Love vs. Lust – Nothing Burns Brighter Than the Intensity of Love

Sex is the highest form of energy and sex is the lowest form of energy. How can this contradictory statement be true? Lust is an animalistic need to satisfy a craving. Contrarily, divine love is a merging of two souls into oneness. Therefore, lust allows us to achieve orgasm and gives us a temporary high. Divine love offers us a continuous orgasmic feeling that never dissipates unless we revert back to our animalistic behaviors.

Love vs. lust - There are obvious differences

I have not met a partner to experience sex at the highest form. However, I have fallen in love with myself and the feeling of happiness I live in every moment of every day is phenomenal. Do I want to experience the highest form of sex? The answer is yes! We are all made of energy and the visions I see of two people who love themselves completely and then share that intense love with each other is like an electrical explosion beyond anything I have ever experienced. So, yes I want a physical being to share the greatest joy of being in a human body.

When I was a child, I was molested. I learned oral sex at a very young age and I enjoyed it tremendously. This sensation is a natural human desire that offers pleasant feelings. However, a young child is not ready for sex. A person has to be mature to understand the union of two divine souls. I was told not to tell anybody about this sexual rendezvous because nobody would love me. So, I equated sex with loss of love. Since I loved oral sex so much, I needed to find a way to dislike sex so I would be loved. This was all done at a subconscious level.

When I was a teenager, I was date raped. I brought this traumatic episode into my life so I could dislike intercourse. My main objective was to have someone love me, hug me, cuddle with me and cherish me. I didn’t enjoy intercourse for most of my life. It was painful and never fulfilling. However, I always loved oral sex.

It is human nature to have sex. We feel incomplete within ourselves and want to copulate to fill us and make us whole. What we don’t realize is that the only way to be whole is to love ourselves including the female and male energies inside of us. Every person has both female and male energies. If one is male, he has 51% male energy and 49% female energy and vice versa for a female. For most of my life, I didn’t like the male energy inside of me. I associated males with hostility, anger and coercion. I also didn’t like the female energy inside of me. I decided females were weak, subservient and expendable. So, I truly didn’t love myself at all, even the God within me.

Since I am in a female body, the God within me is the male 49%. This energy is totally pure, unconditional love. For males, the God energy is the 49% female energy. So, what I realized is I didn’t love the God inside of me and therefore I was unable to truly love and trust the God outside of me.

Once this revelation occurred to me, I began loving myself. The best mantra that worked for me was “I love myself unconditionally and I forgive myself completely.” I began looking at myself nude in the mirror and telling every single body part I loved it. When I got to the vagina, I started calling it a yoni. I let my pubic hair grow because I realized the hair was the Goddess and my yoni was God. I began treating my yoni with respect, love and devotion. I would apologize to my yoni because at one time I hated it. I would look at the penis as a lingam and revere it instead of being afraid of it.

The shiva lingam is a symbol of the unity of the yoni and lingam as well as the consummation of the male and female energies. This is from the Hindu tradition and I embrace many of the Vedic teachings. I treated my body as a Goddess. In other words, I worshipped my own temple.

Loving yourself is the greatest gift ever. Then joining together with another in soul, body, mind and spirit is the ultimate. I once experienced a divine soul to soul connection with a friend. We were together at a weekend retreat. There was no sex or touching. We just gazed into each other’s eyes and saw each other’s God essence. He inhaled while I exhaled as we continued staring into each other’s eyes. Our breaths merged together and we became one. I literally felt I was inside of him and the love was beyond comprehension. It blew my mind. So, imagine when touching and intercourse is involved in this tantric experience. The thought sends shivers down my spine.

Lust only makes us feel insecure, unworthy and dissatisfied in the long run. It is time for everybody to truly love themselves and then share that love with one partner. With every partner you allow to enter into your body, you will inherit their karma or negative mental patterns. It is best to deal with your own karma and when ready meet your divine partner. If you are already with someone, start loving yourselves together. Stare into each other’s eyes and only see the divine. Allow your breaths to join together and then make love. You will experience sex at the highest form and know beyond a doubt we are all God.

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