Pura Bella Review – The Antarctic Anti-Aging Retinol Cream

Did you know that scientists have found life in Antarctic mud? But what if that same Antarctic mud can bring life back into your skin? The creators of Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Cream are betting that mud found from the bottom of a glacier in Admiralty Bay, Antarctica is the key ingredient for facilitating wrinkle reversal. Knowing the background story of the cream’s formulation and development, I had to write this Pura Bella review, and see whether the product lives up to claims, without resorting to mud-slinging.

What Exactly is Pura Bella Cream?

After reading our Pura Bella review, it's worth taking a closer look at this anti-aging formula

Pura Bella is a luxurious, high-end skin cream. It is marketed as an alternative to cosmetic procedures, such as a facelift or laser surgery. It also takes the place of cosmetic injections, such as Botox.

The product literature reveals an elite skin rejuvenation product – one that may produce results in as little as two weeks. Dark spots fall by the wayside, fine lines diminish and become less noticeable, under eye dark circles diminish, crow’s feet and laugh lines are zapped, and pores, uneven spots, and scars fade.

But let’s face it: We’ve heard the same promises emanate from the makers of countless skin care products. Does Pura Bella differentiate itself from competitors by keeping its host of promises?

What are Pura Bella’s Anti-Aging Retinol’s Cream’s Ingredients?

As with most anti-aging skin creams, the purported benefits are impressive. In two weeks time, Pura Bella users are told that they will notice a dramatic appearance in their complexion.

But in order for that change to materialize, the product’s ingredients have to be ‘skintastic’ and work synergistically together.

Let’s examine Pura Bella’s ingredients. They include: Antarcticine, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Idebenone, Marine Collagen, Retinol Molecular Film, Skinmimmics, Shea Butter, and Sodium PCA.

At the risk of sounding like a chemist, here are the individual ingredient’s properties:

Antarcticine – A trademarked name that reflects its Antarctic roots, this ingredient serves as a skin hydration and conditioning agent. It is a peptide that contains glycine, histidine and lysine amino acid residues.

According to the research I performed online, in tests, Antarcticine boosted collagen and elastin levels, increased skin hydration, accelerated healing time and regenerated tissue growth through its power to stimulate keratinocyte growth and fibroblast adhesion. This is the key ingredient that lessens wrinkle depth.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 – Another amino acid peptide, this ingredient penetrates into the epidermis, and migrates deeper into the dermis to accelerate collagen production and healthy tissue growth. This peptide may even communicate to the skin cells to bolster their ability to thwart any toxins. (The complimentary ingredient, Antarcticine, also has the ability to shield the skin against baneful microbes.)

Idebenone – A cousin to Co-enzyme Q10, this powerful micronutrient may reduce inflammation and fight those pesky free radicals that are responsible for aging skin.

Marine Collagen – This fibrous protein extracted from the scales or skin of saltwater fish (hey, I’ll put anything on my skin if it helps) has antioxidant properties that may protect against or even reverse environmental skin damage, such as excessive sun exposure.

Retinol Molecular Film – This is a delivery system for the topical retinol application. Remember, retinol is lauded for its ability to slow down skin aging.

Skinmimmics – Another delivery system to improve ingredient bioavailability.

Shea butter – Extracted from the nut of the African shea or Karite tree, this substance has many skin beautifying properties. It’s primary function is to moisturize and purify the skin.

Sodium PCA – A skin care natural humectant, it’s derived from the amino acid, proline, and conditions the skin.

Well, after reviewing Pura Bella’s ingredients, I see the potential in this formulation. Bu what shows promise on paper may not materialize in real life.

Let’s dig deeper.

Pura Bella – Its Inner Workings

According to the manufacturer, these ingredients work together on the cellular level, primarily targeting the skin’s dermal matrix. The product supports and bolsters the skin, restructuring it with added collagen and elastin. Skin hydration levels increase, and repair mechanisms become more highly developed and effective.

The wrinkles fill out, fine lines become faint lines (hopefully invisible), skin becomes more radiant and supple, and those darn under eyes circles and lines near the eyes improve in an eye-opening manner.

The primary reason for improvement: the formulation hikes collagen production by 114% and elastin production by 17%. The skin care product ingredients target free radicals, environmental damage, and problematic microbes.

Pura Bella Reviews – Glowing Commentary

You may not be used to a complete and honest review, but this reviewer has not yet tried the product so I cannot provide a personal vignette as to its effectiveness or the company’s customer service.

However, I’m very impressed with the product’s ingredients, and now better understand its rather high price tag. I suppose you get what you pay for.

Moreover, the majority of Pura Bella reviews that I’ve read online are very favorable. Most folks who’ve tried the formulation state that their complexion is now more even-toned, fresher, plumper. and less prone to blemishes. Other reviews stated that Pura Bella helped their skin appear firmer and younger, and less saggy.

Now I did read other reviews that were critical. One user, for example, commented that the product’s smell was unappealing and that results were not realized. Still we don’t know if this consumer used the product consistently (twice a day is recommended). Regardless, individual response will vary, and a healthy lifestyle and diet will support the positive effects of Pura Bella.

What is the Cost of Pura Bella?

While the price is not inordinate, this cream is not cheap; it’s not your garden-variety Walmart product that costs less than $20.

Bella Pura is sold in several different packages, highlighted as follows:

– One jar costs $69.

– Two jars and you then get one free for $97. (Doing the math, each jar then becomes $33.33 or $97 / 3.)

– Three jars and you then get two free for $167. (Let’s use our computation skills again to figure out each jar is $33.40 or $175 / 5.)

– Four jars and you then get three free for $197. (Mathematically, this comes out to $28.14 per jar or $197 / 7.)

In general, if you purchase more than one jar at a time, you’ll be entitled to free shopping.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee but the 30-day countdown starts the moment you place the order, not receive it. It really would be preferable if you had 30 days after delivery to return it, if necessary, but you should still have enough time to see if the product is right for you.

As always, please read the terms and conditions on the product page before ordering.

Is Bella Pura Worth Purchasing?

In this Bella Pura review, I’ve scoped out the ingredients, and they seem to possess definite anti-aging potential.
The manufacturer boasts that they only supply the purest ingredients available and make sure that every batch is free of contaminants through their use of FTIR spectroscopy.

Often, such ingredients work together where the entire effect is even greater than the sum of the parts. Here, the effects may be exactly what you’re looking for – a rosy, hydrated complexion, free of deep wrinkles, noticeable lines, spots, and under eye circles.

I cannot promise that these results will happen for you, but many Bella Pura users/reviewers have sung its praises. It very well may serve you well, and at least for now, appears to be a very viable option for looking younger. It’s a lot cheaper and less expensive than going the cosmetic surgery or injection route. In addition, the product’s developers assert that Bella Pura is free of side effects, unlike certain prescription topicals, such as Retin-A.

I wish this product was FDA-approved to fight wrinkles, but then if it was, the price would be a lot higher than it is.

Still, In my estimation, it’s worth a try, particularly because securing a refund is possible. The prospect of firmer, healthy, and radiant skin excites me, especially as I’m not going to have to break the bank.

Here’s hoping that Bella Pura will make you feel like a Bella Mia.
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