Lung Detoxification Review – Quit Smoking and Detox the Lungs

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A common New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking. In this Lung Detoxification review, I am going to introduce you to a resource that will better enable you to achieve such an objective. William Reynolds and Mark Freeman have compiled a definitive guide, Lung Detoxification, that promises to provide ample support to the reader to kick the baneful smoking habit, and help him/her to begin the all-important process of lung detoxification.

In this way, Lung Detoxification is a manual that address both the psychological and physical factors that are responsible for smoking. In order to eradicate puffing away your life, you must understand the reasons you’re engaging in this unhealthy practice. Once you fully comprehend the sources of your addiction, you’ll be in a much better position to let it go by the wayside.

And once you’re cigarette-free, you can now begin the all-important process of mitigating the damage of tar and cigarette toxins. All these poisons are not readily ejected from the body. Indeed, it can take over a decade for your body to remove these deadly chemicals, assuming you don’t have any addiction relapses. But this natural recovery is often an incomplete one as some destructive substances linger in the system, wreaking havoc. The Lung Detoxification guide offers a bevy of natural and holistic methods to clear the lungs completely.

Lung Detoxification – A Closer Look

See William Reynolds and Mark Freeman's Lung Detoxification guide and restore your lungs to a state of health

Authors William Reynolds and Mark Freeman are experts on the topic of lung detox. They are masters in biology, possessing an extensive background in the field. They have also exhaustively studied integrative medicine, combining health methodologies from the East and the West. They’re proponents of alternative health and natural remedies which they generously share in Lung Detoxification.

The lung health program is divided into four sections. The first two are devoted to becoming more aware of the cigarette addiction habit, and why cigarettes constantly beckon you. You’ll then be offered the means to obliterate the physical, mental, and emotional dependence.

Sure, you’re craving the nicotine, a highly addictive substance found in tobacco. But you must realize so much else in going on when you take that cigarette out of the pack. Open your eyes to this somber message from former Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop: “Behavioral characteristics that determine tobacco addiction are similar to those that determine addiction to drugs such as heroin and cocaine.”

Lung Detoxification addresses these behavioral characteristics and other considerations to achieve a smoke-free life. For example, does smoking put you more at ease in social situations? Does it give you a feeling of confidence or make you feel calmer? (Stress, by the way, is a critical component of why it’s so hard to give up smoking, and this is addressed in the last part of the Lung Detoxification system.)

Also, this problematic dependency on cigarettes has physical roots, aside from addictive tobacco substances. For many, cigarettes satisfy an oral fixation, while keeping hands preoccupied.

William Reynolds and Mark Freeman cover the full gamut of reasons behind the smoking lure, and offer strategies on countering this craving, where alternative courses of action are provided. They’re not just presenting the common anti-smoking alternatives, such as keeping yourself busy with walks, or cutting down on other stimulants, such as caffeine. Some of the options are ‘out-of-the-box thinking,’ and you’ll benefit from their tips.

For instance, it’s so important to visualize yourself liberated from cigarette smoking, and completely free of smoking-related illness. Smoking cessation is also more likely to occur when you use your subconscious mind, envisioning that smoke-free life. The Lung Detoxification authors go into detail about visualization techniques that can help you reach your desired destination: smoking cessation.

Detoxifying Smoking Effects

Even those who have smoked for years can still benefit from the lung detox tips and tricks presented in this guide. Of course, it is better to implement lung detoxification methods sooner than later.

Even the authors candidly mention that their program cannot fully work for those who have already developed smoking-related disease, such as emphysema, heart issues, and/or cancer. (Folks with those maladies will still benefit from the holistic and natural remedies presented; they are just not necessarily enough to reverse disease.)

Detoxing the lungs (Section 3 of the program) begins with a strong, well-functioning immune system where the body’s natural defenses are working at an optimal level. Towards that end, it is essential to eat the right foods, and consume the best supplements and herbs.

Lung Detoxification provides a smorgasbord of immune-boosting foods, vitamins, and herbs. For instance, it is vital to ensure that your body has ample reserves of Vitamin C (through foods and supplements). Why? This antioxidant is depleted in smokers, and serves to defeat the free radicals that damage healthy lung cells. It also ensures that Vitamin E levels, also in serious low supply within smokers, doesn’t further drop.

Another hint: Add Omega 3 to the diet. There is some speculation that it may help to prevent cancerous cell formation in the lungs.

Other health-promoting options are discussed in the Lung Detoxification guide. A whole body approach should be embraced when trying to repair smoking’s ill-effects. And while you’re on the road towards enhanced health, you’ll also learn what to avoid, aside from second-hand smoke!

What are the Pros of the Lung Detoxification Program?

It offers unique methods where lung detoxification and repair is possible.

The program is completely natural and holistic, and is drug-free.

The program is straight-forward and well-organized. Method implementation should not be difficult – at least when it comes to making the right dietary and supplement choices.

This will not only strengthen and improve the health and capacity of your lungs, but your immune system itself. The goal: to add years to your life, and life to your years.

The authors write at length about stress reduction and stress reduction options (Section 4 of the program), such as important component to mitigate the addiction and its harmful effects.

The Complete Guide Series comes equipped with worksheets that support the instruction. They include a Motivation worksheet, a Lung Detox worksheet, and a Stress Reduction worksheet.

Lung Detoxification reviews have been overwhelming positive. Testimonials abound about its effectiveness.

You can read and review Lung Detoxification for 60 days and still return it if you’re not completely satisfied. The initial cost is very affordable at $39.95. You’ll even receive bonuses as a gift for purchase.

Lung Detoxification Review – Any Negatives to Report

The program may not prove helpful for everyone. For examples, long-time smokers who are battling smoking-related diseases, may not see disease-reversal. (Still, the program’s platform may improve the quality of life.)

This guide cannot replace medical care if you’re experiencing lung-related issues. It’s still advisable to be under the care of a physician. (These holistic measures may serve as an adjunct to treatment.)

Should You Add Lung Detoxification to Your Health Books Library?

In this Lung Detoxification review, I note that authors William Reynolds and Mark Freeman provide a comprehensive system for detoxifying the lungs, and repairing the insidious damage caused by smoking. Its holistic and natural remedies, incorporating Eastern and Western Medicine, can favorably impact lung condition.

The body is an amazing mechanism, and has the capability of self-repair. But cigarette smoke may have taxed your body where the immune system and inherent natural defenses need help. Why not be privy to progressive strategies that can help your body to heal?

And if you’re still battling the addiction, why not find a way to finally extricate yourself from such a debilitating habit?

King James I once wrote “Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs.” It’s time to kick the smoking habit and embark on a lung detoxification program.

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