Blog Profit King Review (BECOME a BLOGGING BARON)

There are many paths that lead towards affiliate marketing success, and a tried and true one revolves around blog creation. But if you want to become a blog profit king, you don’t just have to know how to construct a blog from a technical standpoint, but you need to know how to develop a blog from a monetary one.

Yes, you must become adept at using a blog-building platform, like WordPress (unless you outsource). Moreover, it’s imperative to gain knowledge on how to structure a blog, understand what content to include, figure out how to choose the right keyword phrases to target, and so much more. Steve S., webmaster of, has created a resource designed to take any would-be blogger from points A to Z to hit pay dirt. I’ll reveal the particulars of Steve’s guide in this Blog Profit King review.

Blogging Success – It Starts with Preparation

This Blog Profit King review highlights Steve's methods to create a golden blog - one that will produce income

Steve wants his students to be very meticulous. It’s imprudent to just quickly slap together a website and indiscriminately write content. Therefore, before installing any WordPress site, blog conceptualization is required. Indeed, initial design and planning may be the most crucial phase if your online property is going to pay dividends.

In an effort to streamline this process, Steve asks you to weigh all the various considerations, such as the main objective of the blog, the domain you intend to use, relevant categories, primary blog-related phrases, and other components. Performing this preliminary work will save you time and headaches down the line. You’ll be able to follow your blueprint and systematically make progress as the site expands.

You’ll also remain on target as your initial (and ongoing) research should encompass those phrases that pertain to the purpose of the blog. Steve offers several tools to perform this research, and they can reveal golden nugget terms that provide ample traffic and perhaps have less competition.

But before even deciding on what terms to go after, you may need assistance in choosing a niche. Blog Traffic Kings graciously provides 6 sources, such as Google Trends, to find those coveted niches that are worth pursuing.

Also, the devil is in the details and Steve’s resource helps you to find under the radar domain names, a reliable hosting company, appealing themes, and other options to use to successfully brand yourself or your company. He lists those tools that he has used and capitalized on.

(I was fortunate to gain review access and the member’s area is very well-organized and easy to navigate.)

Blog Profit King Review – A How-to Blog Set-Up Guide

Blog Profit King also provides the nuts and bolts of physically setting up a blog. This is why the 31 page PDF guide is perfect for newbies who don’t yet have the technical knowhow to take their ideas and convey them online.

While blog set up is not a difficult endeavor, it becomes so much easier when you’re provided a step-by-step process to accomplish this task. For example, you’ll get the entire procedure of installing a blog from your hosting cPanel.

Once the blog is live, you’ll become acquainted with all the options – from pages to posts, themes to settings, media to plugins, and everything in between. Steve provides the specifics of what parameters he uses, and emphasizes those components he feels are particularly significant. For instance, he lists indispensable plugins. While you don’t have to configure your blog the exact same way as Steve, you will at least have a frame of reference when you decide to launch your site.

And if there is any confusion as to how to proceed or what to consider, you should consult the accompanying Blog Profit King checklist. Here, Steve outlines the “action items” you’ll need to incorporate from the very beginning.

For example, here are the first 3 action steps:

1. Develop a website plan and save documents for future notes. (This includes the preparation you’ll perform, described above.)
2. Do niche research
3. Research copyright and branding

Steve includes 27 actions but if any require some level of technical skills, he relays exactly how to complete it.

Profitability Arising from Traffic and Monetization Methods

In the PDF training, Steve reviews traffic-generating sources. He includes discussion on press releases, social media, guest blogging, and even using paid traffic. It’s always best to use a combination of traffic methods for their synergistic effect. Moreover, if one source does not pan out, your site will still receive its share of visitors.

But traffic without conversions is meaningless. Towards this end, Steve reveals ways to make you a blog profit king. For example, you can highlight affiliate marketing and CPA offers, sell advertising space, promote contextual ads, sell related goods, and more.

Steve briefly dissects each type of monetization method and provides the names of reliable, relevant networks. If you’re interested in promoting CPA offers, for instance, you’ll soon be privy to dependable CPA networks. In this way, Blog Profit King connects the proverbial dots.

Are There Any OTO’S?

The main product is an affordable $7. Two OTOs are available as well:

OTO1 ($39 one-time payment) – Exclusive Video Training – This includes over 7 hours of training on how to make money online via your blog. Steve reveals every tip and trick in over 50 lectures. He expounds on the points that he makes in the main product, and gives you an inside, over-his-shoulder look on what works for him. He even provides bonus instruction, such as how to create a list. In my estimation, the video training is top-notch.

OTO2 ($99 one-time payment) – Professional WordPress Installation Service – Here, you’re affordably outsourcing WordPress installation to Steve and his team. You’ll get all the necessary legal pages you need to showcase as well as all the pages that Google expects to see for ranking purposes. You’ll have access to must-have plugins and get to choose among 50 high quality themes.

This OTO will get you up and running, leading to affiliate commission in no time.

Blog Profit King Review – Final Determination

This resource provides a very solid analysis of blog creation but it’s truly geared for beginning marketers. It’s not for those who are more advanced and have already acquired the expertise in building a blog. Moreover, if you’ve already gained the skillset to draw traffic and monetize offers, you don’t need to invest in this PDF.

However, if you’re just starting out or you continue to struggle in the affiliate marketing field, Blog Profit King would be a worthwhile resource to consult. But truth be told, I prefer Steve’s video presentations (OTO1) than the main product. While I have a preference for video training, it’s still clear that Steve goes into much more detail on all things blog-related than in the e-book.

In the videos, he clearly explains applicable affiliate marketing principles and shows you how to conduct research, utilize WordPress options, build a list, and perform a hundred and one other tasks. The training is very complete – over 7 hours of detailed instruction – and should help you develop a cash-generating blog.

Those who desire a done-for-you blog foundation should seriously consider the installation service (OTO2).

To wrap up, this is one of the few times that I believe the OTO (at least OTO1) should be purchased in conjunction with the main product. The videos are more thorough and analytical than the e-book, and should pave the way towards affiliate success.

There’s no reason you can’t be a blog profit king but it’s the video training that will best help you acquire the Midas Touch.

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