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I admit it: The name, ‘Half-a-Brain Profit Machine’ immediately galvanized my interest. I’ll stand in line for any system where optimal brain capacity is not necessary. 🙂 I had to learn more so I contacted creator, Jeremy Kennedy, who filled in the gaps by providing a firsthand look at his unique program. After watching his comprehensive video, I had to write this Half-a-Brain Profit Machine Review and share my findings.

Half-a-Brain-Profit Machine Review – What’s the Buzz?

Learn the synergy between product creation and email list marketing from Half-a-Brain Profit Machine

Jeremy Kennedy is already a successful and prominent affiliate marketer and his products are well-received. But although he is now on the mountaintop of affiliate success, once upon a time, he, too, was a new and struggling affiliate. But long story short, he blazed a trail up the challenging affiliate marketing terrain and found his own version of ‘Kwan.’

His roadmap to success was not based on solo ads, niche sites, pay per click, CPA offers, or a multitude of other strategies. Of course, his financial coffers expanded with some of these techniques. However, his claim to fame, and well, fortune, was based on a primary method: creating products, and his newest creation, Half-a-Brain Profit Machine, is really a case study, proving his point. In truth, there really is money in them there hills, assuming you park yourself on a tree stump and start the creative juices flowing.

You’ll soon create a product (Jeremy mentions that it really should not take more than two weeks to do so), launch it, and start to grow your list. Yes, ‘the money is in the list’ may be the only common guru mantra you should embrace. Even Jeremy states that you’ll make so much more from your customer list than you will with the actual sales of the product.

This makes sense, even to this addled brain. Case in point: Why do some product creators give 100% commission away for their frontend product and even their backend products. They may possess generosity of spirit, but here’s the bigger picture: They know that they can email their list about other products they create or even affiliate products they represent. When customers buy such products using the product creator’s links, he/she just echoes the ‘ka-ching sound.’

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Half-a-Brain Product Creation – Where to Begin?

In his video training, I really appreciate Jeremy’s soothing, reassuring style, and ‘Kiss’ (Keep it Simple Stupid) formula. He does an outstanding job of walking the Half-a-Brain customer (i.e., the customer who purchases the Half-a-Brain product and not one who possesses the intelligence of half a brain) through the product creation process.

What is the first question students typically ask? How long does the product have to be? Mr. Kennedy reminds his audience that quality trumps quantity every time. A 10-page report is more than sufficient to accumulate funds, assuming the product creator is providing value.

Jeremy ascribes to the notion of ‘one problem – one solution.’ By solving a problem clearly and intelligently, particularly addressing a problem where a hungry, desperate audience is looking for answers, any given product creator can attain almost immediate success.

In addition, Jeremy Kennedy provides such insight on what to write about for those who are still immobilized. He provides sources of where to look for topic ideas. He is not reinventing the wheel, but simply getting the wheels of your brain to go in forward motion. He serves as a mentor encouraging his audience to take purposeful, inspired action, and not be derailed by lack of confidence, direction, or ‘Shiny Object Syndrome.’

Indeed,the wannabe successful affiliate’s path is clear: create, create, create your own product. Did I emphasize that you need to create your own product enough? According to Jeremy, the product does not necessarily have to be in the form of an e-book PDF, report, or some other type of written document. Creative types can use a video format, for example. As I mentioned before, the main training of Half-a-Brain Profit Machine uses the miracle of mp4 video.

Product Creation to Product Launching

The Half-a-Brain Profit Machine does not just reveal the importance of product creation with its concomitant email list building, but goes into length about how to best launch the product. Discussion includes how to tap into the reservoir of an abundant affiliate force. He mentions the entire kit and caboodle of how to increase your numbers of affiliate representatives, sharing those sites and groups that you must know to make your affiliate numbers and product sales grow.

In addition, traffic will no longer be a problem after purchasing Half-a-Brain Profit Machine. Jeremy provides secrets on getting floods of traffic using free traffic sources. They will come to your offer once you implement Jeremy Kennedy’s ideas.

Jeremy leaves no stone unturned when it comes to successful product launching. He reviews, for example, how to create an aesthetically-pleasing, crowd-drawing sales letter. Those who watch the Half-a-Brain Profit Machine will be in a better position to do it themselves. But there’s no shame in outsourcing this crucial task; in fact, Jeremy believes it may be prudent to do so. He even lets his audience know which outsourcer he uses for his own product launch announcements.

By the end of this section, you’ll be an expert on sales and joint venture (jv) letters. You’ll know the price points that convert, copywriting that sells, and everything in between.

Half-a-Brain Profit Machine Review – Pros

The training will enable you to set up instant profit funnels. It may only take you two weeks to go from struggling affiliate to a successful product creator.

