Defeating Diabetes Kit Review – Victory Over Type 2 Diabetes?

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Defeating Diabetes Kit Review – Will it Lower Your A1C?

If you’re investigating the Defeating Diabetes Kit Program, you or a loved one may be dealing with a pre-diabetic condition or experiencing this problematic metabolic disease. If you’re not able to produce sufficient insulin on your own, you need a way for it to be introduced in the body to avoid elevating levels of glucose in the blood. Prominent nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim, has designed a protocol to do just that. Will the strategies and methods that he highlights in Defeating Diabetes Kit work?

Review of the Product: Defeating Diabetes Kit System

  • Program: Aptly named, Defeating Diabetes Kit
  • Author: Yuri Elkaim, New York Times best-selling author
  • Premise: The food you consume and performing the right exercises will have a tremendous impact on your condition
  • Potential audience: Any health-conscious individual, particularly one battling blood sugar woes
  • Users feedback: Overwhelmingly positive
  • Price: Now on sale for $17 – a discount of $30 from the original price of $47
  • Refund: 100% money-back guarantee if you return the product within 60 days
  • Available with instant download
Read our Defeating Diabetes Kit review and find a natural anti-diabetes program that incorporates diet and exercise.

Now what is very promising is Yuri Elkaim’s contention that it is never too late to battle diabetes. The body is an amazing machine with remarkable recuperative powers, especially when benefitting from proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Yuri first witnessed a dramatic turnaround in his dad’s Diabetes 2 symptoms. After eating a diabetes-squashing diet and improving his lifestyle with less stress and more exercise, Yuri’s dad enjoyed a remarkable transformation, including the loss of his ‘diabetic belly fat.’

His dad’s extremely favorable results influenced Yuri Elkaim to write down the most important elements of the program and fine-tune them. The result: a very popular program, Defeating Diabetes Kit, with scores of grateful followers.

Details About the Defeating Diabetes Kit Techniques

We’ve been warned about starch-induced glucose surges. We’ve heard the doom and gloom prescription forecasts that if we don’t follow a low carb diet, diabetes will flourish and jeopardize our health to an even greater extent.

But according to Yuri, the devil is in the details. All starches are not created the same. And there is one white ‘super starch’ – resistant starch – that can be a life-changer.

After reading the benefits of this resistant starch, you’ll be craving it more than ever.

The term, ‘resistant starch’ reflects the fact that the starch reaches the colon intact. Indeed, it is not digested in the stomach or small intestine. In other words, it travels through our digestive system without breaking down.

An operative question arises, ‘How is this good?’ Most important, by ingesting this super starch, blood glucose and insulin levels are not spiked. This in and of itself should help any delicate diabetic state.

In addition, very few calories are consumed. By keeping slim and trip, you’ll derive a host of health benefits: lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, lower risk of heart attacks, greater energy reserves, and other gains, including yes, improvement in diabetes.

Studies reveal that extra weight can make the body resistant to insulin, the master hormone that governs the movement of sugar into your cells. By dropping pounds, you can significantly improve your body’s response to insulin (e.g., make it less sensitive to insulin), enhancing the body’s metabolic processes.

So you see there are great advantages of consuming this super starch, especially as it reduces your appetite. As it’s not digested, it reaches the colon en masse and feeds our gut’s friendly bacteria. These bacteria colonies, in turn, create health-promoting gases and short-chain fatty acids.

Yuri Elkaim firmly believes there is a direct connection between gut health and diabetes. Simply, by improving gut health, diabetes complications are less likely to result.

The Defeating Diabetes Kit expounds at length about the gut, super starch, and all things related to an optimal diabetes diet. After reading the guide, you’ll know what to put on your plate and feel that with each bite of a food staple, you’ll be beating diabetes.

Diabetes Education – The Components of the Kit

This program is designed to be a viable alternative to diabetes medicine. Product creator, Yuri Elkaim, goes into length about how drugs designed to conquer diabetes can actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In fact, he cites this landmark study where subjects took the diabetes drug, Avandia, and it purportedly contributed to cases of health failure / attacks.

But Yuri goes furhter on the rampage against the medical community’s protocol for its diabetic patients. He rallies against all types of drugs in the anti-diabetes arsenal, including Lantus. He asserts that such drugs can actually increase the risk of cancer! Talk about going from the proverbial fire into the frying pan.

There may or may not be a cancer risk as perhaps the studies were flawed. You can read about the brouhaha here. Regardless of whether there exists a drug-cancer link, most folks would agree that a natural and holistic program, designed to combat a given condition, is worthy of evaluation.

