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Confession: After a thorough review of the RankXL Niche Site Course, my inclination is to pan it. Product creator, Chris Lee, has the temerity to point out all the mistakes this seasoned affiliate marketer continues to commit on a daily basis. Sure, he is well-intentioned and dedicated to his customers’ success. But do all his golden nuggets have to make yours truly feel as though he has been barking up the wrong affiliate marketing tree since newbiehood?

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Alright, it’s time for self-reflection. Just because RankXL may be the most eye-opening, thorough, and savvy marketing course I have ever evaluated, I have to assume the blame for my rather modest, underachieving success.

But finally, I feel the cards are stacked in my favor. Yes, I’ve received brilliant strategies, tips, and tricks from other well-established affiliate marketers along my journey. However, I always felt several puzzle pieces were missing. Chris Lee has generously provided those missing pieces in RankXL and now it’s up to me to create a veritable marketing masterpiece with them.

Rank Big – Get $10,000 a Month and Counting

Chris Lee is very modest when he describes his product. His is not just a course to accrue Google Adsense riches. No, the lessons revealed can help anyone dominate their chosen niche market, regardless of monetization method.

Indeed, he uncovers a systematic formula, filled with actionable steps, that can take any marketer from point A to Z to start cashing $$$. The training is tantamount to following the Yellow Brick Road with the following paths to traverse:

a) Niche research and relevant keywords and phrases;
SEO techniques while mastering the ‘architecture’ of site structure;
Supercharging your ranking by becoming your own knowledgeable link builder;
Strategically optimizing Adsense profit; and
Expanding your authority site for greater glory and a fatter wallet – all at the right time.

Make no mistake: This is not your father’s suspect bright shiny object that illuminates precious little. Rank XL Niche Site Course lights up the sky, and even those who have trouble seeing the forest for the trees can now make their way along the rocky terrain with Chris as the guide.

But first, you have to undergo a total mindset shift. You’re no longer going to build thin niche sites where you’re lucky to get $100 a month.

Yes, I’ve heard about multiple streams of revenue and understand the fact that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket which Google can snatch at any time.

However, don’t worry about the eggs because now you’ll have the golden goose. By building one kickass authority site, there is no chance to get hit with a Google penalty, regardless of the latest algorithmic update. Chris’s strategies are completely white hat and as long as you follow his paint-by-numbers system, your site will grow into a formidable asset.

RankXL Review – Niche and Keyword Selection

If you get this step wrong, you’ll be going in the wrong direction so you’ll never get to your destination. Admittedly, this is where I’ve faltered many times. Sadly, too many of my fellow affiliates are also ‘niche-less; (clueless about niches.)

So it’s back to square one. Are niches borne of passion, competitive analysis, potential payout, or possible traffic? In Rank XL, you’ll see that niche selection depends on all these factors.

But above all, niche selection will be so much easier and potentially profitable, once you stumble upon niche ideas that are already featured in the marketplace. Chris shows you those social platforms and entities which highlight the ‘Why didn’t I think of it’ niches.

Once you have the list of possible niches, you can then examine the keyword phrases for traffic and even competition. Chris explains that he always looks for seed phrases that have a minimum of 50,000 searches a month. Later, he reveals how to analyze others’ sites and inner pages, particularly their inbound links, with free tools, such as Open Explorer.

Regardless of the competition, the goal is not necessarily to rank at the top of Google for these seed terms. This will come in time. The idea is to rank for a bevy of long-tail terms at the same time … and even in the same blog post if you follow the RankXL formula.

Once the site grows and matures and starts receiving Google love, you’ll be amazed that you’ll start ranking for terms that you did not consciously target. This is where your Adsense dollars really start to multiply.

And Chris takes you by the hand to show you how to discover what he calls ‘Pillar keywords.’ He describes it as a “process of intentionally ranking for every variation of your keyword through proper planning.” You’ll find out how to group similar keywords and write featured posts (i.e., pillar posts) containing them. In this way, you’ll be able to build a site foundation that will stand the test of time.

Of interest and rather unique to the RankXL program, Chris Lee also shows you what not to do. (I could have written this section for him.) He provides an example of going after the wrong keyword phrase which you should find very instructive.

Using On-Site SEO Cement and Fortifying Your Site Structure

Raise your hand if you’ve ever outsourced SEO efforts, purchased a Warrior Forum SEO offer, or bought an optimization Fiverr gig. Whisper in my ear if you have your own PBN blog network. Our friendly product creator wants you to cease and desist! If you don’t, you may be undermining your site, perhaps irrevocably.

While Google’s algorithm constantly changes, there are site characteristics that they always look for, such as natural link building progression.

By linking to the right websites while effectively employing proper plugins and building out supportive inner posts, you’ll see Google respecting your work. Such respect will be long-lasting because Chris Lee’s optimization strategies may have been written by Google itself.

