Monogamy Method Review – Lifetime Commitment of Love and Devotion?

This Monogamy Method review may be one of the most important reviews that I’ve written. In today’s ‘anything goes’ world where open relationships are becoming more mainstream, there are folks who are desperately in search of tools to stay together with their significant other. They long to stay in a committed relationship but perhaps sense this sentiment is not shared by their partner. They don’t know how to rekindle a flame that seems forever extinguished.

The widely acclaimed e-book, The Monogamy Method, may very well help those pro-monogamy folks develop strategies and methods to evoke a committed response from a loved one. It’s a ‘how-to’ on getting your beau to want to be with you … and stay with you.

The e-book is primarily written for women but some of the principles, discussed later, can be used by men. The underlying idea is to create a mindset within your mate that you’re indispensable. The training is designed to pull at his heartstrings, where you’re the master puppeteer and you’re the object of his desire.

It may seem impossible to get your guy to go gaga over you from your present vantage point, but you just need to shift his perspective. It may feel like moving mountains but Monogamy Method is meant to serve as your crane – moving heaven and earth to make you a star in his eyes.

The Monogamy Method Review – Content Driven

Read our Monogamy Method review and discover how to get him to be faithful and feel cravings and urges only for you

Author Jason Rogers and Samantha Sanderson have provided a comprehensive primer on how to keep your man in lust and love with you. It does not matter if he seems afraid of intimacy and commitment. It’s irrelevant if he is in the presence of voluptuous, attractive women. It makes little difference how you look or even if he has rejected you in the past. It’s a moot point if there is any biological primal urge to mate with others. After all, craving sexual variety and new experiences will soon seem foreign to him.

The Monogamy Method is a ‘no excuse’ course on how to get what you want: your partner incessantly thinking about you, where he is connected to you emotionally, psychologically, and physically … FOREVER. The authors have created out-of-the-box strategies and techniques for you to use so your mate feels that even the thought of cheating will be self-injurious.

The training is facilitated via an e-book and a complete audio version. You’ll also receive free additional insightful videos/reports that will further your understanding about how to achieve monogamy. Materials, such as ‘The Instant Infatuation Formula,’ ‘How to Read a Man’s Mind,’ and the ‘Chemistry of Love’ will help you become his one and only romantic obsession.

Also available: A Love of Community membership. Here, readers will continue to learn how to perfect their relationships and their lives, in general. Each month contains a module, highlighting relationship secrets dispensed by prominent relationship experts. The cost is a little over $15 per week, or $60 per month.

Of course, you need not become a member of Love of Community to be a Monogamy method reader and user. The additional support is simply there if you need it.

The Monogamy Method’s Key Ingredient – Oxytocin

Oxytocin is often referred to as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ Levels of oxytocin rise dramatically when we’re hugging o kissing someone we physically adore. The idea is to increase the quantity of oxytocin within your partner to enhance his desire for you.

Typically, we don’t need to manipulate oxytocin levels during courting season. When we first meet someone who is attracted to us, his oxytocin amount may initially be sky high. But after 6 months or so, it may be necessary to replenish this hormone or get lost in the dating or marriage game. Specifically, we need to stimulate his hypothalamus (and you thought I was going to mention another body part) where oxytocin is secreted (still not that part).

So make no mistake, the way to a man’s heart is through his brain. Recent research bears this point out.

Psychology professor Ruth Feldman at Bar-Ilan University in Israel is a pioneer who has studied the effects of this hormone for years. She has concluded that those couples with the highest oxytocin levels are the most communicative. Both partners support one another, laugh more frequently, and show the most empathy.

One recent, famous study demonstrated that men spritzed with oxytocin showed renewed attraction for their mates and less longing for equally attractive females. Another study revealed oxytocin-supplied men tended to position their chairs further away from attractive females.

Perhaps oxytocin would make a better Valentine’s gift than cologne for your stud. Ultimately, we want him to be less attracted to other women (alright, feel no attraction towards other women), and hopelessly devoted to us.

The Monogamy Hormone – Boosting it Naturally

The Monogamy Method teaches women how to boost this hormone naturally in men. After all, the hormone is not readily available for purchase. Sure, holding hands, giving a romantic kiss, and developing rapport in bed using titillating Kama Sutra techniques will boost oxytocin levels. But the idea is to sustain such levels over the long term.