There is a wealth of knowledge you’ll gain from the course. You’ll be able to:

  • pick a niche with ease
  • learn the elements of a top-notch product and its corresponding back-end products
  • be privy to secrets on how to optimally set up a product web page and build traffic to it
  • tap into an army of affiliates, begging you to represent your product
  • write or outsource effective sales and joint venture letters
  • develop ‘profit multipliers’ that will explode your PayPal account
  • reach the promised land of affiliate success if you’re willing to do the work

The Half-a-Brain Profit Machine is aptly named. It really does not require too much mental acumen to follow Jeremy Kennedy’s program and implement the strategies.

You’ll have a clear idea how to proceed. Most struggling affiliates are overwhelmed by information overload or paralysis by analysis. Now, you’ll have direction and purpose.

Jeremy Kennedy is only an email away if you need his assistance. He exemplifies the meaning of providing value.

The formula does not depend on expert knowledge or prior affiliate success. It’s perfect for newbies or struggling affiliates in their quest to finally profit from their hard work.

Half-a-Brain Profit Machine is only $9.95 – a true bargain! You’ll also receive our generous bonus package if you purchase it through our link.

Half-a-Brain Profit Machine Review – Negatives of the Program

No 100% guarantees can be made that Half-a-Brain Profit Machine will work for you. (However, the odds are in your favor if you take constructive action and actually make and launch a product following Jeremy Kennedy’s plan.)

Here is an idea for Jeremy, you, or even myself. It’s not included in Half-a-Brain Profit Formula. It would be great if someone would show a step-by-step actual case study – from product creation to product launch … and the end results. (But it would not be difficult to reverse engineer any given successful product, finding its associated sales letters, links, etc. Of course, there would be some missing pieces, but one could gather meaningful intelligence on any product launch.)

Are there any Half-a-Brain Profit Machine OTOs?

I’m glad that you asked. You’ll see a sales funnel in action, and can opt to purchase two great OTOs:

Leadership Domination Review

Do you want to know the difference between making 0-1 sales vs. 100+ sales on any affiliate product you represent? Jeremy Kennedy’s Leadership Domination spills the beans on how to create a cascade of customers who will buy through your link.

Towards that end, pre-launch processes are vital, including drumming up interest in any affiliate offering. You’ll learn how to ‘work your list’ and get the results you’re looking for. The only expense will be the use of an autoresponder.

Your customer list does not necessarily have to be expansive. Even a small list, if marketed to properly, can bring you a small fortune. But in order to reap optimal benefits, you’ll need to know process and timing. Here, Leadership Domination excels and you’ll even learn what to do on the day of the launch! In fact, day launch activities are crucial if success is to be realized.

Leadership Domination requires value. If your name is going to be high on the leadership charts, you really have to give the people what they want. You’ll need to provide solid information on the product and ‘can’t say no to bonuses.’ One single bonus, well, the right single bonus can outweigh hundreds of PRL products that other affiliates promote.

As you’re going to be a Half-a-Brain Profit Machine graduate, you can use the secrets you’ll discover in Leadership Domination to rule the affiliate marketing niche.

Leadership Domination Review is priced at $17. (You should be able to make that up if you participate in a launch.)

Half-Brain Profit Machine OTO #2 – IM 4 Neophytes VIP Membership

I mentioned before that Jeremy Kennedy provides support for his products. But instead of the occasional email help, you may greatly benefit from his direct guidance and direction. IM 4 Neophytes stands for Internet Marketing for neophytes where the group membership can take you by the hand and lead you to affiliate success.

IM 4 Neophytes VIP Membership is an all-access membership training where members will receive personal attention from Jeremy as they formulate product ideas, create products, launch them, build sales funnels, and market to an email list.

The learning curve will become quicker as you receive help from our resident expert, Jeremy Kennedy. He offers bi-monthly no-pitch training courses and is easily accessible, even through Skype. His personalized customer support is even bolstered by access to other affiliate marketing experts (you’ll receive insight from them) and a wealth of bonuses, that will expedite your trip to paradise (i.e., success in the affiliate marketing field.)

IM 4 Newphytes VIP Membership costs a reasonable $27 per month.

Half-a-Brain Profit Machine Review Summary

Whether or not you get the OTOs, Leadership Domination and/or the IM 4 Neophytes VIP Membership, the Half-a-Brain Profit Machine is a ‘no-brainer purchase.’ It’s vital to receive clear direction and gain a sense of hope and purpose to succeed in the challenging affiliate marketplace.

The Half-a-Brain Profit Machine recording will give you a lot of ‘a-ha’ moments and enable you to focus on one clear path to affiliate wealth: product creation with its associated email marketing. You’ll learn every nuance of creating a product, launching it successfully, and building/growing/nurturing that email list.

Half-a-Brain Profit Machine should ignite your creativity and passion, and inspire a ‘can do’ attitude within you.

Again, please note that if you order Half-a-Brain Profit Machine using any of our links on this page, you will be entitled to these bonuses

Learn more about Jeremy Kennedy and his interests and ideas.

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