Now back to the content of the guide. It features the following:

Component #1: The Super Starch Solution – You’ll read all about the advantages of consuming this super starch. The food is readily accessible, and can quickly spell relief.
Specifically, you’ll read about:

  • The 4 best sources of resistant starch – and yes, you’ll be happily surprised at the recommendations
  • Resistant starch food preparation so you’ll be able to maximize benefits
  • A simple white powder that you can add to water that gives you a heap of resistant starch fighting power

Component #2: How to Eat to Beat Diabetes – The right food may be your best weapon against diabetes. Inside, you’ll learn:

  • 14 diabetes-friendly recipes that will help conquer your condition and still make your taste buds happy
  • 7-Day Rapid Results” diabetes-friendly meal plan – Yuri provides his dietary recommendations if you’re searching for incredibly fast, effective results
  • A thorough list of tasty low-glycemic foods
  • Other diabetic-friendly foods that will delight your palate
  • The most potent vitamins and herbs to curb this disease
  • The latest research in the field from a holistic perspective
  • The one secret that can make the proverbial difference in your condition
  • Insights galore about what works and what does not

Component #3: 20 Delicious Diabetes Recipes – Here are additional recipes to add to your other culinary masterpieces. These meals will not take long to create and the ingredients are not difficult to gather. Hopefully, your diabetes will fall to the wayside as you consume these mouth-watering treats.

Component #4: Iso Burn “No Movement” Workout – Any program designed to defeat diabetes should incorporate exercise. Indeed a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to battle any health condition.

But movement – twisting, turning, spinning, and jumping – are not required here. Yuri shows how this is possible through a 20-minute workout, available in audio and video format. Exercise may never be as easy to perform. Even seniors should not have trouble keeping up although any exercise program (and dietary modifications, too) should be discussed with a physician first.

A bonus component: The All-Day Energy Diet Community Cookbook – At present, you can get this bonus with purchase of Defeating Diabetes Kit. Can you tell that food is an essential part of your anti-diabetes regimen?

Here, you’ll receive 67 more tasty tidbits that can thwart diabetes in its tracks. These meals, on average, can take less than 15 minutes to make. That’s what I call fast relief!

Additional Bonuses

– By ordering this important resource, you’ll be privy to our own additional bonuses (see below). You can keep these e-books even if you return the Defeating Diabetes Kit program.

Of course, the biggest bonus is the way you’ll feel after implementing all the methods and strategies to get rid of diabetes signs and symptoms.

Review of the Program

This program, immediately accessible, is a true bargain. It’s a modest $17 and should answer all your nutrition-related questions pertaining to the condition. You’ll have a slew of new delicious, recipes to try with ready-to-find ingredients. Results should be cumulative as you implement a new way of eating, and perhaps, a new way of living.

You’ll now know the proper way to eat and exercise. Other health benefits should also materialize as you begin to take care of yourself.


  • You’ll gain tremendous insight on how to best attack the disease. You’ll learn secrets that are not readily available online.
  • You’ll have a greater variety of foods to sample, and gain the reassurance that they will help conquer diabetes
  • You’ll discover a fantastic workout that will not tax your system and can offer tremendous help with the disease
  • You’ll have direct access to the work and research of a famous nutritionist who has even appeared on Dr. Oz and has produced a NY Times best-seller
  • You’ll no longer be adversely affected by the myths of diabetes and have a clearer understanding of what works and what does not
  • The resource is only $17 and comes with a money-back guarantee of two months. Bonuses are also included.

Negative Aspects

Once again, I’m concerned about any prescription of firing your doctor and throwing the diabetes drugs out the window. Ultimately, how you assail a medical condition is up to you but it’s nice to have the ear and mind of a knowledgeable physician. I don’t see why this program cannot be implemented even if you under a doctor’s care.

Also, this program takes work, self-control, and self-discipline. It’s not easy to stay on the healthy food bandwagon but it’s so worth it to stay on course.

Final Word

Affordable and insightful, the Defeating Diabetes kit is worth the time and expense to read. The scientifically-based information gleaned from it should truly help in the fight against a seemingly intractable condition. Many followers of the protocol report a dramatic reduction in blood sugar levels, reflected in the A1C test.

Reviews across the board have been glowing and by implementing the tips, tricks, and strategies, I’m hoping that you’ll glow with grace, free of any diabetic symptoms.

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