (Yes, weight-lifting and exercise is a welcome addition in the Carb Nite program.) Add a protein source, too, and muscle repair and buildup can more readily take place.

Back to Low-Carb Reality – Alright, the party is eventually over! But chin up, your typical 30-gram carbohydrate cap only has to last a week, and not the formerly requisite 10 days.

After a week of mind over matter, it no longer matters about your carbohydrate intake for this special occasion. Once again, party hardy with your carb pals until the cycle repeats.

Your body is getting used to using fat over carbohydrates as your fuel source. You should start to see a thinner you, reflecting in the mirror.

Maintain the Gain – In this case, I should write, ‘Maintain the loss.’ You’ve come far in refraining from carb overindulgence, save for your Carb Nights, and you’re seeing your body transform before your eyes.

And continue to keep your eyes on the prize. Once you go below 10% body fat, you can have two Carb Nights within the same week! Talk about decadence.

But don’t be too profligate. Try not to schedule back-to-back Carb Nights. Each one should ideally be 3 days apart.

The ultimate objective is to get ripped, encourage the development of lean muscle mass, and boost metabolism.

Carb Nite vs. Carb Backloading

It’s not a question of Carb Nite versus Carb Backloading as one is not necessarily better than the other. Well, at least no global statement can be made because individual response will vary. Moreover, both can serve as synergistic programs where one supports the other. Think of your weight loss process as Carb Nite and Carb Backloading.

Even James Kiefer suggests that when you seem to plateau with his strategies (yes, you may not be able to break your proverbial glass ceiling), it may be advisable to implement the official carbohydrate backload routine. Even if further pounds don’t come off, you may add more lean muscle to your physique.

What are the steps to further transform your body’s composition? You’re going to be following a similar process with Carb Backloading as you did with Carb Nite with two notable exceptions:

a) Add 30-50 grams of a high glycemic carb source, such as maltodextrin powder, the same ingredient that is often added to protein shakes. Maltodextrin breaks down into glucose. This helps protein synthesis, essential to add muscle to your frame. However, too much will ultimately be stored as fat, especially if you don’t take it after a workout.

b) Did you say workout? Yes, mega weight training / resistance training will accentuate positive results. You want insulin to be absorbed by muscles, not stored in the body as a future fat deposit. When insulin levels rise, coupled with an increase in stress hormone cortisol, the body’s ability to burn fat is compromised. After a late afternoon weight lifting session at the gym, carb intake with added insulin and less cortisol, will feed muscles.

Please note that while a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and weight lifting is encouraged in the Carb Nite program, nutrition is the key to unlock a new you.

Carb Nite Solution Review – What are the Pros?

It offers unique methods where weight loss is very possible.

It builds on your momentum and within a few short weeks, you’ll start to see results.

The theories are supported by recent scientific research.

This is not going to be like your average yo-yo diet. You will consistently lose weight as long as you adhere to the protocol.

It is completely natural and holistic but does not depend on expensive supplements and premade food packs.

This program is for everyone, men and women of all ages. Seniors can even benefit from the program.

You should not feel deprived as John Kiefer provides some tasty recipes and recommended foods.

This will not only help you trim the fat, but help you to look and feel better. Your immune system should even receive a Carb Nite benefit.

Carb Nite Solution reviews have been overwhelming positive. Thousands have already derived tremendous benefit from the book’s strategies.

You can read and review Carb Nite Solution for 60 days and still return it if you’re not completely satisfied. The initial cost is very affordable at $27.

Carb Nite Review – Any Negatives to Report?

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, this program is not for folks who can’t resist carbs. You’ll have to grudgingly accept a diet that reduces carbohydrates per day. (But remember, you’ll soon throw a carb party with all the trimmings.)

The diet will be hard to keep if you’re constantly on the go – eating out all the time, vacationing, or just incessantly going on business trips. This program works best in the privacy of your own home.

There’s no guarantee that the program will work although the science behind it looks impressive. And remember, always consult your doctor before going on any type of diet.

Should You Add Carb Nite Solution to Your Collection of Diet Books?

In this Carb Nite Solution review, I’ve written extensively on the process and product. John Kiefer has detailed a very promising plan, backed by scientific research. The potential to lose weight is evident – and a lot of it – through this clever dietary manipulation.

Moreover, the author, John Kiefer, offers a nutritious and delicious recipe repertoire. He does not want his Carb Niters to feel deprived, and understands that adherence to his methods will ensure his readers’ / followers’ success.

My recommendation is to try Carb Nite Solution – the ‘Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting,’ as John coins it – and say good night to weight gain and unwanted weight fluctuations.

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