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AMA Sniper Review
Product created by: Clarke Hanna
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The title of this AMA Sniper Review is ‘Point, Click, and Generate,’ but what exactly am I referring to? Specifically, I’m touching on the fact that Clarke Hanna’s new software application, AMA Sniper, is primarily a keyword generating and best product-finding tool. And its power can be harnessed by a few clicks of a mouse.

The ‘AMA’ acronym stands for Amazon and Clarke Hanna’s multi-purpose application is best suited for those affiliates who hope to capitalize on Amazon’s popularity. While Amazon is a potentially lucrative network for affiliates to use, too many are not seeing any return on investment. They may exclaim that an affiliate relationship with Amazon is not worth pursuing. Perhaps those naysayers never used AMA Sniper.

AMA Sniper – Sharpshooting the Right Keywords

Review AMA Sniper and take note of all its benefits

After conducting an exhaustive and extensive review of Amazon, you may very well become immobilized. You’re just not certain what keywords or keyword phrases to go after. They’re just so many products. They’re are also too many reviews to siphon through. (A product’s reviews will definitely have an impact on sales and conversions.) As such, wouldn’t it be helpful to access software that has an intelligent keyword generator, and lists fields such as reviews and number of searches?

Sniper’s smart keyword generator conveniently lists the top 10 (or 50 or 100) keywords that are associated with a given keyword phrase. These phrases are the most relevant to Amazon search.

The search count is also included and can be sorted based on volume. In this way, you’ll know which phrases are worth the time to target. For example, if a given phrase has less than 100 searches a month, you will probably decide to forgo building a site or article around that keyword phrase.

In the keyword generator module, Clarke Hanna also includes an export feature. You can export those desirable word phrases into an excel program. Soon after, you can copy and paste to see whether you can obtain an exact .com, .net, and/or .org match. (You can use Go Daddy’s bulk domain registration research tool to check for possible exact matches.)

Now while this AMA Sniper review is not about search engine optimization strategies, I must report that there are many successful affiliate marketers who now discourage purchasing exact match domains (EMDs). They assert that Google views this as over-optimization. Still, a large faction of SEO experts believe that EMDs are advantageous.

It’s clear that Clarke Hanna feels that EMDs can help with ranking and has equipped AMA Sniper with the capability to check for EMDs.

Regardless of your EMD perspective, AMA Sniper’s other options can really uncover those golden nugget keyword phrases that you can quickly profit from and expand your affiliate commissions.

Reviewing AMA Sniper’s Best Sellers Module

You’ll soon get a wealth of data at your fingertips. This best sellers module offers a lot of useful information.

You’ll first sort by country (I’ll just use, product category, and then sub-category. Next, you can search the top 10 (or 50 or 100) best selling products on Amazon for your specified fields. The top products are listed as most popular using the barometer of the last 100 days.

In fact, AMA Sniper actually highlights the number of days a product has appeared in the top 100 category. This is particularly useful to decipher trends. You’ll be able to see whether a given product has long-lasting appeal.

Also included in this ‘hired gun’ software are the following: product list price, sales price, savings, savings percentage, product rating, and the number of reviews. You’ll know at a glance which products are in demand and which ones are better left on Amazon’s shopping cart.

And although this tool is designed for Amazon affiliates or dropshippers, the tool also has applicability to eBay. This module, for example, extracts the product data on Ebay and lets you know the sales price there. In this way, you’ll have a better understanding of profit margins.

Moreover, a course was recently released on how to promote Amazon products on eBay. (You have to check network policies regarding this strategy.) This tool would be a particularly useful timesaver as you can see the price differential between these networks. Yes, you can actually click on the product link, and get to see it on Amazon and on eBay.

All in all, this Best Sellers module will not just save time. You’ll be able to uncover desirable, in-demand products that have a history of high sales and conversions. This module is the perfect one to use right now, especially before the Holiday season.

Search Function – Advanced Diamond Hunting

Although there is an incredible array of coveted Amazon products, it’s not always easy finding the right ones to promote. But having AMA Sniper among your arsenal of search tools is sure to make the process easier.

