Save the Marriage Review – Lee Baucom’s Guide to Marital Bliss

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Save the Marriage – They say that the best way to handle divorce is not to get one. In this Save the Marriage review, I’ll uncover Lee Baucom’s ideas on how couples can stay together. Armed with a Ph.D., and years of experience counseling couples, Baucom now rejects traditional approaches to marriage counseling. Why? They simple don’t work.

Premise of Save the Marriage

In Dr. Baucom’s Save the Marriage System, he points to an 80% failure rate of standard marriage counseling techniques. In contrast, he boats a success rate of 80-90%. How does he define success? The couples reestablish connection, find common ground, and well, live happily ever after (with a few twists, turns, and natural disappointments). The main outcome: the couples simply stay together where harmony usually reigns.

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Specifically, Lee Baucom rejects the idea of relationship exploration when it comes to past hurts. This can lead to an analysis stalemate where both parties adhere to their own sides of the story, and refuse to let go of their pride, disappointment, and anger.

According to Baucom, the couple has to agree to move award. Getting stuck on past disagreements and arguments solves nothing. Solutions, acceptable to both members, are seldom found and the residual resentment prevents any feelings of attachment and closeness.

Louise Hay, spiritual writer, may agree with Baucom. She once uttered the words that I’ll never forget: “Would you rather be happy or right?”

Save the Marriage – Novel Concept

Did you know that a marriage can be saved if only one person wants to salvage it? This is one of Lee Baucom’s mantras.

Now before you shake your head in disbelief, realize that one’s self-concept, thoughts, and attitude can truly have an amazing effect on relationships.

Think of it: when you’re in a negative space, where you feel cynical and bitter towards the world, including your loved ones, you feel disconnected from everyone. In turn, others often feel a type of separation from you.

In contrast, when loving thoughts pervade your entire body, others sense your openness and kinship. They’re more likely to want to be around you.

Now this does not mean that you should want to stay in a relationship when you’re emotional needs are not being met. But when one is one’s own best friend, emotionally mature and stable, this individual is not so needy. Moreover, such a person is more understanding and compassionate, and does not readily point an accusatory finger at others. Positive attributes will come in handy if a marriage is to be saved.

Lee Baucom’s Mantras in the Save the Marriage System

There is much wisdom dispensed in this publication. And you’ll be able to collect these kernels of wisdom because of Baucom’s conversational approach. This book is not the boring variety blah, blah, blah discourse. His descriptive language, methaphors and similes, and vignettes, will draw your interest and have you nodding in approval.

One important principle which I alluded to before is to simply take responsibility. ‘It’s your fault” are 3 words that may be uttered as frequently as ‘I love you.’ Stop pushing buttons or emotional triggers which can have adverse relationship effects. Explore your own red hot buttons to see if your reactions are fanning the flames of discontent.

A successful marriage that has longevity also requires action when adversity rears its ugly head. Relationships don’t take care of themselves. Indeed, they require work and too many of us don’t like work. But purposeful action can help resolve problems. The course of action may not always help you achieve any given goal but inaction will generally spell defeat.

Dr. Baucom reveals his other pillars of strengthening marital bonds, and that alone is reason enough to purchase the book.

Save the Marriage – Content Overview

In his 17-chapter Save the Marriage System book, Lee Baucom does everything within his power to inspire his readers to take action and achieve the marriage of their dreams. No, Baucom is not content on simply preventing divorce; he wants to blaze the path towards relationship enhancement – marital bliss. This is possible even when a relationship looks over, like the discovery of an affair.

According to Baucom, there is not only one path to matrimonial harmony, but 8 paths and each one must be uniquely addressed. Let’s examine the Save the Marriage System content via 3 sections:

Section 1 (chapters 1-5): Baucom debunks old-fashioned, conventional couples counseling methods. He examines those aspects of a dysfunctional relationship (discard the need for control and power) and those of a happy one (communication, intimacy on all levels, etc.)

Section 2: (chapters 6-10): In this part of the Save the Marriage System, the reader will be able to better identify a relationship that spirals downward and rekindle feelings that have been dormant or absent. The reader will also explore negative emotions, such as anger, and become less egocentric. Love may be barely on the surface but it’s possible to tap into that reservoir of love and caring.

Section 3: (chapters 11-17): In this section of Save the Marriage, the reader will receive lessons of trust, forgiveness, present-orientation, the stages of intimacy, the danger of mood swings, taking action, and a host of other components that can make or break a marriage. He even tackles the ‘big stuff’ of marriage; money and sex.

The Save the Marriage System – Is it a Buy?

This book deserves special praise because Baucom is not afraid to go against counseling convention. He presents new approaches for those who want to build their connection – not only to their significant other, but to themselves.

Through practical advice, presented in an easy-to-follow, conversational tone, he leads the reader to question his/her own emotional sources of turbulence – the need for power, control, blame, anger, resentment, and egocentric self-righteousness.

Now, he empowers the reader to have the wisdom to identify a negative mindset and the courage to change it. Feelings of pain and anguish can give way to insight, patience, love, and generosity of spirit.

Save the Marriage by Lee Baucom gives you a blueprint for going forward in your marriage when so much is at stake. Did you know that nearly half of marital unions end in divorce? This should be required reading for anyone who does not want to fall into a divorcee category.

Dr. Baucom also puts his money where his mouth is. If this book is unable to help you get the results you’re looking for, you’re entitled to a no questions asked refund. But its insightful and sensible principles should not only help your marriage flourish but your other important relationships, too.

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