Samantha Sanderson and Jason Rogers provide all the fidelity-enhancing tips, tricks, and strategies to set you up in the oxytocin business. Their methods are easy to understand and easy to implement, making it easier to win over your man.

Here are only a sample of methods included:

  • Monogamy Goggles – You’ll learn a trick, keeping your man’s complete focus and interests on you. Like a horse with blinders on, his attention will be only on the road ahead – a long, happy life with you. You’ll be able to snap him out of any unwelcome diversion.
  • Teenage Crush Trigger – Jealousy can be a very useful tactic. Of course, you don’t want to be cruel. Your goal is simply to inspire his desire for you. There are clever ways to make his blood boil such as having a great time without him, talking about other men, and flirting. Learn which maneuver authors Sanderson and Rogers believe is best to make him crush over you, while he feels like crushing your other admirers.
  • Future Projections – Here, you’ll discover how to create your ‘happily ever after.’ You’ll be privy to information that will show you how he can’t imagine a future without you. Here, you’re not just winning his affections in the present; he will want to include you in his life tomorrow and the next.
  • Get Inside His Mind – You’ll learn a bevy of techniques to get to know exactly what he’s thinking. For example, you’ll soon understand the power of observation, uncritical dialogue, looking into the past, speaking to friends who can pinpoint his mental processes, etc. Pay attention to the small details and clues he provides. And once you know what’s inside his head, you’ll be in a better position to shape his thoughts.
  • Relationship Sins – Avoid the common relationship pitfalls that undermine partnerships so you can live a ‘Death till we part,’ monogamous bond.
  • Keep Romance Alive – You’ll get a smorgasbord of ideas to maintain the intensity of your romance and keep him faithful. Yes, you can cook him a special meal or write a quick, tender note, but you’ll have so many other ideas to choose from when you review this section of the resource.

Monogamy is Possible!

Please don’t let well-intention friends and family convince you otherwise. All men are not created the same. The expression, “They just can’t help it” has no applicability here.

Yes, admittedly the Monogamy Method contains some manipulative strategies. However, the main idea is to get his oxytocin levels high, and couple that with an abundance of clear communication and (mutual) respect. You’re lovers, but you’re also great friends!

Read this heart-warming story if you feel monogamy is impossible.

The Monogamy Method Pros

The creators of the program, Samantha Sanderson and Jason Rogers, are clearly relationship experts. Samantha Sanderson is also author of the popular training, ‘The Penguin Method.’

This guide is backed by science, helping you to change his biological primitive programming.

This program can really serve as a life-changer. You’ll be in a much better position to preserve your relationship indefinitely.

The skills you learn here can be used in any type of relationship. It’s not just for would-be lovers.

The concepts make sense and the tips are simple to implement.

You’ll feel more empowered and in control of your destiny. The Monogamy Method pdf should boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

While you cannot undo the past, you’ll see the errors in your ways and become much more adept at creating and keeping nurturing, supportive relationships.

Other Monogamy Method reviews have been extremely favorable. Testimonials from other relationship experts and readers abound.

The Monogamy Method provides many free additional resources that will enhance results.

You’ll gain a tremendous amount of insight at the very fair price of $47.

This accelerated learning system is yours virtually risk-free as there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You’ll also receive our generous bonus package if you buy the guide through our link.


This course does not really focus on how to find Mr. Right. You don’t want to use these techniques with the wrong person.

The course is not foolproof. Perhaps your man will be immune to these strategies (unlikely) or you will not be consistent in applying the methods. For example, you don’t want to handhold one moment, and soon criticize him in the next.

Before you can even work on him, it’s so important to work on you. You deserve and are entitled to meaningful love … but you have to believe it!

Final Determination

True Connection and bonding with a significant other should lead to feelings of unbridled happiness, security, and safety. It can dispel loneliness and the sense that you’re drifting alone in this world.

I’m all for independence and autonomy, but at the same time, a devoted partnership can help anyone tackle the myriad of trials and tribulations that are part of this life.

But remember, expectations should not be unreasonable. There will be arguments, callous remarks, and silence, at times. But this resource will truly help you resolve relationship trouble when it arises, and set him on a road towards unconditional commitment.

Why not be the center of his universe? In Monogamy Method, you’ll discover how.

Nancy Friday quote: “I think biologically we are attracted to more than one person, but given society and our needs, monogamy works better.”

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