Slim Mom on the Go (a MATERNAL RIGHT to be SLIM) Review

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This Slim Mom on the Go review is for all those women who are looking to recapture their best physique – probably B.C. (before children). While the demands of motherhood can be overwhelming, especially with added work-related responsibilities, getting the body you want does not have to be an impossible dream. Sure, there are many viable excuses why weight seems to be on an ever-upward trend. But now you’re looking for answers. Author King Conall provides his weight-reducing strategies in his new book, Slim Mom on the Go. Let’s take a closer look at this resource and see if it lives up to the hype.

Slim Fast Commitment – Are You In?

The declaration to lose weight is not a cavalier statement or goal. You have to be fully committed to reduce those unwanted pounds. Yes, work is required but the motivation and determination to transform your body will trump any labor involved.

And King Conall wants women to know that any effort is worth it. Moms make sacrifices for their families all the time. However, they’re often reticent to place themselves first on occasion, ensuring their own needs are met. A slimmer waist cannot result without the mindset that you deserve to take care of yourself.

Once you’re ready to work on yourself, there has to be some degree of intensity involved. You cannot watch what you eat one day and binge the next. Yes, there will be challenges to surmount, and seemingly insolvable problems to figure out, but life’s obstacles and demands should not get in the way of improving your life.

It’s important to stop looking for the reasons that dieting is not feasible at this time. There’s no denying that your schedule is hectic and that you’re under severe time constraints. But Slim Mom on the Go’s secondary title reads, “A Simple to Follow Weight Loss Guide for Busy Moms.”

Slim Mom on the Go is unique in the sense that much discussion is broached on the topic of stress eating and other psychological perspectives related to overeating. You can’t underestimate the power of your thoughts – in their potential to help you accomplish your dieting goals or to undermine them. The choice of your thoughts, as always, rests with you.

Towards that end, author King Conall encourages those on this ‘Slim Fast diet’ to write down their objectives. Any goal, by the way, should be reasonable and attainable. You can’t expect to lose 20 pounds in a day. Writing down an achievable milestone will clarify what you’re looking to accomplish and spur you to take action. This will become your meaningful intention.

Perhaps it’s even best to write down a time-related series of goals. In this way, you can celebrate your successes along the way, or perhaps learn invaluable information if you did not reach your mile marker.

But regardless of any possible faltering or regression, the important point is to never lose your desire and motivation to shed those pounds. You can’t let one day off the bandwagon leave you lost and wayward. You’ll find your way as long as you’re in – committed to this Slim Fast Moms’ process.

Slim Mom on the Go Review – Forget What You Know About Weight Loss

Alright, don’t completely discard what you’ve heard before about weight loss but there are misconceptions about the topic that may interfere with your progress. In Slim Mom on the Go, King Conall tackles many so-called weight reduction “truisms” and turns them on their head.

I was surprised, for example, that King does not necessarily encourage drinking the standard 8 glasses of water a day. Yes, water consumption is advisable as it can flush out toxins, speed up metabolism, and keep you hydrated which can prevent overeating. But there really is no amount or standard formula when it comes to water consumption. You may need to drink more or less. (You can tell your water requirements by looking at signs, such as if your urine is the desired clear or pale yellow color; if its dark yellow, time to become more of a water guzzler.)

Another common get rid of weight misconception: Sit ups are not the be all, end all exercise I thought. Sure sit ups can help develop lean and strong muscles in your midsection, and tone your body, but it really will not be able to reduce flabby belly fat on its own.

Similarly, those who are cardio weight-loss fanatics should consider diversifying their exercise regimen. King Conall goes into detail as to which types of exercises he believes are best when it comes to become a lean, mean fighting machine. He provides the rationale behind his ideal exercise routines – all based on scientific facts.

Throughout this 137+ page slim down primer, our friendly author, King Conall, points out many weight loss fallacies, and points his readers in the right direction. So if you think whole grains are a healthy staple or that fats should be avoided at all cost, you really need to become a Slim Mom on the Go.

Slim Mom on the Go Mantra – Know Thyself

One size does not fit all (no pun intended). While King Conall provides a host of common strategies and tips (from diet, to exercise, to mindset, and everything in between), I appreciate the fact that he adds information about tailoring any diet to fit your unique needs.

For example, you really have to know what type of body frame you have. Are you an ectomorph with small limbs and narrow shoulders? If so, your fast metabolism suggests that you need more carbs than other folks. Your fat intake, on the other hand, does not have to be as great as others.

The athletic mesomorphs who can quickly bulk up or large-boned endomorphs with more body fat have their own carb and fat requirements. By individualizing the diet program, positive results are more likely to materialize.

Slim Mom on the Go PDF – A Multi-Pronged Approach

I’ve just read the first two chapters of Slim Mom on the Go and I’m very impressed by the fact that the author presents the information in such a clear, organized fashion. This is not an easy task because he covers so much ground, providing a wide variety of golden nuggets (pun intended).

