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Although it’s not New Year’s yet, I thought it would be prudent to start making a resolution now: Lose a little weight while maintaining optimal health. Come to think of it, that’s more of a way of life rather than a new goal or purpose. Still, like many women, I’m very interested in improving my figure so it seemed natural to perform a 31 Day Transformation review. This article is based on Tate Norris’s 31 Day Transformation program.

Who is Tate Norris?

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Co-founder of Nortat Fitness Inc, Tate Norris has served as a fitness specialist over the last decade. He is also a transformational specialist. (Yes, there’s actually a certificate for that field.) Basically, over the course of the last 10 years, he has worked with hundreds of clients, facilitating lessons on how to enhance their bodies and lose unattractive, unwanted fat. 31 Day Transformation is the culmination of his weight loss approach and ideas that have actually been tested in the real world.

Tate first became interested in weight and fitness when he experienced his own fluctuating weight issues. In college, after a serious injury, his weight ballooned up to 334 pounds. This would classify him as obese despite his very large t foot, 4 inch frame. This problem was only compounded by a sedentary job. Depression set in but Tate eventually took action – massive action — after his doctor told him that he would never be able to perform Olympic style lifting. Isn’t it interesting how we become more motivated when others set our limitations?

Through research, countless hours of trial and error, and sheer determination, Tate transformed his body. But he did not want the lessons he learned to end with him. When he became a fitness professional, he graciously shared his insight with others, and they too, experienced weight loss success. Now the public will be privy to Tate’s strategies through his 31 Day Transformation program.

31 Day Transformation Review – Revealing Tate’s Secrets

Tate understands the primary problem with the myriad of weight loss programs available: they only address short-term goals. They may contribute to losing weight in a couple of weeks but there is no long-term weight loss. Pounds come off and back they come. A vicious cycle is produced. And doesn’t it seem that at the end of the cycle, we’re even heavier than before the cycle event started?

No, any successful health and fitness program must be effective in the long-run as well. So the objective is to get trim now, remain thin in the future, build muscle mass, and enjoy optimal health. Tate Norris promises that his 31 Day Transformation will accomplish all these goals.

Here’s the best part: You won’t have to starve yourself. Portions are more than adequate. I must issue a warning however: Those who crave and then indulge in sweets cannot participate in the 31 Day Transformation challenge. Dairy-lovers also should seek out an alternative weight loss program. There are taboo foods (wheat, processed foods, etc.) when transforming one’s figure, according to Tate Norris.

Another secret to 31 Day Transformation is exercise … but not just any exercise. Who better to learn the right weight-reduction exercises to perform than someone who makes a living as a fitness trainer? Tate will show you the appropriate body movements to make — both inside the gym and outside.

But you may ask, “Do I have to exercise to lose weight? Can’t I just follow the 31 Day Transformation meal plan? Well, Tate did an informal study of 200 of his clients. After a months, it was clear that those who engaged in exercise and eating right shed a lot more pounds than those who were just eating appropriately. So while the synergism between exercise and losing weight is not a new concept, 31 Day Transformation will spell out how best to combine these two important weight loss components.

Underlying any successful long-term weight reduction approach is speeding up metabolism. Tate Norris goes into detail about this concept and offers methods to charge up a sluggish metabolism. Here are just a few pointers: keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and tea (no diet sodas and liquor!), detress, get ample sleep, and increase weight-bearing exercises. Tate’s metabolism reduction tips should really shave off the pounds in a hurry.

What Else Does the Program Offer?

As already mentioned, you’ll be able to review all of Tate Norris’s best strategies to become trim and stay trim. You’ll also receive an easy-to-follow meal plan with grocery list where foods’ basic calorie index is included. A food log is also available so you can keep your meal choices/diet on track.

You’ll not only become more knowledgeable about eating healthy (the diet is not complicated nor restrictive) but learn the ins and outs of attaining a faster metabolism. Tate also provides a BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) Calculator This estimates the amount of calories you would burn if you rested in bed all day, doing nothing. This is the minimum amount of energy needed by your body to function.

You’ll also soon have an exercise regimen. And as you move your body, you can access Tate’s weekly fitness newsletters and videos, and webinars.

Should You Take the 31 Day Transformation Challenge?

Can you really lose 31 pounds in 31 days, or a pound a day? Now, full-disclosure, I have not yet undertaken the 31 Day Transformation challenge nor would I want to lose that much fat on my frame.

However, I believe Tate’s system can really help those who need to lose that much weight. Obviously, if you don’t have that much fat, it would be impossible to lose a pound a day. However, for those who are severely overweight, it’s very possible. Ultimately, the goal again, is not just to reduce weight, but keep it off, and improve the quality of health and life.

Marketing gimmick notwithstanding The 31 Day Transformation can help fuel your body with the right foods, increase your metabolism, get your body in motion, improve your overall health and well-being, and yes, shed those pounds!

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