LMS King Professional Review – A Learning Management System Beyond Compare?

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Here are two quick questions: What is an ‘LMS?‘ and what is an ‘LMS King Professional?’ Teachers, corporate executives, and human resources professionals really need to know the answer. Fear not, after reading my LMS King Professional review, you’ll not only have an understanding of these terms, but you’ll see the value they reflect.

Deciphering LMS

See LMS King Professional and see how it compares favorably to other learning management systems

Those who guessed that an LMS is a lunar module simulator or link monitoring system should pat themselves on the back for effort. But no, in this context, an LMS is a learning management system, and it’s all the rage in fields predicated on any type of instruction.

Indeed, it’s the perfect mechanism to dispense online education and training courses. Users log on and gain from the myriad instruction available via this educational technology (called e-learning). Instructors or administrators benefit because it’s a much more convenient and powerful method of delivering lessons, grading exams, monitoring individual student progress, and determining whether any given student has mastered the material or acquired the requisite scores to attain any special certification.

As I write about learning management systems, soon pinpointing one of the best LMS tools available, LMS King Professional, my daughter-in-law, an elementary school teacher, is marking the kids’ papers. This time-consuming task could easily be expedited with the use of an LMS. In addition, the reporting alone could provide such important analytical data. Tests, for example, could be subdivided into concepts, and she could, at a moment’s glance, know which of her pupils are struggling with a particular topic.

Similarly, students can even track their own progress to determine what concepts need to be reviewed and strengthened. This system worked very well for my grandson who recently took the SAT exam, where he was dependent on a learning management system for practice. The reports generated from the LMS enabled him to prioritize his study needs, and fortify areas of weakness. In addition, the LMS instruction itself clearly explained topics, and provided necessary test tips.

It would have been interesting to perform a type of LMS comparison – that is, comparing my grandson’s SAT scores with the aide of a learning management system, and without its use. But I’m willing to venture a guess that his LMS increased the scores of his SAT.

But educators and students are not the only folks who benefit from an LMS tool. One of the premier LMS mechanisms, LMS King Professional, reports that training managers are part of their happy demographic. These corporate training managers can use the software to provide comprehensive, yet entertaining instruction. They can even perform the training remotely, cutting down administrative costs.

And without resorting to pen and paper tests, and experiencing the hassle and time to mark them, the LMS application can let these managers know which workers really are putting in the time and effort, mastering the training. The amount of statistical data is more than enough to determine who is ahead in the class, and who is lagging behind. LMS King Professional has an extensive reporting section for the user to mine data.

Let’s take a closer look at the LMS King Learning Management System (King Products).

LMS King Joomla – Is it Royalty Among More Common Learning Management Systems?

LMS King has four different versions, described below:

LMS King Lite (Free) – Can you say, ‘Open source?’ This free version will help you get your feet wet as you familiarize yourself with a top-notch learning management system. Creating presentations and developing quizzes and tests are part of this version’s functionality.

On a negative note, and not surprising, this version does not contain components, modules, and plugins that are fully integrated into the LMS.

LMS Basic – This learning portal is easy to use, manage, and navigate.

Although the features are basic, you can still ask 6 different types of questions, such as fill in the blank, multiple choice, and short answers using the handy-dandy creation wizard. (LMS King Intermediate and LMS King Professional offer more question variety.)

This version, like the lite, does not include any extensions.

LMS Intermediate – This upgrade now offers more features than its lite and basic counterparts. You’ll now be able to ask ten types of questions. You can prepare matching, fill in multiple blanks, essay and numeric questions, for instance, options not available on the free and basic models.

Components (e.g., Media Manager, Feedback, and Forum), system plugins (User Statistics Reporting plugin, Courses plugin, and Buy Now Plugin), and modules (Learning Center module, My Certification Paths module, and Course Finder module) are included in the LMS Intermediate framework.

LMS Professional – Are you ready for one of the most robust LMS tools available. Look no further than the LMS Professional, stock full of additional, important components, plugins, and modules.

For example, you’ll not only have the three intermediate components listed above, but you’ll have accessibility to the Profile and Translator components. In addition, you’ll get FileShare, Messaging, and Chat options, ensuring optimal communication and collaboration.

Additional system plugins and modules will enable these components to be put into place.

As part of this LMS King Professional review, I even looked at a variety of demo videos. Although I’m not a technophobe or someone without any experience using similar software systems, I’m also far from a software expert. I found the training very straightforward and easy to understand, and should not overwhelm a complete newbie.

This is what sets the LMS King Learning Management System apart from its competitors: its ease of use. Unlike other models causing a lot of scratching your head moments, you should breeze through LMS King installation and quickly gain a sense of comfort, utilizing its vast array of options. Yes, there is a learning curve but not necessarily a steep one.

Another advantage that LMS King Professional has over other marketplace models: its price. It’s very affordable and even the most cost-conscious and frugal among us will admit to its ‘great bang for the buck’ price tag.

The cost is $349 for King Professional; the intermediate and basic versions are priced at $229 and $129 respectively. All three are bargains, but LMS King Professional offers the most value in light of its suite of options.

LMS King Professional review – Final Word

Upon careful review and examination, LMS King Professional deserves the accolades that other LMS King Professional reviews are showering on it.

It’s low sticker price alone merits attention, particularly from those who find such software intimidating. Indeed, its the sultan of uncomplicated and straightforward learning management tools as the menus and functions are almost self-explanatory.

Aside from its intuitive interface, it offers the complete kit and kaboodle you would want an e-learning system to have. It is a powerful mechanism enabling you to construct a rich and varied learning environment, where course curriculum can easily be presented, testing facilitated, and results tabulated. Instructors can upload course training materials, including videos, presentations, PDFs, or even live web content, such as blogs or an online classroom. (Its imperative for distance learning schools to get a learning management system.)

LMS King Professional also provides advanced options that are not universally available in competing software systems. For example, the setup wizards, time tracking, and import features represent cutting-edge technology.

An added plus: LMS King is always being updated. For instance, the JomSocial plugin was recently added. Options will continue to expand, and present users will be grandfathered in. Exemplary technical support will also be available.

Moreover, LMS King Professional is built on Joomla, one of the most malleable, versatile, and powerful content management systems available. Joomla’s inherent capabilities are further expanded with the use of plugins. King Professional runs on Joomla 3.1 and above.

Moreover, LMS King Pofessional is Scorm certified. It supports Scorm versions 1.2 and 2004(1.3). Scorm stands for sharable content object reference model, and you’ll be able to import courses that are designed outside of the system into LMS King Pro.

Now, while this tool offers a myriad of advantages, it should be noted that there are drawbacks. Some staff members will be resistant to leveraging this type of technology. Some may sight the cons of a learning curve and/or feel limited in its scope of instruction. Others may feel that the technology is driving the instruction, and may be philosophically opposed to this idea.

There is also the additional concern of what happens if the software gets corrupted or ceases to stop working. Of course, this worry is applicable regardless of which learning management system you use. This is why it’s so important to always backup your files.

Weighing pros and cons, LMS King Professional is a buy. It provides a centralized learning platform that fosters communication and collaboration. Its price and ease of use should put it on anyone’s learning management system’s wish list. It offers the capability of creating and using content management, assessments, and tests. It grades, reports, determines certification, and provides so many other features.

There are countless learning management systems available, and when conducting a learning management systems comparison, you may just deem LMS King Professional to live up to its name, and vaulted number one standing.

© 2015, Annie Lax, All Rights Reserved. LMS King Professional review written for: ProminentOffers.com

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