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Success-minded entrepreneurs, Haung Alvin and Winter Vee, have collaborated again. First, they teamed to pen the highly acclaimed, The Millionaire’s Brain. Now, in Ancient Secrets of Kings, they’re working in concert again to reveal unique money-making precepts so their loyal readers can actually become millionaires. In this Ancient Secrets of Kings review, I will delve into the principles covered in this resource. Can it really guide you towards financial prosperity?

Ancient Secrets of Kings – Beyond the Typical Entrepreneurial and Personal-Development Pillars

Read our Ancient Secrets of Kings review and discover the wisdom of the Ancients to achieve success today

The training’s scope goes well beyond a success-oriented mindset and vocalizing positive affirmations.

Through historical examples and cultural examination, the trainee will learn a host of prerequisites to attain entrepreneurial success.

Business success foundations include:

  • Seizing opportunities – It’s so important to be aware of trends and paradigm shifts so that you can capitalize today on what is about to happen tomorrow.
  • Planning and envisioning results – This falls in line with the ‘Conceive it, believe it, achieve it mindset.’ Our wise elders often had a tactical plan to accomplish their goals and visualized favorable outcomes. They also were able to communicate this vision when they needed to enlist support.
  • Avail support – The kings of yesteryear often ruled with an iron fist, but make no mistake, they had their team of wise men. Success typically does not occur in a vacuum. Getting others onboard can spell the difference between success and failure.
  • Embark on the strategy and execute the steps – Past rulers did not just dream – they acted. Many were not afraid of the end result. They were more concerned about the consequences of inaction! They simply engaged in an undertaking, letting the chips fall where they may.
  • Change the steps when necessary – While their vision remained resolute, mighty kings may very well have changed steps, or the sequence of steps ,to accomplish their mission. Similarly, today’s entrepreneurs cannot stay married to a strategy if it is not delivering results.


Those who enjoy learning about history and/or reading biographies will even be more motivated to master these concepts.

There is so much to learn from those we wish to emulate, especially when it comes to attaining wealth, privilege, and a life of luxury.

Of course, some may take exception on how some of the kings achieved their glory, but lessons can still be gleaned from their meteoric rise.

And while this course reviews many ways to become a successful entrepreneur (supported by historical references), it also enlightens you on how to take the road towards optimal personal development.

Indeed, you have to be aware of the constant barrage of thoughts that run through your brain on a daily basis. Either such messages are supportive, encouraging, or uplifting … or they represent a defeatist mindset.

Surely, it’s much easier to find success when you believe it’s yours for the taking, and that you’re equipped to accomplish any objective.

But in conjunction with confidence, you also need a dash of ignorance. Past failures should not define you or quash your future ambitions. Of course, it’s important to learn from blunders and engage in self-improvement. However, yesterday’s wise kings believed that failures brought them one step closer to success. This is the mindset of today’s movers and shakers.

Crowned heads of state also lived with passion and purpose. Knowing what you want, energized and motivated to acquire possessions or fulfill goals, helps you sustain the sweat equity that is necessary to get what you want.

Faith, passion, and purpose also goes hand in hand in a belief of a higher power. Although different emperors, monarchs, and pharaohs may have prayed to different gods or entities, they embraced the common view that there existed a supreme ruler and creator of their universe, guiding their direction. A belief in a higher power often inspires people towards success.

Secrets of Ancient Cultures

Haung Alvin and Winter Vee don’t just provide bibliographic portrayals of kings and leaders, they examine ancient cultures to cull the reasons why these civilizations flourished.

Specifically, they pinpoint their attention on ancient China, Egypt, and Israel. All these countries have been host to rich, vibrant cultures who were inventive and entrepreneurial. The minds of the ancients reflected a ‘can-do attitude.’ with a propensity for out-of-the-box thinking.

If you have any doubt, consider the amazing construction of the Great Wall, the Pyramids, or the Western Wall. Consider the multitude of inventions including written language, paper making, movable type printing, the calendar, plow, metal plating, cosmetics, and the list goes on and on.

But the authors of Ancient Secrets of Kings don’t just reconstruct the story of humanity’s past, they explain how we can borrow from our ancestors’ success stories and prudent philosophies.