Once you set your initial parameters, Amazon country, category and sub-category, you’ll make many ‘Aha discoveries.” Want to concentrate on those products that have great ratings? You’ll be able to do this with AMA Sniper. Do you only want to target high ticket items? The advanced search module has this functionality.

Indeed, you’ll be able to see a product’s rating, price, model number, search volume, product rank, eBbay price and eBay delivery option. The filtering and sorting options will allow you to prioritize those fields that you deem essential in product selection.

AMA Sniper Drawbacks and Other Considerations

Even a trained assassin has weaknesses. The software is a work in progress and may be a little buggy. When it was first rolled out, for example, duplicate entries were visible in the Best Sellers module. Export functions were a little dodgy, too. I believe these problems have been fixed.

Indeed, Clarke Hanna’s team of developers are continuously working to correct any of the software’s deficits and bugs. AMA Sniper customers are entitled to lifetime updates, too.

Another humble criticism: Instead of EMD focus, I wish there was a focus on competition. It would be great to know the competition level of a given keyword phrase. The software could return a ‘green light,’ for instance, if the term is relatively easy to rank well on Google. But rest assured, most product exact models probably have little competition. Moreover, other tools may be accessed to determine the state of competition. One can even perform manual research to make a suitable determination as to ranking possibilities.

Finally, I think it would have been very instructive for Clarke to include a case study. (He does provide a demo.)

In the case study, he can then discuss at length why the given keyword phrase is a goldmine and how to best capitalize on it.

But wait! Case studies appear in the AMA Sniper OTO. AMA Sniper customers can opt for the OTO which includes membership in Clarke Hanna’s Digital Marketing Mastermind. Here, Clarke and his team will deliver high-level insight, not only about this tool but Internet and affiliate marketing concerns.

Again, the OTO will reveal actual case studies from Clarke Hanna’s own 6-figure marketing business. You’ll be privy to reports, videos, trainings, tips, and strategies on a consistent basis. Clarke and team will only be an email away should you need help.

The cost of the OTO is $37 a month which you may consider a small price to pay for the privilege of having an expert at your disposal. You can try Digital Marketing Mastermind for seven days and it will only cost $1. (It then goes to the standard price, $37 per month.)

For even more in-depth training, Clarke Hanna offers one-to-one private consultation via a Skype call. For $97, you can sign up for an AMA Sniper consultation where you can ask any burning question pertaining to AMA Sniper or anything related to Internet and/or affiliate marketing. The conversation will be approximately 30 minutes in length and for less than $100, you may gain priceless insight.

AMA Sniper Review – Final Word

While this is not a perfect tool … yet … it has already received a large number of favorable AMA Sniper reviews. It’s definitely out of beta testing but I appreciate the fact that Clarke Hanna will not rest until the tool is exactly how he envisions it in its perfect state.

AMA Sniper is compatible with both PC and Mac as it’s built on Adobe Air. It communicates with Amazon in real time and represents the most recent product queries and results. This should provide reassurance that the tool reflects those keywords that are hot right now. Still, AMA Sniper also provides metrics to understand trends.

It’s a very worthwhile research tool and Clarke even refers to it as the ‘Swiss army knife’ of research applications, both powerful and versatile. Moreover, it should meet the demands of two groups: those who are Amazon/eBay affiliates and those who are using FBA (i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon, selling on the site).

So affiliate marketers and sellers unite: There is a tool that can dramatically improve your affiliate marksmanship or dropshipper proficiency. AMA Sniper will enable you to plunder and pillage Amazon low-hanging fruit that you didn’t even know existed.

If you need any further incentive to purchase this software application, Clarke Hanna offers a couple of AMA Sniper bonusus. You’ll receive Facebook Ads Mastered MMR. This resource will show you how to accrue profit from creative and high-converting Facebook ads. You’ll also receive SEO Made Easy MRR. This resource should simplify your SEO efforts and make them more effective.

Of course, we will add our own AMA Sniper bonus package if you purchase this resource from any of our links. And if you’ve read my AMA Sniper review up until now, you’ll determine that is a wise course of action.

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Our AMA Sniper review concludes that the software, created by Clarke Hanna and his team od computer specialists, is well worth the cost

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