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14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing Review
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Author Alicia Banta has an important message to share. In her guide, 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing, it is clear that she believes we have the inner strength, power, and wisdom to heal ourselves and just about overcome any seemingly insurmountable obstacle. She shares the impetus behind her discoveries of spiritual awakening and healing in this book. The purpose of my 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing review is to highlight Alicia Banta’s insight – perspective that has the power to change your life.

14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing Review – 2 Weeks to be Born Again?

Review 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing, a book that leads towards inner-peace and spiritual awakening

When I first started reading this guide, I was admittedly a little skeptical. How can one radically change one’s state of life in such a short period of time? I’m not referring, of course, to winning the lottery. I’m simply curious, and perhaps envious, of someone who can turn around the tides of life in half a month.

I mean most of us have a lifetime of cultivating counter-productive habits and thoughts. Our choices are sometimes poor and relegate us to situations that leave us without any viable options. Other times, we suffer the proverbial ‘Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” Life happens and we find ourselves feeling victimized, hopeless, and immobilized.

Alicia Banta knows this ‘gloom and doom feeling.’ She suffered a horrific skiing accident and almost lost her leg due to infection. Hospitalization presented a series of challenges. Rehabilitation was an even longer, more arduous process.

Alicia endured incessant physical and emotional pain. Narcotic pain relievers, sedatives, and tranquilizers could hardly assuage her discomfort. Her injury was so extensive that it even necessitated skin grafts. It would be difficult for anyone not to feel vulnerable under this circumstance.

But at this bleak, grim juncture, Alicia Banta marshaled her inner reserve and her connection to the higher power. As she mentions in 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing, “My right leg was forever changed, but more importantly, my soul was about to be forever changed.”

Now Alicia’s transformation did not happen overnight. And it took longer than 14 days. Her evolvement was a work in progress. But the concepts outlined conveniently for us in this manual were not available and accessible to Alicia instantaneously. She had to figure this out for herself. But her discoveries can now expedite our travel along the path towards self-healing and salvation.

And to clarify, I’m not referring to this enlightened path as being born again in the Evangelical sense. I simply mean that we’re getting in touch with our own spirit and with God’s spirit. It matters little if your faith is Christian. The principles in the book, 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing are universal and can be applied by anyone. I’m sure even agnostic atheists can find value in the manual’s tips on self-reflection and discarding a negative mindset.

14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing – The Content

This book is not afraid to ask readers to invoke God in the healing process. In fact, there is a reflective assignment asking readers to ruminate and write about God’s Blessings. Another asks us to ponder what actions we’re participating in to create a disconnect from God.

Those who are religious-minded or spiritually-inclined (like me) welcome this type of sentiment. Indeed, I agree with Alicia that in today’s frenetic pace of life, it’s easy to forget God and His source of empowerment.

But if you take offense to books that are not completely secular than 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing is not for you. Be forewarned (or encouraged) that Alicia Banta shares many Biblical references to underscore her healing techniques and strategies.

The 65-page guide presents actionable tips to acquire a peaceful mind and a grateful heart. Each day of the 14 days is a lesson to master (i.e., forging a connection to God, giving up control and trusting, finding joy within, etc.) By the end of the book, the reader will not only master each lesson for that day, but for the rest of life. There’s a synergy among the guide’s core principles and the reflective assignments help them become more concrete and internalized.

I probably could write a dissertation on all the mindset shifting that Alicis is recommending. Here are my 2 favorite tidbits. (It would be unprofessional if I give away all of Alicia’s secrets in this 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing Review):

a) Your subconscious mind has the answers – Alicia writes eloquently about the conscious and subconscious mind. She believes that the subconscious mind holds the key to our imagination, creativity, and empowerment. We just have to tap into its reserves. Now when Alicia is confronted with a very difficult problem, she refuses to think that she does not have a solution. Rather, she is confident that her subconscious will figure it out. How encouraging! The next time an obstacle gets in your way, tell yourself that your subconscious will remove it.

b) God is on your side – You’re not alone although it may appear to you that you live an isolated, desolate, and hopeless existence. God wants to extend his Blessings to his children, according to Alicia. It’s so easy to get caught up in a ‘victim mindset,’ believing that nothing will ever go your way. Furthermore, many of us (and I’m included in this category) believe that all hardship is supposed to teach us a lesson. I would rather subscribe to the notion that God wants us to truly be happy, and feels joy in our joy. (My prayers are now going to be more specific as to what I want. This is another one of Alicia’s recommendations.)

Simply, the entire book is about transformation and setting oneself on a more content, peaceful path – one replete with unbridled joy, confidence, and faith. And along this spiritual journey, we should discard negativity, fear, and all other counter-productive emotions that harness our potential and sabotage our lives. By connecting with God, taking responsibility, trusting more, and loving more, we can receive the blessings of light, hope, and healing.

Final Word

One of my favorite television programs when it was running was ‘Touched by an Angel.” In the show, the angels lent guidance to troubled souls on how to approach and overcome a problem.

Similarly, Alicia Banto may now be assuming Roma Downey’s Touched by an Angel persona. She is guiding readers towards a better path. First, there is mindset shift, followed by a shift of actions.

If you’re ready and courageous enough to start anew and make real changes in your life, you may find 14 Days to Light, Hope, and Healing a true blessing.

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Our 14 Days to Light, hope, and Healing review concludes that the guide, created by Alicia Banto, is well worth the cost