Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract Review – Weight Loss Carb-Blocker

Since Jack and the Beanstalk, we’ve been warned that there exists no magic pills. But now a special white kidney bean extract pill promises to lead to a new, charmed figure. Indeed, one particular brand, Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract, is gaining a lot of attention for its weight-busting promises, and its assertion that it is one of the leading carb-blocking supplements on the market. In this Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract review, I will examine whether the proof is in the bean … I mean pudding.

How Does White Kidney Bean Extract Work?

This White kidney bean extract review determines that this bean has weight-reducing potential

Now let’s deduce whether the white kidney bean packs potential benefits or amounts to well, a hill of beans.

First, let’s quickly explore the process of starch digestion. You just consume a tasty pastry. Saliva enzymes, called alpha-amylase or ptyalin, break down the bountiful starch into simple sugars. Note the sweet taste in your mouth. You now know why your taste buds are tantalized by sweetness.

The chewed food now journeys to your stomach where the natural acidic environment neutralizes the enzyme. Starch digestion is temporarily stalled until the remnants of the pastry enter the small intestine. There, the digestive enzyme, alpha-amylase, resurfaces due to its production by the pancreas. The simple sugars are then used by the body but also stored as fat, contributing to a more rotund figure.

But what happens if we could prevent this starch to sugar conversion? Then the consumed pastry could just pass through the digestive tract, and eventually eliminated, without any possibility of fat conversion/storage.

This is the premise of white kidney bean extract and its inner workings. This kidney bean blocks the ability of the pancreas to secrete this starch-to-sugar enzyme. The secret white kidney bean carb-blocking component is called phaseolus vulgaris, and by interfering with starch digestion, it helps to decrease body fat storage.

But All White Kidney Bean Extracts are not Created Equal

The commonality among white kidney beans is its ability to thwart carb digestion. But with a glutted marketplace filled with white kidney bean extract supplements, how do you know which one to choose?

You have to look for a product that is formulated with ‘Phase 2.’ This is the patented form that has produced clinically beneficial results. It also reflects the product’s purity and concentration.

Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract is a designated Phase 2 supplement shown to work in the lab and outside of it. The formulation has been in development for years and its high quality, toxin-free extraction process (using purified water), helps the product to achieve its stellar results.

Its main ingredient is, of course, white kidney bean extract, and each pill includes 500 mg. (There are 100 pills per bottle.) Other ingredients ensure the pill’s integrity, such as silicon dioxide, gelatin, and microcrystalline cellulose.

Again, studies confirm the efficacy of white kidney bean extract’s ability to fight weight. This study published by the Alternative Medicine Review, for example, showed that those taking the extract lost over two pounds more per week than those taking a placebo. These results were evident even after six weeks.

The Benefits of White Kidney Bean Extract

Alright, so now we see that upon review and analysis, Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract is a carbohydrate and starch restrictor.

However, there are other health-promoting claims, including an increase in metabolism, elimination of toxins, amd removal of waste material trapped in the colon, cholesterol reduction, mood stabilization, etc. Perhaps these benefits materialize due to the fact that when the long-chain, undigested starches move into the large intestine, they become fermented again (sugar converting to acids). For instance, butyric acid is produced and this may help boost immunity, support the so-called good bacteria, and help cleanse the colon.

Still, I believe more comprehensive studies need to be performed before I’m convinced that all these benefits are truly realized.

But although a natural skeptic, I still believe that the white kidney bean helps fight the battle of the bulge.

White Kidney Bean Extract Side Effects

The product creators and manufacturers of white kidney bean extract often note the absence of side effects. Despite this claim, obvious precautions need to be taken. For example, children and pregnant/lactating women should not consume this product.

In addition, it’s always advisable to consult a physician before starting any supplementation regimen. It’s always important to get baseline readings of important parameters of body functions.

In addition, my concern is that by blocking starches, is white kidney bean extract blocking nutrient assimilation? Moreover, is the large intestine overly taxed because it is dealing with more undigested particles?

These are questions that only a doctor can answer. Still, in my humble opinion, this type of product is safe, especially for the short term.

The Price of Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract

This company is very consumer-friendly in that it offers many discount promotions. Substantial discounts can be realized today. Here is the current price at the time of this review:

1 bottle – $47 + $4.99 shipping

2 bottles and get 1 free (3 bottles) – $97 (free shipping)

3 bottles and get 2 free (5 bottles) – $147 (free shipping)

4 bottles and get 3 free (7 bottles) – $197 (free shipping)

Regardless of which package you choose, you’ll be entitled to 3 free bonuses as well: Healthy Cooking Guide, Exercising While Overweight, and Controlling Your Weight the Natural Way.

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee as well. Even if you return the product, you still get to keep the bonuses.

Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract Review – Final Word

With hundreds of favorable testimonials and a myriad of other positive Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean reviews, this product deserves a try. You should see a reduction of waistline inches as you consume the product. Hopefully, you’ll see other benefits, such as cholesterol reduction, but again, testing is necessary.

While these are not magic beans, they’re powerful ones and should be able to assist you in your weight loss efforts. Still, supplementation does not mean you can overindulge in pasta, rice, potato chips, or pick your poison. You have to eat sensibly, exercise, and become a white kidney bean enthusiast and user to ensure that your body functions optimally where you’ll lose the most weight possible.

To get started, simply CLICK HERE and you’ll be directed to a secure site where you can purchase your first bottle of Nature’s Pure White Kidney Bean Extract, and begin the trimming process.

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