WPClick Bundle Review – A Click Away to Building Magnetic Marketing Pages

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As an affiliate marketer, our goal is to produce high-quality, traffic-generating, and sales-converting websites. We also understand the value of creating professional landing pages and squeeze pages that will galvanize our visitors’ attention. We want them to take action – signing up to our list and/or purchasing a recommended product. But this is easier said than done as so many marketers really don’t know how to create attractive, inviting landers. Never fear my graphically-challenged audience. Successful marketer, Flavius Ciprian, had developed a drag-and-drop plugin, WPClick Bundle, that may help you make a bundle. This WPClick Bundle review will examine Mr. Ciprian’s marketing metchanism and the tasks it can help you accomplish.

The Anatomy of a Fantastic Landing Page that Converts

Read our WPClick Bundle review and see how this tool enables you to create stunning marketing pages that convert

Someone has just clicked your affiliate link but you’ve decided not to directly send them to the offer. (Best practices usually dictate that it’s advisable to send prospective customers to a landing page where you can pre-sell them.) The visitor is now funneled to your landing page, and decides in just a few seconds whether to exit or continue reading. The following components should be included:

  • Uncluttered with ample white space – You don’t want to overwhelm your visitor. Too much context with too many images and excessive calls to action may prove counterproductive. An aesthetically-pleasing, smart-looking page will foster a more positive visitor experience.
  • Easy-to-navigate where the most important questions are answered – Your intention is not to provide a full FAQ about the product; it’s simply to sufficiently enlighten the reader and pique interest to gain the reader’s trust and confidence, and get that desired click. Relevant, rich, and useful content will more readily accomplish this goal, particularly if have your reader’s interests in mind.
  • Bold headlines that are eye-opening – Get Your visitor’s attention as fast as possible. A headline can be controversial, offer a compelling promise, use trigger words that capitalize on behavior psychology … well anything to propel the reader to stay on the page.
  • Captivating call-to-action buttons – Here, you’re directing your prospective customer to engage in a particular action. It should be obvious where those ‘submit,’ ‘learn more,’ or ‘discover how’ buttons are located. They should also be strategically placed to optimize conversions.
  • Images and videos – They serve as landing page accessories, and when used properly, can really spruce up the overall design. Restraint should be used. My mother used to say, ‘Everything in moderation,” and her advice applies here.
  • Quick scanning capability – Assume the reader has very little time and patience. Your reader must be able to scan the lander quickly and easily, and pick up the essential details.

There are other components to a magnetic landing page, but the above ones are exceedingly important. Flavius Ciprian seems to have a firm grasp of what constitutes a successful landing page because his templates reflect them.

But if you find these good-to-go templates too busy, you can simply use your delete button.

In essence, WPClick Bundle provides a paint-by-numbers tool where you can use the full format, just changing text to make it relevant to your offer. Alternatively, you can cut and paste until your heart’s desire so that the final product meets your specifications.

WPClick Bundle Review – Taking A Closer Look

WPClick Bundle is a drag-and-drop editor where you assume the role of a graphic designer. And you can tinker with graphics without knowing any html coding! How? You’re given a complete template foundation with marketing content already visible, and waiting to be edited.

In just a few minutes, with an edit click here, a delete click here, and insert click over there, your beautiful landing page is complete. It’s not just that your creation will be visually-appealing, but more importantly, this will produce sales.

The flexibility in customization will no doubt be appreciated by WPClick customers. Indeed, you can make multiple landing pages, and even use split-testing to see which one is converting best. The product’s creator, Flavius Ciprian, seems to have a multi purpose: he wants you to be able to save time, create hypnotizing landing pages, and skyrocket your sales.

Ultimately, you’ll use your old Mr. Potato techniques, and mix and match parts to produce an enviable lander. With unlimited colors, banner with image, slider, or video, you’ll be able to synergistically combine all the right elements.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to take this framework to create squeeze pages that convert like crazy. You can drop your autorespnder code to start expanding your list of contacts. By the way, the sky’s the limit as to the types of pages you can create from scratch. You can develop sales pages, review pages, down-sell and upsell pages, launch pages, member portals, and any type of page conceivable.

Final Word About WPClick Bundle

Sometimes I get lucky. I was fortunate that Flavius Ciprian wanted me to examine his product and write a WPClick Bundle review. Consequently, he contacted me, providing access to the product. And I’m so glad he did. I will, without hesitation, use this tool to create my own landers and squeeze pages. I can now hold off purchasing other, much more expensive, landing page builders such as InstaBuilder, PageWiz, Lander, LeadPages, or UnBounce.

The most challenging aspect in using WPClick Bundle is the installation process. However, Flavius provides an informative video on transporting the necessary files to your server. After that, this is child’s play as you will not experience any difficulty in maneuvering the elements and changing text.

The cost is also extremely reasonable. There is no monthly fee, unlike several other landing page builders. The following options are available:

  • Startup WPClick Option – This is $29 and is slated for start-ups
  • Advanced option – This program is $47 where the tool can be used on 10 sites. Affiliates with currently 10 sites or less (or intending to have 10 sites or less) may choose this plan.
  • Developer’s option – Here, you can use WPClick Bundle on unlimited sites, including your clients’ sites. This is a suitable business plan for $67.

The support seems top-notch, too. I emailed Flavus several times, and received extremely timely responses. He is very customer-oriented and seems very accessible to answer questions.

In addition, he and his team promise to continually update WPClick Bundle to add new features, and make certain it’s compatible with the latest WordPress platform. It should also continue to work in all browsers and be mobile-responsive.

So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use plugin that can produce magnificent landing pages (and an assortment of other types of pages), WPClick Bundle beckons you. With its impressive library of marketing elements, pre-loaded captivating content, and intuitive navigation, you should consider becoming a WPClick Bundler.