In their ancient China pillar, Haung Alvin and Winter Vee talk at great length about setting up proper boundaries. (The historical reference would be the Great Wall, built to keep out northern invaders, such as the Mongols. But remember, this wall also kept Chinese citizens from leaving China.)

Creating boundaries is an essential element of personal and business success as well. It’s all-important to maintain focus on the task at hand, and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Time should be apportioned to complete an objective (the resource reviews how to stop the procrastination game!), where you budget time appropriately and maximize productivity.

Your thoughts are laser-targeted (where your brain is almost an impenetrable wall). You’re not consumed with the past, nor oriented towards the future; you’re in the here and now.

The course shows you how to cultivate this focused mindset where you can reach limitless potential. You’ll be able to take action and concentrate all your energies to achieve your goals.

In this Ancient Secrets of Kings course, you’ll also be privy to the ancient Egypt pillar, You’ll be amazed by the ‘Pyramid Principles,’ presenting a structured way of thinking and communicating. You’ll have an ‘Ah-ha’ moment when these principles are revealed, and you don’t need any higher education to master them. You’ll start recognizing the universe as a place of super abundance where your needs can easily be met.

In this pillar, you’ll also be the beneficiary of important finance lessons. You’ll be able to develop a customized plan to get rid of debt once and for all.

In addition, like the long Nile river, you’ll find unlimited, large streams of income that will flow to you easily, filling up your financial coffers.

In their training, Haung Alvin and Winter Vee also offer an ancient Israel pillar. You’ll learn how the ancient Israelites amassed a great fortune, and how you can mirror their success by implementing time-honored principles.

But you won’t just learn money-making rules, but you’ll see how to keep funds flowing. You’ll discover how to cultivate favorable karma and maintain peace with friends, family, and neighbors, and even with those where your relationships are already strained.

Consider the Secrets of the Kings training to be a living prosperously and succeeding financially course with historical perspective.

Program Pros

The creators of the program, Haung Alvin and Winter Vee, have impeccable reputations, and have already established a name in the ‘success genre.’

This program can really help to give you the keys to turn your life around, if you’re finally ready to do so.

If you have any interest in days gone by, or enjoy learning about ancient cultures and prominent leaders at the time, you’ll be a frequent visitor of the Ancient Secrets of Kings Members’ area.

The training will tackle two primary areas of growth: personal finance and development

The course is very well laid out and organized. You’ll be provided a systematic, actionable plan to carry out the inculcated principles.

The program is clear and thought-provoking, and should entice you to change your attitude and limiting self-concept. The sky’s the limit here. You’ll see the world differently as well.

Ancient Secrets of Kings reviews have been extremely favorable by and large. The information is so impressive that universities should consider offering the system as a course to students.

You’ll gain a tremendous amount of insight at the very fair price of $77.

This accelerated learning system is yours virtually risk-free as there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You’ll also receive our generous bonus package if you buy the resource through our link.


The testimonials on the sales page may leave you with unreasonable expectations. While I have no doubt that these folks enjoyed and benefited from the training, the income they produced afterwards may simply represent their experience. You may or may not be able to replicate it.

The course is really not about the outcome but a process. While it helps you to go forward and embark on this process and journey, there is no guarantee that a happy ending will result.

You have to be willing to WORK. First, you need to take time to master the principles, and then you need the courage and discipline to ACT on them.

Final Determination

This course deserves my unequivocal recommendation. I think it’s premise is brilliant: Examine flourishing civilizations and powerful, effective past leaders to see how they achieved their aims. By following the appropriate principles and philosophies, success in the modern era can also be attained.

However, do not fall into the trap that this course provides ‘Get rich now training.’ If anything, it serves as a reminder that YOU are responsible and capable of achieving success in career and relationships. You’re also able to change low self-esteem and self-concept, and the idea that the world is holding you back.

Indeed, limitless possibilities are yours for the taking, if you’re inclined to do so. Too many of us fear failure … and even fear success … but by looking at the past, we can better direct our present.

We can create opportunities, take advantage of them when they appear, surround ourselves with positive, nurturing people, change our responses when adversity hits, and so much more.

This training will open your eyes, if you’re open to it. So take in what you can, and think about Solomon Ibn Gabirol’s famous quote:

“Kings may be the judges of the earth, but wise men are the judges of kings.”

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