So RankXL will list only those plugins that you’ll need (yes, Yoast SEO is one of them!) and will demonstrate how to create those all-important inner posts. You’ll see whether those inner posts should be designed around specific keywords or based on topic popularity and trends.

While the inner pages will be examined in the course, Chris spends even more time dissecting those make-it-or-break-it pillar posts. Link juice will flow through the site, regardless of the type of posts, if you follow Chris’s quasi-silo structure.

The Rank XL Niche Site Course simplifies the SEO structure process so even newbies who are far from WordPress experts can duplicate methods. Your site is taking shape and is starting to resemble an ATM machine.

Calling All Visitors – Attracting Folks With Link Building SEO

It’s on to the next part of the training, centering on traffic development through prudent link building and utilizing other SEO techniques.

If it seems overwhelming to build your own link profile, fear not. Chris shows you a number of ways to get connected.

Those who are lazy will appreciate his lazy link building strategy. You’re an email away to get that coveted link. But if you really want to start getting those enviable links, the types that the big brands get on a daily basis, you’ll have to become an expert networker.

“This is not multi level marketing,” you shout. Before dismissing the idea, read Chris’s take on networking and you’ll see why it’s an incredibly effective strategy to attain great inbound links and grow your site. He shows you the right way to network and the wrong way. Such salesmanship can help you in many areas of your life. Never underestimate the power of behavioral psychology!

And don’t forget the power of competitor link mining. RankXL exposes your competitors’ most popular entries, for example, using a free tool so you can duplicate them. Now, of course, you won’t be able to get all the links your competitors have but you’ll be happily surprised on how you can quickly amass many of them.

You’ll also be privy to other types of links – including ones that you may never even have considered, such as design/CSS galleries. Directory links, contrary to popular opinion, can be helpful, too, but you’ll see how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Chris’s other link building ideas are fantastic – from writing round up posts to using his broken link method. Regardless of the technique used, these links are natural, powerful, and sustainable. You can acquire a modest amount, say 20 or so, and outrank a competitor’s site that may have hundreds of links.

Also remember, it’s not just domain authority that matters. You have to really consider page authority and the quantity and quality of links a given page receives.

RankXL provides the best explanation of how to attain Google-friendly links that I have ever seen. In fact, I’m going to reread this section time and again. This will be easy to do as the training is so well-organized and structured, like Chris Lee’s authority sites.

AdSense Just Makes Sense

Alright, your website, like a new, thriving baby is getting bigger and reaching important milestones. Now you can monetize it with Google AdSense to your heart’s desire. Remember, you’re following Google guidelines and creating a strong site that is free of any ‘developmental issues.’

Chris Lee reviews all the advantages of Google AdSense. One reasonable benefit, for instance, is that other networks may disappear and there goes that substantial payment. Google is here to stay and should dominate for some time to come.

So once you make the decision to deploy Google AdSense, you have to know how to harness its strength. RankXL Niche Site Course includes topical info on what works and what does not. For example, Chris has received a nice return on investment by using text and image ads. The course deftly lays out all the other AdSense parameters that maximize his earnings.

Chris shows the colors, ad sizes, and layouts that perform best. He has tested a myriad of sites so his determination is the result of much trial and error. The RankXL user will benefit from his experience and wisdom.

Site Expansion – A Rinse and Repeat Formula

At this point, the RankXL disciple has created an optimally-structured and SEO-friendly site that has several pillar points, and a burgeoning list of inner posts. Link building is going smoothly and even if it’s going slowly, those links will be natural and help elevate the site’s ranking and traffic.

It’s not too early to place those Google AdSense units, according to Chris, so you should make some money even in the first month. Any modest revenue may pale in comparison to what you may make as time progresses.

But you have to follow Chris Lee’s Authority Site Structure and timeline. He advises when to acquire links, how many to get, how much content to write, and when to post. You’re not necessarily going to remember these monthly goals so it’s best to keep the RankXL Niche Site Course handy, easily accessible. (Better yet, you can access Chris’s ‘3 Month Checklist’ as it’s part of his RankXL bonus package.)

When you start to see a significant bump in traffic, it’s time to continue to write inner posts, and perhaps even a substantial pillar post or two. You’re continuing to link build and should start to gain familiarity with Chris’s link building strategies.

The best part: You’re going to be rewarded for your work. Future ranking of desirable keyword phrases will be easier, too, as Google sees your site as the powerhouse authority. Resist the urge to sell the site as Google will remain a long-term admirer, assuming again, you follow Chris Lee’s protocol.

Sounds Great but Who is Chris Lee?

Before reviewing the course, I had never heard of Chris Lee. As I’ve purchased many products and frequented a host of affiliate marketing blogs and forums, I was surprised that I did not recognize his name or body of work.

After going through the training which took me about a day to do (in light of interruptions), I now believe that Chris should be anointed the status of ‘Guru.’ He is definitely flying under the radar – just not under my radar any more.

