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Can you name an attribute shared by Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Iggy Azalea, and Nicki Manaj: Yes, they all possess a voluptuous butt – the envy of many women who know the alluring power of a sexy backside. But if your Gluteus Maximus is presently minimal in size, never fear. Trainer to the stars, Steve Adams, has compiled his best tips and strategies for a bigger booty in his book, Bigger Better Butt. The resource is finding a growing audience (pun intended) and is the topic of choice in this Bigger Better Butt Review.

For readers inclined to get instant results, you may wish to bypass Bigger Better Butt, and head for bigger booty surgery. Indeed, butt augmentation can increase the size and volume of the butt … but at what cost? Surgery is very expensive and the results may not measure up to your standards. Factor in the healing time and impermanent results, and surgery may become less desirable.

Consider the popular Brazilian Butt Lift where liposuction is performed. Fat is taken from other fatty areas of the body (‘love handles’ are a perfect donor site), purified, and then injected into the rump. Predictably, some of the fat is reabsorbed, compromising the yield. Of course, there are pros to any surgery (e.g., slimming effect, and uniform look … hopefully), but there have to be less costly ways to achieve the buttocks of your dreams. Introducing Steve Adams – your derriere expert.

Learn Bootylicious Bigger Butt Butt Secrets

Learn the secrets on how to achieve a bigger bum

Can you imagine increasing your butt size two inches within two months? Don’t underestimate the power of that growth, as others, particularly the opposite sex, are likely to notice. This guide outlines instrumental methods, techniques, and routines to expand your bottom and open the eyes of your would-be admirers.

And Steve Adams has compiled this information through his own experience and research, and applying these ‘how to methods’ on his own clients. This is not just hypothetical theory here. The strategies have been meticulously tested, and thus his secrets are now ready to be released.

The cornerstone of his plan centers on these components:

  • Butt-friendly exercises (RapidTone system)
  • Appropriate diet for a bigger base
  • Hormone-balancing for better butt constitution

Through exercising and proper diet with its hormone-balancing effects, you’ll get the junk in your truck you’re looking for. These synergistic methods will transform your body. Fat will come off areas you don’t wish it to reside, providing a slimming effect, while you make fat deposits in your buttocks. You’ll simultaneously gain muscle mass.

In essence, Bigger Better Butt is not just about rump aggrandizement. Your entire body and figure will change where fat leaves and enters all the right places as your become more svelte.

Exercise Your Bum

I know you may not be a gym rat. A fitness workout may be the equivalent of physical and emotional torture for you. But as they say, ‘No pain, no gain.’ Seriously though, Steve Adams’s exercise plan is not too rigorous, and those without any prior workout experience can excel at it. Women (and men) of all ages can participate, tailoring the workout if the demands are perceived as too stressful.

Steve calls it RapidTone, and as the name suggests, the exercise routines are primarily meant for toning the body quickly and efficiently. Of course, muscle mass should increase and so should the diameter of your bum.

Now there are hundreds of videos on bigger butt exercises, but according to Steve, many are useless, and some are counter-productive. He has developed a program where only four movements are necessary. Better yet, you’ll know exactly how to perform these movements after reviewing the resource. (Indeed, there is no value in exercising if you’re not doing the movements in the right way.)

As an added plus, you only have to exercise four times a week, and at 20 minutes or less a clip. After 60 days, you’ll enjoy ‘butttastic’ results. This will not take too much time out of your hectic schedule. You won’t even think about the time spent because they’re also fun to do. But those who need to be forced to exercise, don’t worry, Steve even includes motivation tips.

You’ll stick to this exercise routine, especially as you see results.

Diet – Oral Means to a Curvier Shape

By ordering Bigger Better Butt, you’ll also receive a bonus, a guide aptly named, ‘Seven Tactics to Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight.’

You are what you eat, and a rounder and fuller butt is possible to achieve by eating the right foods, avoiding butt-compromising foods, and supplementing nutrition with the right nutrients. Those who are health-oriented should not have a problem with Steve Adams’s recommendations.

Remember, foods provide the building blocks for your body to make the necessary changes you wish to occur. For example, lean proteins are an important staple. Proteins are essential to feed muscle growth, and for muscle repair, and can lead towards a toned, full buttocks. So take that heaping scoop of almonds and envision it going right into your rump … but in a good way.

And please keep your hands off processed foods; they’re really counter-productive. Carbs, such as potatoes and brown rice are just as tasty and derriere-approved. Steve goes through a full gamut of proper food sources, and you will not feel like you’re on a restricted diet.

These foods are included to help balance hormones. What do hormones have to do with this buttocks equation? Hormones, particularly estrogen, affect body composition and fat depositing. By balancing this crucial hormone, for example, you’ll be better able to create that sexy feminine shape.

Consider the popular butt pills on the market? Many are comprised of adaptagens, herbal ingredients used to improve your adrenal system health by balancing hormones. These ingredients work by regulating hormones to fit the particular needs of the individual. This is why Maca, for instance, is added in so many of these types of formulations. Maca may increase the level of estrogen which, in turn, may help you to grow a sizable booty.

Food and supplementation, and their hormone-balancing capabilities, are an important part of building a bigger better booty. However, without exercising, your chances of achieving a more voluptuous, curvier bottom will become much slimmer (pun intended).

Bigger Better Butt Review – Backdoor Tips to a Better Backside

Despite the fact that there is a lot of information on the bigger butt genre, there’s also a lot of misinformation. Steve Adams has provided the definitive product to clarify issues. He offers furtive, covert bigger bum strategies – and some tips represent out-of-the-box thinking.

The foundation primarily centers on exercise but you’ll also learn about nutrition. And it is the particulars that will have you smiling in the mirror. The methods work well together, and should give you the physique you’re after. Results are rather quick, but as time passes, positive effects are cumulative. Now you’re not going to build a bigger butt in a week or even in two weeks. However, within 2 months, you’ll attain that ‘Wow factor.’

An added plus to Bigger Better Butt is that you’ll be able to develop a greater degree of confidence and self-esteem. Steve even includes mention on how to establish and keep the right mindset and perspective. The mind and body are connected, and it’s great to see the psychology behind establishing a bigger butt.

There are many favorable Bigger Better Butt reviews as many readers credit the resource for their transformation. Word is getting out and Steve’s tips are no longer hush-hush.

You’ll even be able to discuss the program at length, or ask personal questions to one of Steve’s skilled trainers, after product purchase. You can review movements, weights, and adjustments, or center the chat on nutrition-related questions.

A voluptuous butt with well proportioned-body is only a click away with Bigger Better Butt.

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