Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Review – Passive Income for the Work Weary

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In this Lazy Affiliate 2.0 review, don’t let the title of the course or the title of this review lull you into a false sense of complacency. Yes, you cannot be completely lazy and expect to generate a nice chunk of change. However, if you’ve been industrious before, impatiently awaiting profit, you’ll be happy to know that Mark Bishop’s strategies will take much less work than usual and provide more favorable results. He outlines his cash-pulling methods in Lazy Affiliate 2.0, and after reviewing the course, you may just say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

But in Lazy Affiliate 2.0, or as Mark refers to as LA 2.0, it’s not sufficient just knowing the concepts. You have to know all the particulars – the ‘how-to’ do this or that. Mark Bishop leaves no stone unturned in explaining the minutia. His detail-oriented but easy-to-follow course provides all the breadcrumbs you need to get to where you want to go: affiliate profitability and eventual success.

Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Review – General Content

Review Lazy Affiliate 2.0 and get access to training on how to make easy affiliate commission

This is a pdf and video compilation product. It offers a systematic way of taking advantage of the power of press releases and captivating squeeze pages. Yes, you’ll finally be able to build a list, even without an authority website.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell. You write an appealing press release that captures interest of the reader. You’re not going to lead the reader to a direct offer. Rather, you’re taking the press release reader by the hand to your squeeze page that does the heavy-lifting, pre-sell work in convincing him/her that your affiliate offer (or even your own product offer) is worth purchasing.

The question arises: How do you know the reader will be interested and serve as a buyer customer? Of course, there is no guarantee but you’ll be highlighting an offer in a niche that has already proven profit-pulling. For instance, desperate and embarrassing niches have allure.

Mark Bishop provides an ideal example. He wrote a press release last year on how to get rid of cold sores fast. To date, this release has generated thousands of views and led to over $1,000 worth of profit. Perhaps this amount is not life-changing. However, it shows the potential of this type of niche, coupled with press release high ranking. Now Mark sent visitors directly to the affiliate sales page. Predictably, he would have done even better had he sent them to a landing or squeeze page, providing their contact name and email address for subsequent sales pitches.

This is the thrust of Lazy Affiliate 2.0: building a list by harnessing the power of press releases and aesthetically-pleasing, expertly crafted squeeze pages. Still, niche selection is important and Mark provides a pdf on selecting a desperate or embarrassing niche.

In addition, he even gives an actual example of a money-making niche offer where he follows the exact strategies that he outlines in Lazy Affiliate 2.0. This is what separates Mark Bishop’s products from many other successful affiliate marketers. He is not averse to revealing case studies.

Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Review – The PDF Particulars

The course encompasses 4 pdfs. The first PDF provides an overview of Mark’s methodologies. I summarized the central ideas above.

The second PDF, PDF booster, lets you know how to maximize ranking of your press release. In a step-by-step fashion, Mark provides the intervention you need to perform to get your PR’s to the top of Google. You need not spend too much money on this step. While too many Fiverr gigs are useless, Mark has uncovered some real gig gems which he generously shares.

The third PDF involves the aforementioned desperate and embarrassing niches. Here, you’ll learn how to excavate those golden niches, and separate the wheat from the chaff. This is an important step. What good is it to write press releases and set up landing pages if the offer holds no mass appeal?

The fourth PDF includes a list of useful resources. You can find out more about Mark Bishop’s go-to Fiverr gigs, his preferred cheap stock images and legal plugin page, and other services he uses to become the successful lazy affiliate he has transformed into.

Lazy Affiliate 2.0 Review – The Video Particulars

I’m more video-oriented and prefer this method of learning. These 12 videos that Mark created are clear and answered many of my questions pertaining to the Lazy Affiliate. Here is a quick rundown of the video training:

Video 1 – Introduction – Mark Bishop provides much-needed inspiration here. He reviews a press release that was written last year and continues to pay off. He spent $15 to generate $1,200. Talk about a great return on investment!

Video 2 – Research – As tempting as it is to just dive in with your first press release, background research is necessary. Here, Mark reviews what types of niches he goes after and how he determines which products to showcase. You’ll learn more about Clickbank, Keyword planner, and other relevant topics.

Video 3, 4, and 5 – These videos will probably not be necessary to view for advanced, or even intermediate marketers. They will be review for seasoned affiliates who have know-how and confidence in selecting and purchasing domains, finding hosting, and setting up a WordPress site. Newbies or those who need instruction on these matters will find benefit in these videos.