He waxes about goal-setting, keeping a journal, planning meals, satisfying food cravings, and later about the physical and mental exercises you should implement in your weight loss journey. Here is a quick synopsis of Slim Mom on the Go:

Introduction – King underscores the points that you’re worthy and able to engage in this self-improvement, weight reduction program.

A Few Misconceptions About Weight Loss – King does not want you to veer off course due to any erroneous theories of weight loss.

Module 1 – Ease Into Better Nutrition – You’ll learn the secret that King uses to control his strong cravings. You’ll also discover the foods that have to be on your weight loss menu. But don’t worry, there will be plenty of so-called taboo foods you can eat. This is not a restrictive diet.

Module 2 – Get Moving – Let your inner child free. Play with your kids. As important, play like your kids. You’ll soon participate in fun activities that will reap weight reducing benefits.

Module 3 – Build Muscle for Weight Loss – You’ll have a whole new perspective on weight loss after this module. Attaining lean muscle is the key to burning those unwanted calories.

Module 4 – Body Weight Training for Busy Moms – Time does not have to work against you. You have to work with it. King Conall offers a quick, yet effective at-home workout for those always-on-the-go women. Please don’t think you need a gym to skinny down.

Module 5 – Diet Journaling – Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. You’ll keep track of food you consume and the way you look and feel. Be a fly on the wall and see what King Conall places in his journal.

Module 6 – Dealing With Stress– Stop being outer-directed! You’re going to learn a host of weight loss tips that will make you smile and sleep better. (By the way, smiling and sleeping better may also lead to weight loss!)

Module 7 – Find Inspiration to Lose Weight – Once again, there is a mental component to losing weight. Be careful who you surround yourself with. It’s better to be in the midst of supporters than critics and saboteurs.

Bonuses Galore – There’s value in them hills. The ‘Slim Fast Moms program’ comes with 5 different bonuses, briefly outlined below:

Bonus 1 – Slim Mom on the Go: Boost Your Metabolism Manual – Metabolism is a key ingredient when trying to slim down. Many people have the misconception that you cannot change your metabolism rate when you reach a certain age. Find out the secrets of boosting your metabolism no matter how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.

Bonus 2 – Slim Mom on the Go: 7 Secrets for a Slimmer You Handbook – A total body transformation will soon be yours when you discover this handbook, containing 7 secrets to a better bod.

Bonus 3 – Slim Mom on the Go: Fitness Handbook – Slow down, Nellie. Well, you really won’t have to slow down because you’ll realize that keeping fit can be fun, purposeful, and quick.

Bonus 4 – Slim Mom on the Go: Workout Video – Do you want to see an enjoyable workout that will get you on the road towards a leaner you? One of King Conall’s friends, a busy mom, takes the time to demonstrate all the right moves.

Bonus 5 – Private Facebook Slim Mom on the Go Group – Remember, you want to surround yourself with those who support you. Even better, you can now be part of a community with others who are taking similar weight loss journeys. You can ask questions, share invaluable information, and learn more about becoming your best self.

The Positives of the Program

This book is well-written, extremely clear and organized.

The diet is not restrictive, and you’ll be able to consume just about any food (within moderation) – even taboo foods.

You’ll be privy to which exercises support your weight-loss efforts best.

The book has an underlying scientific basis and takes new scientific principles into consideration.

The Slim Mom on the Go System is all-encompassing, and tackles weight loss using many modalities.

The protocol can work for just about anyone, at any age. It does not matter if you’ve not succeeded with other diet plans.

You can start seeing results immediately. Remember, however, this is not a race but a journey. But over time, the cumulative effects will be impressive.

The product creator, King Conall, is very responsive. He is only an email away should any questions arise.

The program has many advocates and Slim Mom on the Go reviews seem overwhelmingly positive.

You’ll receive a host of bonuses for purchasing the resource. If you buy the book from any of our links, you’ll also receive additional bonuses!

The Slim Mom on the Go is very affordable sytem at $37 and comes with a full money-back guarantee of 30 days

Slim Mom on the Go Review – Any Negatives to Report?

The program may not work for you (individual response will vary), and it does involve effort on your part.

This is not a ‘paint-by-the-numbers prescription.’ In other words, it does not tell you to eat these foods on day 1, these foods on day 2, etc., with the given amounts provided. Some folks prefer to have such rigid guidelines. (However, you’ll be given all the parameters to know which foods, and drinks, to consume, so you can apportion accordingly.)

Slim Mom on the Go Review – Final Determination

In this review, I’ve outlined all the content of Slim Mom on the Go. It offers a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to losing weight.

This is specifically designed for moms on the go who are so preoccupied that they forget to take care of themselves and believe that dieting is impossible due to a hectic schedule. But losing weight, regardless of circumstances, is within your grasp: By journaling, planning meals, selecting appropriate foods, implementing the right exercises, embracing a positive mindset, and having supportive folks in your inner circle, you can attain any weight reduction goal.

As such, this Slim Mom on the Go review completely endorses this resource. You’ll uncover tips, tricks, and strategies to swiftly become a ‘Slim Fast Mom.’

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