The more I read about his methods and rationale, the more I realize the importance of following his footsteps. After all, I want to receive Google love, too, ethically and with expedience.

Chris reveals so much in this course. For additional training, you can visit his blog, RankXL.com.

This RankXL Review is Glowing but Here is What I Didn’t Like About the Course

So the lessons are relatively short, digestible, and actionable. It’s organized in an extremely systematic, easy-to-navigate way. In addition, Chris Lee knows how to clearly explain even difficult affiliate marketing concepts. There are only one or two lessons where I need clarification.

If I had to nitpick, however, I’m not sure if I fully understand his interlinking between posts method. Guess what? I’m going to write to Chris and inquire. Judging from his previous, timely responses, I know that my questions will be quickly and clearly answered.

I would have also loved for Chris to reveal his biggest site. I know that could jeopardize the standing of his AdSense profit puller as others may then be inclined to enter his niche. Still, it would have been very advantageous to see the entire puzzle put together. It’s one thing to explain methods and another to see them properly implemented. However, there is more than enough info where I can try to reverse engineer this type of success.

RankXL Niche Site Course Review – Final Word

I think that I may be Chris Lee’s newest and most vocal fan. His strategies and methodologies strike a responsive chord within me. Moreover, I now have the confidence to build a profitable Google AdSense site based on Chris’s guidance and direction.

The lessons are an easy read and should induce ‘Aha moments’ and inspiration. Several times, I murmured to myself, ‘That’s ingenious.” Of course, I was wondering why no one had pointed certain ideas out to me before. Now I can finally understand why unbridled success has not materialized. I can now try to right some wrongs and see if I can jumpstart profit.

The training is on sale right now for $297. (Other RankXL reviews may claim there is a free RankXL Niche Site Course download available, but none exists – at least not legally.)

Although the cost for this Niche Site Course (now deemed ‘2.0’) is a bargain, this is much more than your typical Warrior Forum $7 report. But it’s more than reasonable if you hope to gain an incredible advantage over other marketers and be in a much better position to make online bank.

The training also comes with a nice array of bonuses. As I mentioned earlier, Chris provides a 3 Month Checklist so you know what to accomplish at specific time intervals. If you need to reference important course concepts, you’ll also receive Niche Site Blueprint, a PDF version of the course with accompanying PDF Cheat Sheets, and a Q & A Pack which reviews and answers common questions.

Chris further expounds on his theories and practices with the bonus PDF called ‘Deep Dives.’ Here, Chris digs deeper into niche research, niche site planning, and link building outreach.

As a final reward for purchase (well, not counting our bonuses), you’ll also receive 3 exact niche site wordpress themes that Chris currently uses. One theme is helping Chris make up to $16k a month!

In summary, RankXL Niche Site Course is going to help you build a sustainable, long-term business – one whose doors will be open for years to come.

January, 2016 Update – Niche Site Course v2.0

Chris Lee is quite the perfectionist. Although I’ve provided his course with the ‘Prominent Offers Seal of Approval,” selecting it as the Product of the Year in 2015, Chris is determined to somehow make it better. Perhaps he wants this to be selected as 2016’s Product of the Year although it’s too early to give it that distinction.

Chris has now expanded his training, answering questions that his customers have posed to him privately. He also goes into even more in-depth discussion on his strategies and the rationale he uses.

In addition, there are new training units where he holds nothing back when it comes to search engine optimization. His SEO techniques are completely up-to-date and reflect Google’s current list of SEO best practices which is not an easy feat considering that the algorithm is always in flux.

Niche Site Course v2.0 also encompasses a bonus section, entitled the ‘Scalable Link Building Guide.’ Those who know the importance of high quality backlinks will be salivating when they read this document. It provides an easy-to-follow, viable method to secure hundreds of strong, highly relevant backlinks for pennies on the dollar. You have to invest in two paid software solutions but you can do so on the cheap.

January, 2017 Update – Niche Site Course v3.0

Who says you can’t improve upon perfection? Chris Lee continues to add to his marketing masterpiece by putting any missing pieces to the shifting ranking algorithms together.

For example, he demonstrates a Google Keyword Planner work-around, enabling you to figure out the approximate number of searches a keyword phrase gets per day/month. (As you may be aware, the Planner now only provides ranges of search volumes for keywords.) He also discloses alternative tools you can purchase, including an affordable one, that will provide the exact data as the old Keyword Planner did.

In this third version of the Niche Site Course, hidden gems about link building continue to be disseminated. For instance, you’ll learn how to get links from a site with a domain authority of 79 (talk about getting infused with link juice!) and other clever techniques, such as offering scholarships to secure Google-friendly .edu sites.

Enroll in the niche site course and you’ll have the means and the ways to earn a full income from just one niche site … as long as you follow the RankXL 3.0 protocol.

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