“Survive the End Days” Review: A Final Survival Guide That Works?

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It’s hard to think about surviving one’s final days when today presents ample challenges. But there are folks who want to prepare for any worse case scenario. Those survivalists among us who believe that the world will ultimately end in a number of catastrophic ways will be very interested in Nathan Shepard’s guide, Survive the End Days. This review will examine the book’s ideas and premise, and let you know if it can serve as a true life-saver.

Survive the End Days Review – Society’s Lifeline in Shambles

Nathan Shepard’s guide forecasts future doom and gloom. Ultimately, he believes that we will not be able to count on society’s infrastructure and support services. Truly, this may be an every man and woman for himself and herself scenario.

Yes, Nathan wants you to keep your faith but not necessarily depend on the Lord’s intervention. Developing your own reserve of super survival skills, you’ll be able to fend for yourself, and protect yourself against a series of threats.

Each of Nathan’s survival ideas can be included in a segment of ‘What would you do … if’ series.

In order to be included among the ‘Survival of the fittest,’ you’ll need to stock up on food and water now. Your stockpile will include gallons upon gallons of water and calorie-dense and nutritious foods, such as beans, rice, wheat, and corn.

Surprisingly, thousands of folks worldwide are already hoarding water and food, if not for the final days but as a hedge on skyrocketing food prices.

Think about the adverse weather conditions now. During winter, extreme cold, even in more temperate zones, has destroyed crops. Drought impacts food supplies. Soil erosion continues to deplete important food staples. Heavy rainfall floods fields, rotting additional crops. And that is just the beginning. As the food supply dwindles and an ever-increasing demand exists, it seems prudent to store part of today’s feast for tomorrow’s famine. It’s also essential to learn how to prevent food spoilage.

While you’re stockpiling commodities, you’ll also master the primitive skills of fire. (Perhaps it’s best to store lighters and materials that you can use for tinder, kindling and fuel wood, too.) But nevertheless, building a fire, and even making your own drinking water, are within the scope of surviving one’s potential final days.

The reader will also be privy to info on how to protect against EMP or Electro-Magnetic Pulse. Even with nuclear war or terrorist attack, you can learn how to shield your electronics from harm. You can even protect your vehicles although most will survive even under an EMP attack. However, embrace the Boy scout motto, ‘Be prepared.’ Theoretically, you can purchase backup modules for your vehicle’s key electronics and then store these replacements in EMP Cover bags. By the end of Survive the End Days, you’ll gain the knowledge base to save important personal supplies.

There’s other insight provided on how to survive a toxic gas attack. This really has relevance in today’s chaotic and crazy world. Consider last year’s chemical attack in Syria when the toxic nerve gas, Sarin, was used. Even a pea-sized dab of this lethal chemical is enough to cause death. However, antidotes exist and they must be administered immediately. Waiting for medical intervention, even if it existed, is a death sentence. Nathan mentions exactly what you need to have in your possession to survive noxious gas.

All in all, after reading Survive the End Days, you’ll be ready for any number of cataclysmic events. The knowledge gained will not only help you during the apocalypse but the here and now.

Who is the Author of Survive the End Days?

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Now there are those who don’t put much stock in every Tom, Dick, and Chicken Little who proclaim the sky is falling. Many dismiss doomsayers as crackpots.

But a surprising number of people truly believe that our days are numbered. Moreover, they believe that we can live another day if we’re equipped with the right skills and ingenuity.

Nathan Shepard is in this camp, and his thought-provoking primer, Survive the Final Days, is meant to awaken us to the stark reality of the world’s grim future. Knowing the inevitable, he wants us to be ready to deal with calamitous circumstances when they inevitably arise.

Nathan is a theologian and has researched and studied the Bible for over 17 years. He has a passion about the nature of religious ideas and principles, and God’s role within the universe.

But he shares a common inquisitiveness pertaining to the second coming of Jesus. With one eye focused on Bible commentary and parables, and another on current world events, he has postulated on Jesus’s return date. He asserts that all will be revealed in the beginning of 2017 where life as we know it will change forever.

Nathan Shepard does not just provide empty, nonsensical declarations. He uses a complete array of political and social facts sprinkled with a hefty dose of Biblical analysis. Indeed, these present day developments seemingly reflect Biblical prophecy. Even nonbelievers may find Nathan’s argument almost too convincing for comfort.

But even if you steadfastly refuse to believe in an imploding world, Survive the End Days, may be worth the price for its scope of survival training.

Survive the End Days – Pros

Those who are Biblical scholars or those who read the Bible on a consistent basis will appreciate Nathan’s scholarly Biblical analysis.

Even nonbelievers’ interest will be peaked with Nathan’s Biblical explanations for modern-day events. Is America the Bible’s counterpart of Babylon?

Political students and others interested in modern day affairs may very well find Nathan’s contention that Russia may spell the end of the United States plausible.

Those who believe in conspiracy theories will find Survive the End Days riveting.

Nathan Shepard is more than equipped to dispense survival advice. He actually lived with the Amish for two years. (These hearty people who don’t rely on electricity are best suited to survive any apocalypse.)

The amount of survival training provided is vast. Aside from the content already revealed in the review, you’ll discover the 7 must-have medicine supplies for any disaster, how to keep your family safe from hungry and violent looters, self-preservation techniques when no power is available, and so much more.

Survive the End Day reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. It is a very popular online product and continues to draw a vast, diverse, and educated audience.

You can read Survive the End Days for 60 days and still return it if you’re not completely satisfied. The initial cost is very affordable at $37.

You’ll also receive two bonuses with purchase. The bonus package includes two reports: How to Survive the Next Nuclear Attack and Chemical Wars Survival Guide. You’ll also receive our additional Survive the End Days bonuses by purchasing it through our link.

Any Negatives to Report?

Some may find Nathan Shepard’s arguments specious. Biblical references may lend themselves to different interpretations.

The subject matter is very intense, and well, rather depressing. (Still, Nathan wants his readers to feel a sense of empowerment even during the most adverse circumstances.)

Some may dismiss the entire notion that the world as we know it is coming to an end. (But does this sentiment reflect hope rather than the reality?) Others assert that the author is just engaging in fear mongering for personal gain.

Survive the End Days Review – Final Determination

This resource is all-encompassing. It includes Biblical study and scholarly research, Judeo-Christian principles, present-day political examination, and of course, survival training techniques. There’s a lot to digest but the material is written with clarity and insight.

Regardless of your perspective on the future of the world, the information presented is intriguing and worthy of debate.

But what is not controversial is the importance of learning survival skills – whether they’re tomorrow or today. After reading and reflecting on Survive the End Days, you’ll feel a sense of greater security knowing that you can protect yourself and your family during desperate times.

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Survive the End Days – Learn the Spine Chilling Theory Linking Current Events to Bible Prophecies and What You Can Do to Survive the Apocolype

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This is a term that is widely used to connote the end days. In the Book of Scripture, Armageddon depicts the site where two armies face a last battle, one representing the enemies of God (human governments) and God’s supporters and worshippers.
One major criticism of Survive the End Days is its ostensible fear mongering, shaping the public psyche and perception for personal gain. To others, Nathan Shepard’s objective is not monetary but philanthropic, helping others to prepare for and cope with unspeakable, adverse conditions.
The counterpart to ancient Babylon is present-day America, according to Nathan Shepard. Barack Obama has been tabbed the “King of the South,” while Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is deemed the “King of the North. A power struggle continues until Russia purportedly attacks Mystery Babylon.

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