Video 6 – LA 2.0 Method, Step 1 – Here, Mark Bishop lets you watch, over-the-shoulder style, as he actually adds a subdomain, and builds a web page using a theme, wordpress plugins, and customizing settings. Mark uses the popular, but expensive, OptimizePress 2.0. But he is quick to add, you don’t have to use all the tools he employs. You can replicate his strategies yet not mirror the look and feel of Mark’s page.

Video 6.1 – Alterative Theme – OptimizePress 2.0 is hard to resist but its price tag is prohibitive to many. Here, this part of Lazy Affiliate 2.0 reveals a cheaper alternative without compromising too much on quality.

Videos 7 and 8 – LA 2.0 Method, Step 2 – Landing Page and Landing Page Case Study – Alright, we have our web page ready for use in a suitable subdomain. Now, it’s time to learn about how to create an attractive landing page, using copywriting that will galvanize attention. In these 2 videos, Mark discusses his mindset in developing landing pages, and once again, lets you in on a case study. As an added bonus, you’ll learn all about bonuses. (You’ll use bonuses as link bait, expanding your list.) This section of Lazy Affiliate 2.0 would be incomplete if it didn’t discuss more about press releases. Happily, you’ll receive more PR training.

Video 9 – Bonus Page – Further insight is shared on how Mark develops an effective bonus package – one that is difficult to decline. Yes, there are affiliates that offer a host of bonuses, but but Mark’s conversion rate is no doubt better because of the way and the manner he selects, structures, and shows his bonuses. You’ll also learn about the ins and outs of autoresponders, crucial to construct your list.

Video 10 – Finishing Touches – You want to be FTC-compliant and have all the necessary website components accessible on your site. For example, you’ll need a legal disclaimer. Lazy Affiliate 2.0 is not remiss on showing the pages you’ll need to include on the site.

Video 11 – Course Summary – This LA 2.0 video ties everything together. You can think of it as a mindmap, directing you on the appropriate steps to take. The press release-landing page tandem can work wonders.

Video 12 – Case Study (Proof) – This last video provides evidence of the positive effect that one press release/landing page can have on your bottom line. Mark shows you a couple of sales he made in less than two weeks. Now by itself, one LA 2.0 campaign may only produce modest profit. But once you launch one, you can launch many, and expand your profit margins.

Added Extra – Stealth Instructions – In PDF and video format, Mark Bishop reveals how to get a jump on your competition. It’s possible to get instant domain and page authority where you can get a nice SEO boost. Now the Lazy Affiliate 2.0 does not require favorable Google ranking for your landing page to receive traffic. However, it would be an added plus if visitors could organically land on it. Mark provides a very nice shortcut on how to win favor with the Google gods rather instantly.

Overall Impression of the Course

Disclosure: I was fortunate to receive a review copy of Lazy Affiliate. There’s a lot of information provided and it took me an entire afternoon to review and digest the content. The one problem that I experienced was video lagging but that may just may be a personal issue due to my unpredictable and temperamental computer. The quick solution: I just let the video stream while I multi-tasked. A couple of minutes later, it was ready for viewing.

Again, the only other mild criticism with the course is that anyone who is truly lazy, and unwilling to take action, cannot succeed despite the title of the course. However, those who have toiled using other affiliate strategies (e.g., building a niche authority site) will welcome the fact that this method simply requires much less work. Results can be fast as press releases can appear on the top page of Google in no time flat. Visitors are then directed to your landing or squeeze page and sales can then transpire.

All in all, this training was indispensable to me. It’s also perfect for anyone who even has tried to use press releases before. After reviewing Mark’s material, you’ll see what you were doing wrong. Sales are contingent on creating effective landing and squeeze pages, too. But you’ll have much more confidence in that realm after your LA 2.0 immersion.

In addition, for those who really don’t know where to begin building a list, Lazy Affiliate 2.0 will prove to be an insightful guide. The bonus video section should not be glossed over.

After launching his successful Niche Synergy and Instant Profit Silos products, Mark Bishop has another winner on his hands. The Lazy Affiliate 2.0 provides quick actionable steps for you to go from a laggard and lifeless affiliate to one that is energized and highly prosperous.

Our Lazy Affiliate 2.0 review concludes that Mark Bishop's course is well worth the cost