The Antibiotic Epidemic Review – Dangers of Antibiotic Use?

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The title of this article, ‘The Antibiotic Epidemic Review – Dangers of Antibiotic Use?’ may be considered hyperbole but is it possible that the overuse of antibiotics is leading towards a downward slippery slope? Is our healthy jeopardized by antibiotic overdependence, and are destructive ‘superbugs’ more likely to evolve?

This is the scope of this Antibiotic Epidemic review where I explore the special report, The Antibiotic Epidemic where the dangers of antibiotic reliance are convincingly outlined and discussed. Fortunately, the authors of the report, the Antibiotic Resistance Team, also provide recommendations on how to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria and superbugs, and offer secrets on preventing their occurrence in the first place.

Pill Happy – Antibiotics Are Our First Line of Defense

See the Antibiotic Epidemic and find out effective antibiotic alternatives

You go to the doctor for a sore throat and 10 minutes later you have a prescription in hand. The pills will probably fight and defeat the infection … this time. Remember, this is only one battle between the antibiotics (and your immune system) versus problematic microbes.

What happens in time is that bacteria may mutate and adapt, and become less susceptible to any antibiotic conquest. Now this is not to suggest that by taking a round of antibiotics, or even several rounds, that resistance will automatically transpire. However, with increasing frequency, doctors are confounded by bacterial forms that are no longer easy pickings.

Yes, it’s a given that antibiotics are important, and often indispensable, drugs. They may even mean the difference between life and death. But the authors of the Antibiotic Epidemic are concerned about those hearty bacteria that don’t waive the flag of surrender. They multiply and sadly pass on their antibiotic-resistant properties to their fellow microbes. This fortified army of bacteria pose a grave and present danger.

Physicians may then prescribe other types of antibiotics which may or may not have any positive impact. The situation becomes even more dire, and no pill may exert any real effect.

Superbug Development

As mentioned previously, using antibiotics when necessary does not necessarily promote the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

But it may surprise you to learn that folks often take antibiotics when they don’t need to do so. For instance, when a viral infection is present, ingesting antibiotics happens way more than you would guess. In this scenario, the drug attacks even the so-called good bacteria in our bodies, and leads to the development of antibiotic resistant properties even in bacteria that is causing no harm.

Doctors need not even write out a prescription. Many individuals self-diagnose and actually buy pills abroad or online for quick symptom relief. Others may not even stay the course and take the drugs for a shorter time period than is recommended, more likely to happen when symptoms have subsided. All these scenarios lead to the formation of antibiotic resistance.

Those who assert that they never take pills may be taking antibiotics without realizing it. Consider our food sources. Cows and chickens, for example, are often fed antibiotics which is then passed on to you. (Even buying organic does not ensure your consuming antibiotic-free food.)

The Antibiotic Epidemic Review – How to Fight Infection and Superbugs?

So the resource, the Antibiotic Epidemic, is aptly named. The use of antibiotics is pervasive and wide-ranging, and it’s leading to a pandemic.

But what is a body to do? The Antibiotic Resistant Team offers many tips and strategies to tilt the balance towards health and well-being. They reveal a combination of Western, Ayurvedic, and Traditional Chinese medical protocol to boost immunity and kill off bacteria without the use of drugs.

Now if you’re someone who does not believe that Mother Earth holds any wellness answers, the Antibiotic Epidemic is not for you. But if you’re willing to embrace natural and holistic health-promoting methods then this resource will be a real page-turner and eye-opener.

Now I have a bent towards alternative medicine, and I’m more than willing to try alternative protocols to eradicate conditions and ease systems. For example, when I used to take drugs for sinus infections, I now rely on using grapefruit seed extract which is a natural antibiotic that helps to get rid of infection, bacteria and fungus. The authors of the Antibiotic Epidemic actually have their own slant on how to eliminate nasal congestion and sinus infections.

In addition, they cover a host of natural methods to deal with ear infections, chest infections, and the flu. Again, you have to be open to the possibilities that natural remedies have illness-fighting strength and power, too.

Recently, for instance, my grandson was complaining about pain in his ear. He has already taken so many rounds of antibiotics for ear infections over the course of his lifetime. Did you know that ear infections are often viral in nature where antibiotics have no impact? Be that as it may, we made our own ear ache/infection medicine using mullein garlic drops. My grandson’s ear pain quickly subsided. Success!

By relying less on antibiotics, we’re ensuring that the immune system will function optimally in the long run. Again, this is not to suggest that you should throw any prescribed pills down the drain. The decision to take antibiotics is between you and your doctor, and may very well be needed on a case-by-case basis.

It’s just that in this Antibiotic Epidemic review, I want you to see that alternative courses of action can be taken.

Should the Antibiotic Epidemic be Part of Your Health Book Library?

I’m impressed with what the authors cover in this resource, particularly for the low price of $17. They’ve compiled a report that provides bountiful alternatives to the almighty pill. They target the most common infections and offer easy-to-follow courses of action, using a variety of herbs, plant-based substances, essential oils, etc.

Other topics featured include:

  • Combatting dangerous MRSA using a special hand sanitizer, comprised of essential oils.
  • Defeating kitchen counter salmonella through the use of a common household spice.
  • Tackling gastric ulcers, and constipation, diarrhea, and bloating with an effective essential oil.
  • Eliminating C. diff, E. coli, and other dangerous bacterial strains by using natural substances.
  • Treating and Soothing wounds with an antibacterial healing clay.
  • Shedding light on the secret ingredient poisoning food and making us fat.
  • … And so much more.

There is so much health information to digest in this resource. While individual response will vary, a number of health-promoting protocols should work, and make you less dependent on antibiotics. Why fall victim to any antibiotic epidemic?

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